Best Oud Perfume in Dubai (2023 Brands List)

Best Oud Perfume in Dubai

Among the commonly used ingredients in perfumery, oud is recognized by many names, such as Ood, Agarwood, and Agar. For thousands of years, oud and oud oils were regarded amazingly well in palaces throughout the Middle East and Asia. Oud repeatedly showcases in the Vedas of India some of the historical books ever highlighted. 

In the 8th century, it became the most appealing substance in the world. Deeply rooted in the culture, oud is highly valued for its sensual and rare aroma. Achieving harmony, meditation, balance, and permeating homes and attires were some of the age-old usages of this gem. 

The oud scent is taken from a fragrant resin in a heartwood native to Southeast Asia. It boasts a rich, woody fragrance that is both aesthetic and complex to the senses. Among the world’s most high-end natural raw materials, oud is demanding in usage in perfumes and incense.


Top 9 Oud Perfume Brands in Dubai 2023

Oud perfumes are among the best souvenirs you can purchase from Dubai as a gift to your loved one or yourself. Ahead, we have hand-picked some of the best places to choose a memorable souvenir.


The 5 Best Oud Perfumes for Men

Have you ever wondered what the best oud perfumes for men in Dubai are? Well, below, we have compiled a list of some great options.

1. Ajmal


When we talk about the world of oriental perfumery, Ajmal comes to mind the most. With retail stores around the globe, the brand boasts a rich history of successfully estimating and fulfilling the demands of foreign customers. Visitors at Ajmal stores can customize, mix and match perfumes according to their preferences.

2. Arabian Oud

Arabian Oud

This brand is adept at incense and oud perfumes. Their products are designed to represent the Arabian culture and heritage in the purest form. Boasting 750 retail stores in 150 cities and 35 countries, it’s undoubtedly among the world’s biggest manufacturers of Arabian perfumes. 

Arabian Oud owes all this enviable success to the almost perfect attention to detail they observe with all the heavenly creations – from the bottle design to the mixing of fragrances.

3. Yas Perfumes 

Yas Perfumes 

This is a highly respected perfume house in the Middle East. Yas Perfumes presents some of the most creatively designed Western and Arabian perfumes at high customer value. 

The company was founded to produce top-tier, premium perfumes more accessible to the people in the GCC. As for now, the brand works in more than 42 outposts.

4. Paris Gallery 

Paris Gallery 

The Paris Gallery Group of Companies’ flagship label is a good, luxurious chain in the Middle East. This company boasts a portfolio of 450 product categories under its belt. In addition, their oud and perfumes in the store throughout the world determine a long list of Western and oriental products.

5. Swiss Arabian 

Swiss Arabian 

This brand prides itself on being capable of providing a perfect mix of Western and oriental oud perfumes to its cherished customers. The perfumes of Swiss Arabian are designed with the extensive expertise of perfumery and manufactured utilizing innovative technology. 

Among the first perfume manufacturers in the UAE, Swiss Arabian creates above 35 million oud perfumes each year and exports them to more than 80 countries.

Aside from these praiseworthy options, Dubai showcases many more choices to satiate your love for oud and oud perfumes. Make sure to visit the following stores:

  • Jo Malone
  • Al Rasasi Perfumes
  • Sephora
  • Abdul Samadal Qurashi 
  • L’Occitane
  • Al Haramain Perfumes


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The 4 Best Oud Perfumes for Women

The following is a list of the 4 best oud perfumes for ladies that will allow you to smell like royalty.


6. Shahrazad by Arabian Oud

Shahrazad by Arabian Oud

This perfume was inspired by the famous folk tales of the 1001 Nights of the Middle East to boast the top notes of beeswax, cranberry, apple, and blossom. The intense blend comes with the undertones of lotus, Ylang Ylang, patchouli, oleander, and olibanum. 

The woody notes create a refreshing fragrance that invites desire and sensuality. Shahrazad’s fruity and floral notes are redefined by wood and black musk. 

The perfume comes in a glamorous ornate gold bottle that can be proudly kept on display in your vanity even after using the entire bottle. But since it’s a high-quality perfume, it will last a lifetime. But, of course, a small application on your pressure points goes a long way. 

7. Oudesire by Ajmal Perfume

Oudesire by Ajmal Perfume

This signature scent is an excellent option for men and women. The floral fragrance blends modern tones with the classic oud smell. Fruity, spicy undertones refine its woody amber base. 

This is an Eau de perfume made of fresh ingredients – raspberry, rose, ginger, jasmine, and orange. All women love the seductive scent. 

8. Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a globally recognized beauty and fashion brand. In 2007, Oud Wood was introduced in their Private Blend series. It quickly became a bestseller worldwide as it’s a superb introduction to oud. 

Oud Wood is no less than a pioneer in the mainstream fragrance industry because it’s the first unisex scent with oud as the main ingredient. The unique blend of ingredients includes cardamom, vanilla, rosewood, Chinese pepper, vetiver, sandalwood, amber, and tonka bean. 

Oud Wood presents woody base notes with fresh and crisp traces of nectar and rose. As this scent can lean more towards the masculine side, it’s a great idea to use as layering up. 

9. Nasamat Oud Bouquet

Nasamat Oud Bouquet

This is an oriental scent having a sweet smell, made from a combo of woody and citrus notes. The unisex fragrance was unveiled in 2014 and is produced by a rare blend of traditional Western and Arabian aromas. 

Lemon, orange, and bergamot are the top notes, whereas the heart notes include different Mediterranean fruits. In addition, one can sense hints of amber, Madagascar vanilla, and white musk. This complex perfume starts warm and sweet, then becomes intoxicating and intense with the amber notes. 


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How do I know if my oud is pure?

Many people have never encountered an authentic oud perfume, which is why there is a common belief that oud is inauthentic, and so on. Almost all oud perfumes in the common market are artificial and synthetically made. Real oud isn’t something anyone can expect. 

It is warm and smooth, without any smokiness, and crude dry wood is often observed in the artificial variant. Instead, an authentic oud comes with a warm undertone and a soft blend of animalistic and leather notes.

A good oud perfume to start your journey on this ancient fragrance is By Terry Terrific Oud fragrance. This product is one of the many perfumes in the mainstream market that employs real oud and isn’t too strong. 

Both men and women can wear oud perfumes on all types of clothing. Mix a few drops of your favourite oud perfume to achieve an ultra sensory experience.

Spices, rose, leather and white florals are unique fragrance notes when paired with oud. Some examples you can try are Trayee, Neela Vermeire, and Mohur. Their scents depict how oud combines with famous ingredients. 


Which is the best oud perfume to gift?

Artistically speaking, Amouage Opus X from The Library Collection blends the most beautiful fragrance ingredient, rose, with the precious and rare oud directly sourced from Laos. Due to its purity, it’s called the king of all ouds. 

You can experience this extraordinary blend and other scents in the city’s 3 Amouage Boutiques – WAFI Mall, The Dubai Mall, and Dubai Festival City Mall.


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