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The cufflinks are always at the top when it comes to Tateossian men’s accessories. Thoughtfully crafted, a pair of cufflinks fits so perfectly on the sleeves that it instantly makes a bold fashion statement. Right? 

Indeed, cufflinks add to the elegance of any outfit, especially if it is western-styled. But, of course, it has been ages since this eminent accessory has been a part of every man’s wardrobe. But, you know that with time, trends change, as do accessories — thus, cufflinks have evolved in terms of style, material, and everything else that shapes them. 

Currently, there’s a wide range of unbelievably unique, exquisite, and appealing pairs of cufflinks ready to complement any look. Nevertheless, cufflinks should not be chosen purely based on their appearance. Instead, many factors, such as durability and intrinsic value, make a cufflink worth wearing. 

Let us present to you “Tateossian’s most exquisite collection of cufflinks” that truly embodies what it takes to make a pair of cufflinks worth choosing.

Top 10 Designer Tateossian Cufflinks in UAE (2022 Collection)

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Tateossian features the broadest range of meticulously crafted cufflinks for men with unparalleled quality, charm, and novelty in mind. No matter which pair of cufflinks you choose, they will go hand-in-hand with every outfit you wear.

A striking fusion of colours, appealing textures, and innovative designs — each pair of cufflinks offers something unique. Indeed, each pair of cufflinks evokes an instant sense of luxury, making an everlasting impression. 

Where Tateossian’s cufflinks embody sophistication and elegance, they also ensure durability and stability. Therefore, you can surely take advantage of this collection of cufflinks to dress up your sleeves with ultimate confidence, along with the Tateossian men’s bracelets.

Now, let’s move forward to find out about the top 10 Tateossian cufflinks that will make your next outfit stand out.

Tateossian Mechanical Cufflinks

Tateossian’s collection of mechanical cufflinks will provide you with “uncanny” pairs of cufflinks that will add an edge of uniqueness to your personality. 

Let’s find out about the 2 best mechanical cufflinks, which we have specially picked from Tateossian’s extensive collection — for you:

1. Gunmetal Stainless Steel Vintage Gear Watch Cufflinks

These elegant cufflinks flawlessly embody the essence of the gear watch. Look at how these vintage cufflinks imitate watch movements — a meticulous illusion of the Japanese-style calibre. 

Moreover, the gunmetal (ion-plated) stainless steel dramatically adds to the durability and appeal of these round gear cufflinks. The face of each cufflink is precisely cut, enabling it to fit on the cuffs perfectly. 

Material: IP-plated Stainless Steel

Design: Round Gear Watch

Colour: Black

Size: 20mm x 20mm x 10mm 

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2. Square Gear Cufflinks with Rhodium Finish

The timeless beauty of this watch-inspired gear cufflinks perfectly complements any attire. These cufflinks’ unique, compelling design stands out, making a bold fashion statement. 

Five multi-coloured gears inside the cufflinks give the impression of calibre, flawlessly displaying watch movements. The mechanical watch movements can be seen through these elegantly-designed square gear cufflinks. 

Material: White Rhodium Plated Finish

Design: Square Gear Watch

Colour: Combination of Silver, Rose, Yellow, and Gunmetal 

Size: 15mm x 15mm x 8mm 

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Tateossian Timeless & Classic Cufflinks

As the name implies, Tateossian’s timeless and classic cufflinks embody the elegance and style that lasts a lifetime. This collection will provide you with the unique cufflinks designs you have longed for.

Let’s discuss the features of the 2 best timeless and classic cufflinks that might be meant to fit your sleeves, adding a touch of sophistication:

3. Panorama Precious Gold Leaf Tateossian Cufflinks in Gunmetal Finish

Specifically crafted to capture the essence of golden leaves, these cufflinks are ideal for western-style outfits. In addition, each golden leaf glows with warmth, ensuring that your cuffs stand out from the crowd. 

The shimmering leaves are meticulously fashioned with 24k pure gold, which rests in Tateossian’s signature round case. The central piece (made up of perspex) seamlessly reveals the enchanting beauty of golden leaves from front and side. 

Material: Black Enamel Elements and Gunmetal Plated Base Metal

Design: Square Gear Watch

Colour: Silver, Gold

Size: 20mm x 20mm x 10mm 

4. Playing Card Cufflinks in Stainless Steel

These cufflinks are no less than a treasure for card players. A different group of cards is meticulously placed on each cufflink’s face. With the metallic finish, the pack of playing cards immediately draws attention and lasts a lifetime. 

The best thing is that you can move the cards — as if you are playing with them. As you turn the cards, your cuffs take on an exciting appearance, with the king, queen, jack, and aaces shifting around.

Material: Rhodium-plated Base Metal

Design: Playing Cards

Colour: Dark Silver

Size: 13mm x 17mm x 6mm 

Tateossian Colour & Sparkle Cufflinks 

Tateossian’s colour and sparkle cufflinks offer everlasting sophistication, elegance, and harmony. Everything about these cufflinks is just beyond perfect. 

If you don’t believe us, move forward and see how appealing these cufflinks are.

5. Star Weave Cufflinks with Blue Enamel

Here comes the most aesthetic piece of cufflinks — perfect to be stylized on both eastern and western outfits. The opaque fusion of blue, black, and silver colours effortlessly enhances the way Tateossian’s rope-plated design stands out with a sparkling star inside. 

These cufflinks look significant on your sleeves and are exquisitely enamelled to show off a complex star weave design. In addition, neither the hand-painted enamel will fade, nor the Rhodium-plated base metal will rust.

Material: Rhodium-plated Base Metal

Design: Star Weave

Colour: Fusion of Silver, Black & Blue

Size: 15mm x 15mm x 6mm

6. Pietersite Doppione Cushion Cufflinks in Sterling Silver

Tateossian’s Dippione cushion cufflinks emanate an aesthetically pleasing and significantly soothing effect because they are crafted from a rare gemstone, Pietersite. The rose-cut Pietersite sits beneath a cabochon of quartz — seamlessly combined to shape a double-toned design. 

The precious stones are skillfully set in a square case which is enamelled to make a lasting impression. The extraordinary fusion of these gemstones makes this pair of cufflinks perfect for warding off negative energy and gaining inner peace.

Material: Rhodium-plated Base Metal

Design: Star Weave

Colour: Fusion of Silver, Black & Blue

Size: 15mm x 15mm x 6mm

Tateossian Novel & Unique Cufflinks

Tateossian’s collection of novel and unique cufflinks exemplifies that it never fails to surprise with something different and new.

If you are seeking out new experiences, then here you go with the 2 most exquisitely novel and unique cufflinks:

7. Tiger Mechanical Cufflinks with Orange Swarovski Elements

Nothing can top Tateossian’s tiger mechanical cufflinks when it comes to unique aesthetics. These cufflinks give an unbelievably realistic impression of a skillfully crafted pair of tigers, making them perfect for wildlife enthusiasts. 

These cufflinks are set on top of the rhodium-plated metal base. In contrast, the orange Swarovski elements are meticulously cut to shape the crystal eyes of each tiger. So put these cufflinks on your cuffs and get the attention you deserve. 

Material: Rhodium-plated Base Metal + Orange Swarovski

Design: Tiger 

Colour: Fusion of Dark Silver and Orange

Size: Standard

8. Lucky Me Cufflinks in Rhodium Plated Silver

Crafted from rhodium-plated sterling silver, this pair of cufflinks let you showcase your initials in quite a fashionable way. Interestingly, you can use letters to display your loved one’s initials combined with your first letter. 

A slight push on the cylindrical cufflink opens up a selection of alphabetical letters. Slide up or down, and you’ll be able to change the letters just as required. These personalizable cufflinks would indeed make a thoughtful gift! 

Material: Rhodium-plated Base Metal with Sterling Silver

Design: Cylindrical Initial Letters

Colour: Dark Silver & Black

Size: Standard

Gold & Precious Tateossian Cufflinks 

Tatoessian’s gold and precious cufflinks — isn’t the name enough to draw your attention? Indeed, it is. 

Believe it or not, this collection of cufflinks has much more to offer than you think. So move ahead and explore the incomparable opulence yourself:

9. Sterling Silver Meteorite Cufflinks with 18K Yellow Gold

These cufflinks drew inspiration from the original Gibeon meteorite, which dates back to prehistoric times. When put on the sleeves, these unique cufflinks certainly make a statement. 

The twisted 18k gold wire is skillfully framed to form a rectangular frame around the meteorite, creating a precious piece of cufflinks. While the Thompson structures are readily apparent on the elegant surface of each cufflink — leaving an everlasting impression of the Gibeon meteorite.

Material: 18k Yellow Gold + Rhodium-plated Sterling Silver

Design: Rectangular Meteriot 

Stone: Gibeon Meteorite

Size: 20mm x 15mm x 4mm

10. Quadrato Cufflinks with Black Enamel & Clear Swarovski Elements

Swarovski elements are skilfully cut into the shape of a multi-faceted “domed” cabochon, which rests at the centre of each cufflink. In addition, you can choose from different Swarovski colours (black diamond, clear crystal, and aquamarine) — to compliment your sleaves in quite a unique way. 

The central stone is inlaid with a band of enamel that adds to its appeal and makes it more visible like a dome. Look closely around the edge, and you’ll find an exquisite enamel finish. While the outside of each Quadrato cufflink, there are prominent engravings of Tateossian’s signature diamond pattern. 

Material: Rhodium-plated base metal with black enamel and clear crystal

Design: Quadrato

Stone: Swarovski Elements

Size: Standard

The Ultimate Tateossian Cufflinks Buying Guide

Choosing the best pair of cufflinks for men is a little tricky. Let us provide in-depth insights into cufflinks’ must-have features, types, sizes, and designs. Once you know everything about cufflinks, it will be easier for you to find the perfect pair.

The first thing you need to be concerned about is “what type of cufflinks” I need. So let’s move forward to find out how many types and styles of cufflinks are available to choose from. 

Types & Styles of Tateossian Cufflinks

There are multiple types of cufflinks from which you can choose as per your preferences. However, there is something unique about each class that appeals to men.

Take into account that the cufflinks can be classified into the following types:

1. Toggle Closure

These cufflinks come up with two ends — one with a loop and the other with a t-shaped piece that slides into the loop, featuring a toggle closure. 

2. Whale Back

These cufflinks are flat-headed with a straight post and a flippable whale-like bar which can be rotated to secure the links. 

3. Fixed Back

These cufflinks have a fixed back which doesn’t require any adjustments. However, you must slide the cufflinks through the cuffs to set them on the sleeves.

4. Bullet Back

These cufflinks feature a pair of “bullets” and a “metal bar”, which can be easily rotated and passed through the cuffs to secure the links.

5. Stud / Button

This minimalistic pair of cufflinks look like studs — without any hinge mechanism. These cufflinks are considered highly secure as there are no moveable parts. 

6. Knotted

These cufflinks comprise two knots linked by a flexible chain that can be easily adjusted whenever required. 

7. Ball Return

There is a small, heavy ball opposite the head on this pair of cufflinks — with a slightly loose fastening mechanism. 

8. Chain Style

These cufflinks feature a small metal chain connecting both ends as they slide through the cuff holes.

Now, let’s move forward to discuss “different types of materials” used in the making of cufflinks.

Materials Used to Craft Tateossian Cufflinks

A broad range of materials can be used to craft cufflinks — each material type has significance and worth. A few fabrics are used individually, but most are combined. For instance, you may find a pair of cufflinks made of stainless steel combined with elements of gold. 

The premium-quality materials that are most commonly used to craft cufflinks include: 

  • Stainless Steel
  • Sterling Silver
  • Rhodium-plated 
  • Enameled 
  • Fabric 
  • Gold 
  • Gemstones 
  • Diamonds 

How about you choose a pair of cufflinks that features the durability of rhodium-plated sterling silver — infused with enamelled gold? It would surely add a cool, edgy touch to your outfit. 

Designs of Tateossian Cufflinks

Cufflinks can be shaped in various ways to keep up with the trends. It is possible to describe this versatility as a range of “designs” or “styles” of the cufflinks. 

There is a broad range of designs of cufflinks available from which you can choose per your preferences. For instance, if wildlife fascinates you, you can get a pair of cufflinks designed to look like a tiger or any other animal you like. Indeed, every design has its intrinsic value and deserves careful consideration.

Just name a shape, and you’ll get a pair of cufflinks designed to resonate with it. It is doubtful that you will not find a design in the variety of cufflinks that you desire. 

Make sure you choose the brand that offers the broadest range of appealing and innovative designs of cufflinks — just like Tateossian does. 

Bottom Line

Tateossian offers a variety of designs, materials, colours, and patterns available so that you can select a pair of cufflinks that perfectly suits your needs. The craftsmanship of each pair of cufflinks is praiseworthy as it combines sophistication, durability, and class flawlessly.

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