The Best Malls in Dubai for Shopping 2023


Dubai is the only city you will ever hear of on a list regarding shopping. Millions of tourists are amazed at the city’s retail lifestyle each year. Despite so many people claiming that Dubai malls are expensive, it isn’t so. 

Dubai shopping malls are known for lush interiors, and everything luxury brands offer. Almost every month, sales are held. Not only this, an entire festival is dedicated to shopping at the beginning of each year, known as the Dubai Shopping Festival. Entertainment is guaranteed in these malls too.


List of Top 13 Malls in Dubai for Visit and Shopping

Ahead, we have covered the best shopping malls in the city.

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1. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

This is where the Dubai Shopping Festival is held, and it’s one of the biggest malls in the world. It covers a massive 500,000 square meters, a top-class ice rink, a huge walk-through aquarium, 14,000 parking lots, and much more. 

A plethora of exciting experiences for shoppers is available. In 2010, Grazia Magazine voted it the best shopping experience in the world.

Number of retail outlets: 1,200+

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2. Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates

Locals and tourists frequently visit this shopping mall in the Al Barsha region of West Dubai. You can call it a one-stop shopping destination that has earned the “World’s first shopping resort”. 

It was also named “World’s Leading New Shopping Mall”. In addition, this retail hub is home to an excellent family leisure centre Ski Dubai – An indoor Snow Park and ski resort – the first in the Middle East.

Number of retail outlets: 630

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3. Ibn Battuta Mall 

Ibn Battuta Mall 

This is the world’s biggest themed shopping mall and is named after a legendary explorer – Ibn Battuta. The huge shopping complex narrates the journey of the famous explorer in the 14th century. 

It is segmented into 6 country-themed courts, out of which the Persian court is the most famous, surrounded by a hand-painted dome. Aside from the stores, there is a 21-screen cinema, 50 restaurants and cafes, a bowling alley, and a trampoline park.

Number of retail outlets: 400


4. Deira City Centre 

Deira City Centre 

If Burujman is considered the leading mall in the city, then Deira City Centre is Dubai’s first proper retail hub. Situated in Deira, the address is old yet prime. Deira City Centre is still thriving and is the busiest mall in the city on weekends. 

Home to the VOX movie theatre and hundreds of branded stores, it also houses the electronic giant Sharaf DG, a bowling city, and Magic Planet.

Number of retail outlets: 370


5. Burujman 


This is practically a hub in the city due to its strategic location. Regarding convenience, Burujman can be easily reached by bus, taxi, and metro. It’s connected to red and green metro lines. 

Among the premium shopping malls in the city, it has recently experienced a renovation and caters to all needs with an unbelievable number of brands. Around two floors dedicated to cafes and restaurants, Burujman is perfect for people with a strong appetite. It also boasts the nation’s Saks Fifth Avenue centre. 

Number of retail outlets: 320


6. Midriff City Centre 

Midriff City Centre 

This is the latest kid on the block present in the poised address of Midriff. It has already achieved a famous status because it displays the most affordable and top-tier brands. There is something for everyone in Midriff City Centre. When it hosts sales, the whole of Dubai comes here to shop. 

Moreover, Midriff City Centre is sustainable and has different entertainment options – Climbing Wall, Sky Trail, and iFLY, an indoor skydiving centre. Little Explorers is mainly for children. Other entertainment facilities are Magic Planet, VOX cinema, AquaPlay, and Soccer Circus Dubai. 

Number of retail outlets: 450


7. Dubai Festival City Mall 

Dubai Festival City Mall 

Although Dubai Festival City Mall boasts many famous brands, it’s still comparatively quiet. It houses the following:

  • A bowling centre
  • Biggest Aldo store in the world
  • A premium Ferrari store
  • A huge IKEA store
  • The famous New York restaurant called Serendipity
  • The only Hard Rock Cafe in the UAE
  • The only Mint Velvet store outside the UK 

And the best part? It faces the historical Creek. In the winter, a daily mini fair is also held with small stalls featuring souvenirs, accessories, food, and many games. A spectacular Laser show is also held in the evenings.

Number of retail outlets: 250


8. Outlet Mall

Outlet Mall

Unlike the others, Outlet Mall is not located in Dubai. Instead, it’s present on the outskirts. Maybe this is why it’s not crowded, but this hidden gem is a cult favourite among locals due to the sales. 

The themed Outlet Mall offers Warehouse sales. Plus, a 40% to 90% sale is active throughout the year. Sale season is taken seriously in Outlet Mall, which is why the whole city flocks towards the hub during the sale season. 

Unbelievable discounts are offered on prominent sports, perfumes, and other brands. Boasting more than 200 stores, a play area and different eateries are available too. But, of course, the biggest Chuck-E-Cheese is also offered here.

Number of retail outlets: 240


9. Dubai Gold Souk 

Dubai Gold Souk  Dubai is hailed not only for adventure parks, deserts, and resorts but also for the plethora of shopping malls. In addition, its famous Gold Souk is the biggest gold market in the world. 

Located in Deira, the gold market is a frequently visited and popular tourist attraction due to the stellar designs and quality of gold. Daily, the market is stocked with 10 tons of gold.

Number of retail outlets: 350


10. WAFI Mall 

WAFI Mall 

This shopping mall is situated in the Egyptian-themed Wafi City Complex. It displays a rare design style over the hundreds of boutique shops and stores, providing a top-tier shopping experience. 

WAFI Mall covers an area of 5 floors with dedicated spaces for leisure, entertainment, and shopping activities. The Arabian Souk underground gains unmatched attention, with Cleopatra’s spa being one of the best spots.

Number of retail outlets: 250


11. Century Mall

Century Mall

Introduced in 2003, Century Mall is a famous neighborhood mall in the Al Mamzar region. Constructed over two floors with shops selling perfume, attire, electronics, and accessories, home to a hypermarket, excellent cafes, a play area, and some pharmacies – this is what Century Mall is all about.

Number of retail outlets: 75


12. Dragon Mart Dubai 

Dragon Mart Dubai 

Also known as Dragon Mall, this has been the biggest trading hub for Chinese products outside the mainland country since 2004. The dragon-shaped, 1.2 km long mall presents a stock of Chinese products at wholesale costs. 

Thousands of rare stores are open in the arena. Consisting of Dragon Mart 1 and 2, the wide complex is an excellent place for shopping.

Number of retail outlets: 4,000


13. Mercato Mall

Mercato Mall

Inspired by the deep-rooted Italian Renaissance with a rare Meditation ambience, Mercato Mall stands out in the Jumeirah district. This retail cum entertainment complex presents an artful design resembling France and Spain, making the mall appear like an Italian market square. 

The designers who styled the complex with soothing pastel hues have made it the first prominent mall to grasp an extraordinary artwork of the European Renaissance worshipped by art enthusiasts, locals, and tourists.

Number of retail outlets: 140

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Original price was: 250.00 AED.Current price is: 159.00 AED.
Original price was: 250.00 AED.Current price is: 159.00 AED.
Original price was: 250.00 AED.Current price is: 159.00 AED.
Original price was: 250.00 AED.Current price is: 159.00 AED.
Original price was: 250.00 AED.Current price is: 159.00 AED.
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