Tired of carrying all your cards around in your pocket? Check out our latest collection of Italian Leather Card Holders, perfect for holding all your IDs, business and credit cards in one place. And its made of high quality Italian grained leather in various colours and styles.

Riblor Card Holders

Whether in Dubai or elsewhere, fashion for the modern man is slowly becoming cashless and minimalistic.

Gauging that trend, it's no wonder that card holders are now a crucial part of that fashion statement. They're simplistic and elegant — and they hit the sweet spot between compactness and functionality.

Riblor brings a wide range of designer card holders for men, which fit all sorts of personalities and preferences. All without losing anything in terms of functionality.

“Best in Class” Italian Leather

Italian leather constantly finds itself at the forefront of the designer fashion industry, and with good reason. Riblor aspires to pick only the best, even out of that exceptional leather.

All of the leather utilized for its card holders is full-grain. This is the premium, topmost part of an animal's hide — free of sanding or other alterations. Hence, the grain surface remains intact, and so do the fibers.

Thanks to the remarkable strength of this material, Riblor's accessories are sure to last you or your loved one a long time. It's more than just longevity, however.

Each piece of leather retains its unique appearance and characteristics. Every piece has varying patterns and subtle textures, which remain intact. That's why you'll get something exclusive when you purchase from Riblor.

The Guarantee of Quality

Riblor's thirst for excellence doesn't end even with the full-grain leather. Every piece of leather that enters its inventory goes through another round of rigorous quality assurance tests.

Thanks to that, only a tenth of the leather passes this stage and reaches our skilled craftsmen. Combined with the final inspection that thoroughly tests every accessory before shipping out, customers only get the absolute best.

Handmade Elegance

Instead of mass producing its accessories, Riblor puts exceptional attention to everything it creates. All the card holders are handmade for that reason. Having a human touch to all that you wear and carry is something Riblor finds significance in.

The craftsmen are incredibly skilled, and their focus is always on quality. Every little stitch and design will make that obvious.

Sophistication in Simplicity

Riblor's philosophy for fashion is straightforward — it doesn't need to be loud to achieve sophistication. All its accessories follow that philosophy, creating a unique and chic catalog.

The card holders come in a variety of colors — including brown, black, and navy blue. All the colors are bold enough to catch your eye — yet not so much that they fail to compliment your personality or attire.

As a result, you can carry them anywhere you go. Be it a professional or casual occasion — these card holders will turn heads in a charming, graceful manner.

Slim and Compact

Card holders have revolutionized how we carry our necessities — both in terms of fashion and convenience.

All the accessories are designed to carry a decent number of cards and IDs. Yet, they will easily fit into your jacket or back pocket. There won't be the slightest discomfort, even when carrying one in your back pocket.

The quick pull tabs make it effortless to go about your business. The sleek designs make carrying them a breeze as well!

Rock the Classic Looks

If you want to go for that classic leather wallet or card holder aesthetic, the Salvio lineup should cover your needs.

It's a single-fold card holder that can carry six cards with ease. Additionally, there are three added pockets to help bring other necessities like cash or receipts. The grained leather is reminiscent of classic Italian leather wallets, which go well with all sorts of professional and casual attire.

The Alonzo goes one step ahead, turning that classic look into a card sleeve with a unique shape.

It's a slim leather design that features a pull tab and can handle 6-7 credit cards. The additional pockets provide further room for other documents and bills.

…And the Modern Aesthetics

Riblor also came up with exquisite designer card holders for the modern aesthetic. Its Santino and Pietro lineups come with beautiful aluminum hard cases with the usual full-grain Italian leather to complement them.

The fashionable aluminum cases are all detachable if your heart desires.

These slim accessories still manage to hold 6-7 cards with ease. There's also a clever pop-up design to help find everything stacked in a stepwise structure. That way, everything will be within reach — at a moment's notice.

Speaking of modernity, Riblor ensures that you receive the highest possible security from its commodities. These card holders support protection against RFID skimming to prevent any wireless transmission without your knowledge.

The Promise of Quality and Effortlessness

Riblor provides express shipping throughout the UAE within the shortest possible period. As a token of its promise, each accessory comes with a one-year warranty so you can enjoy exceptional quality without worries.

 Riblor's pledge toward fashion and sophistication only pushes it to the next level of excellence. No matter what you purchase, you will feel that palpable quality in every touch! 

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What Should I Look for in a Card Holder?

Due to its slimness, a card holder needs to suit your specific requirements. Ensure that it has a sufficient number of slots or pockets to carry all of your necessities. E.g., if you bring some cash as well, see if the product has room for it.

Secondly, look at the build quality and materials. The leather (or metals) used in the product should be of decent quality. Furthermore, opting for a trustworthy brand is always a plus when looking for a card holder.

Is a Leather Card Holder Better than a Metal One?

An aluminum holder may not be comfortable for the back pocket. It also has to increase the thickness to hold more items, although its pop-up mechanism is usually more sophisticated. Riblor's aluminum wallets also come with an outer layer made of Italian leather to keep things stylish.

On the other hand, leather is as classy as it gets, and it's not uncomfortable in the back pocket, either. The unique characteristics of Italian leather are inimitable too. However, it won't have water-resistant or anti-RFID skimming capabilities like metal card holders. The decision is yours in the end.