The Best Moroccan Bath in Dubai for Relaxing Experience

Best Moroccan Bath in Dubai

Moroccan baths, also known as hammams, are an age-old traditional spa ritual for individual and group cleansing both. This is the most revitalizing and fortifying ritual. A Moroccan steam bath is the most agreeable and unwinding path for anyone to spoil themselves after an exhausting week. 

Practiced throughout the Middle East, Moroccan baths fulfil various needs. However, the best bath cleanses, brightens, and exfoliates the skin. Not only this, it helps the joints, veins, and blood flow in the body. 

Whatever pressure and tension you’re feeling is drained too. The Moroccan bath and body scrub profoundly handle your skin to eliminate the harmful toxins in the body. 

11 Best Places for Moroccan Bath in Dubai

Our ancestors left us with this heavenly body treatment, and the below top-notch Moroccan baths in Dubai will make your ancestors proud. 

1. One&Only Spa 

One&Only Spa 

True to its Moroccan-style rituals, this spa is a royal yet traditional treat. Be immersed in the soothing sound of trickling water and bask in the energizing jacuzzis. One&Only makes you feel as if you’re the only one because the treatment is truly luxurious. They make you lay down the marble tabletop and lather olive oil soap on your skin before offering a deep tissue massage. 

This venue is enveloped in rich greenery, which is the best spot for relaxation. They have an award-winning oriental hammam room which everyone raves about. You can engage in any of their hammam treatments to enjoy a soothing scent of rose and mint. If you have dehydrated skin, try their clay treatment. Many other facials and honey face masks are available. 

Address: One&Only Royal Mirage 

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2. Saray Spa 

Saray Spa 

When Dubai comes to mind, so does gold! Having a massage in the city is incomplete without the involvement of gold in one way or the other. And Saray Spa is here to offer you precisely that in their golden hammam, situated in the second tallest hotel in the world. 

They massage you with a gold-infused oil that penetrates your pores and leaves you vitalized like never before. Carefully chosen healing rituals will make you feel alive. Even Cleopatra would approve of this instantly.

Address: JW Marriott Marquis Hotel 

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3. The Spa

The Spa

The only thing which is straightforward about this spa is its name. Other than that, the spa thoroughly bleeds opulence and luxe. This hammam presents a double lather filled with exfoliation sessions that guarantees that you can achieve maximum cleansing. 

Afterwards, your body is indulged in argan oil and black olives. Lastly, you will be washed off with softening milk. All the tough scrubbing is necessary to lead to unique skin. 

Palazzo Versace represents luxury unlike any other venue in Dubai. This can be a go-to place for a Moroccan hammam experience. You can detoxify yourself with ancient hammam rituals in 60 minutes. 

There are two Moroccan hammams in Palazzo Versace, a spa suite, seven treatment rooms, and a nail studio. Also, there are dedicated relaxation areas with saunas, steam rooms, and plunge pools. The spa facilities and amenities prove it to be a stellar hammam in Dubai. 

Address: Palazzo Versace Dubai 

4. Bulgari Spa 

Bulgari Spa 

Bask in a secret sanctuary in this Italian paradise. Bulgari Spa will impart a great glow on your face like Aphrodite when you are done with the treatment and their prestigious Moroccan massage. 

They boast a superior Hammam suite dedicated only to the traditional massage in which only the finest ingredients are used. For instance, nourishing hair masks, rich body balm and natural black soap to pamper you as you deserve.

Address: The Bulgari Resort Dubai 

5. B/Attitude Spa

B/Attitude Spa

Hunting for a bridal glow without getting married? Try this spa that will leave you glowing from head to toe. Their refreshing and exfoliating Moroccan bath is one-of-a-kind. 

Immense in a signature royal hammam ritual where they finish the aromatic experience by applying a warm scented oil of your preference on your entire body. It leaves your skin feeling like a Homer Simpson glazed doughnut. 

6. Silk Spa

Silk Spa

A massage that truly feels spiritual by awakening all your senses, Silk Spa redefines the standards of luxurious treatments. This is the ultimate relaxation getaway. Their majestic experience is what everyone should have at least once a lifetime.

Address: Habtoor Palace 

7. Elixir Spa & Health Club

Elixir Spa & Health Club

Do you fancy a massage with a view? Check out Elixir Spa & Health Club. Enjoy the complete package of their purifying perks from the Moroccan hammam. This OTT stretches and loosens all knots in your body in their body massage. You will sink into their beds and never want to leave.

Address: Al Habtoor Grand Resort 

8. The Talise Ottoman Spa 

The Talise Ottoman Spa 

This is the best hammam to revisit the grand Turkish hammam traditions in the heart of UAE. There is an ideal Turkish bath to destress your body and mind. Among the different hammam treatments, Ottoman Opulence, Asian & Western Indulgence, and Holistic Healing are the best wellness rituals. Their steam room is a cavernous space with many other relaxing facilities. 

Hammam is known to boost blood circulation, resulting in lower body water retention. Talise Ottoman Spa is precisely known for this, with their detoxifying massage. Their staff vigorously cleanses you with their soft loofah and leaves you glowing from head to toe. 

In each of their treatments, there will be an increase in detoxification and blood circulation. It’s no wonder why they have won plenty of awards for unrivalled treatments and customer service. 

Address: The Palm Jumeirah Zabeel Saray 

9. Queen’s House Salon

Queen's House Salon

Queen’s House Salon is a top-notch option introducing the Moroccan bath MVP. This is an imperial-only spa where you can pamper yourself with a wide range of services, including facials, hair, nails, and more. 

However, if there is one treatment that they remarkably specialize in, it would be the Moroccan bath because the therapists are especially experienced and hail from Morocco. 

Get ready to depart with a glowing finish because the organic products used in the salon are loaded with health advantages, like clarifying the skin tone, improving skin elasticity, and exfoliating. 

There are various summer promos at Queen’s House Salon, such as a 30% off on your first Moroccan bath at only AED 195. Plus, the cost of the loofa is added to the package, unlike other salons where you have to pay additional just for a tiny scrubbing. 

Address: Wafi

10. The Anantara Spa

The Anantara Spa

Talk about a royal affair! Anantara Spa is a sophisticated place with gorgeous interiors that will transform you into Thor’s regal palaces in Asgard. Feel like opulence with the lush deep tissue massage, an ultra cleansing Moroccan treatment, and olive oil-infused bubbles. 

Address: Anantara The Palm 

11. Anjana Spa 

Anjana Spa 

With various posh amenities like ice fountains, saunas, and swimming pools, Anjana Spa is here to elevate your spa experience. With their exclusive discount on 40 minutes of Turkish hammam, you can achieve free weekdays access to the swimming pool and beach. 

Plus, you can avail a 20% discount on lunch at Turca restaurant. Ensure to confirm with the reception before booking whether the discount is still valid or not. 

Address: Rixos The Palm

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