The 15 Best Men’s Leather Jackets in Dubai


Men can never compromise when it comes to leather jackets. There’s always a demand for premium quality material with an aesthetic colour combination and a bold style — which leaves an everlasting impression. 

Fortunately, we have a broad range of clothing brands that comprehend this masculine need and design various leather jackets for men. Everything about their leather jackets is beyond exceptional, from craftsmanship to appearance. 

Let us guide you through what different leather jacket brands for men offer and what other types of leather jackets are available worldwide. Then, read until the end to get some quick tips to stylize and maintain your leather jacket like a pro. 


Top 15 Leather Jacket Brands for Men in UAE

Let’s start with an overview of each famous brand that combines durability, sophistication, and novelty (in their unique ways) to design leather jackets for men. Get through this, and it will be easier for you to choose the right brand for your next leather outfit. 

1. Zara Leather Jacket

Zara Leather Jacket

Best known for unparalleled quality, Zara’s leather jacket collection features every style and colour you could want. 

Undoubtedly, the exceptional craftsmanship with a sleek design sense set Zara’s leather jackets apart from the competition. Whether you wear a leather jacket over a suit or a sweater with designer bracelets, it will complement your personality with an incredible, edgy appeal.

Bomber, Patch, Biker, and Vintage — you can find all the trendiest leather jacket styles at Zara. 

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2. Superdry Leather Jacket

Superdry Leather Jacket

Superdry covers all the trends, offering a vast collection of the hottest leather jacket styles. 

The most iconic fashion items that you can find at Superdry include biker and racer leather jackets with an American heritage feel. In addition, there are various other leather jacket styles, including flight bomber, shearling deck, and coach leather

Considering how skillfully Superdry’s each leather jacket is crafted and designed, you can count on it to make a powerful fashion statement. 

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3. Harley Davidson Leather Jacket

Harley Davidson Leather JacketHarley Davidson Leather Jacket

With a wide variety of casual and riding jackets, Harley Davidson offers something for every lifestyle. 

Each Harley Davidson leather jacket boasts durability, water resistance, and aesthetic appeal. This is all you need to spruce up your look and perform at your best. No matter which leather jacket style you choose, it will surely tickle your fancy and fit your budget. 

Whatever style and colour you prefer, you can easily choose. 

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4. Gucci Leather Jacket

Gucci Leather Jacket

When you want something good and fancy, look for Gucci — a wide range of premium-quality leather jackets with ultra-modern designs.

The Gucci leather jackets are made meticulously to fit all your “trendiest” needs. As a result, you can easily choose between different styles and colours based on your preferences without worrying about durability. 

The unique fusion of Gucci’s logo will surely add a more elevating spark to your outfit.

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5. Timberland Leather Jacket

Timberland Leather Jacket

Timberland leather jackets instantly add a sense of style to your wardrobe, giving you a more confident appearance.

Leather jacket styles are available in various colours and designs. So whether you need a bomber, flight, field, and wielding leather jacket — it’s all here. Indeed, each leather jacket stands out for its excellent craftsmanship and aesthetics.

Get the perfect combination of warmth and cool with the Timberland leather jacket collection. 


6. H&M Leather Jacket

H&M Leather Jacket

H&M leather jackets are exquisitely tailored with an “impressive style statement” in mind that instantly makes an impact. 

The best you can find in the H&M collection is the men’s biker leather jacket, which is perfect for everyday wear. The quilted sleeves and silver hardware add more to the leather jackets’ appeal, giving them an edge.

H&M leather jackets are iconic fashion staples for every man’s wardrobe.


7. Belstaff Leather Jacket

Belstaff Leather Jacket

Belstaff leather jackets offer a combination of vintage aesthetics and ultra-modern appeal. 

Whether you choose biker, suede, or shearling style — It’s hard to ignore the uniqueness of each leather jacket. You can select from different appealing designs and colours at your discretion.

Each Belstaff leather jacket lets you show off your style with absolute confidence. 


8. Levis Leather Jacket Men

Levis Leather Jacket Men

Name an iconic leather jacket style, and you’ll find it in the extensive Levis men’s wear list. 

Levis offers affordable leather jackets available in various fashion-forward designs and colours. So whether you pair it with a sweatshirt or wear it over a plain shirt, it will give you a sleek, modern look. 

All Levis leather jackets are fashioned with premium quality materials to ensure ultimate protection and an everlasting impression. 


9. Guess Leather Jacket

Guess Leather Jacket

If you’re looking for a reliable leather jacket that will keep you cosy regardless of the weather, then you need to invest in Guess leather jackets. 

The comfortable fit, appealing colours, and variety of ultra-modern designs make Guess leather jackets a hit among men of all ages. So whether you need a biker, bomber, racing, faux, or suede leather jacket — name it, and you’ll have it.

Exciting discount deals are available at Guess leather jackets, so grab yours before it’s too late.


10. LC Waikiki Leather Jacket

LC Waikiki Leather Jacket

LC Waikiki has it all covered, no matter which type of leather type, colour, and style you are looking for.

You can get all the coolest, edgy leather jackets for a great deal and comfortably flaunt your style to the world. Each jacket’s craftsmanship and colour fusion is so impeccable that it is hard to keep your eyes off them.

Browse through LC Waikiki’s extensive collection and be sure to find the perfect leather jacket to pair with your next winter outfit. 


11. Y2 Leather Jacket

Y2 Leather Jacket

Y2 leather jackets have come a long way, helping men make bold fashion statements with their outerwear. 

Each Y2 leather jacket is a one-of-a-kind creation, making them “just perfect” to express individuality. With so many different leather jackets to choose from, there is sure to be one that matches your style.

The huge Y2 men’s wear collection will surely bring you a premium-quality leather jacket at a reasonable price.


12. Ferrari Leather Jacket

Ferrari Leather Jacket

Each Ferrari leather jacket features an ultra-modern design, meticulously tailored using top-quality materials. 

It perfectly embodies the legendary Red Team’s signature style, conveying a bold sense of style. Ferrari leather jackets offer you everything you need, from durability to aesthetics and affordability.

The Ferrari leather jackets come in different styles, so you can choose what suits you best.


13. Balmain Leather Jacket

Balmain Leather Jacket

Balmain has a wide range of long-lasting, sophisticated leather jackets. 

Whether you are looking for a leather jacket with sharp, soft-padded shoulders with bold designs or any other hottest style — the Balmain men’s collection is tailored to have you all covered. 

Choose any of Balmain’s classic leather jackets and set trends like a pro. 


14. Seth Rollins Leather Jacket

Seth Rollins Leather Jacket

Something unique about the Seth Rollins leather jackets sets you apart from the crowd.

The WWE Sollins leather jackets are the most sought-after men’s outwear. Each leather jacket is made of premium quality leather with striking shearling collars that never fail to give you an edge over anyone you meet.

Get a bold-looking Seth Rollins leather jacket and take your aggressive style to the next level.


15. Polo Leather Jacket

Polo Leather Jacket

Polo leather jackets redefine boldness combined with elegance. Moreover, the quality of these jackets is impeccable, making them suitable for any occasion.

There’s a wide range of timeless styles available in Ralph Lauren’s Polo leather jacket collection — no matter which one you choose, and it will add a stroke of perfection to your personality. 

Whether you ride the bike all day long or go about your routine business, Polo leather jackets will fit your needs well.


Types of Men’s Leather Jackets

The leather jackets vary widely in craftsmanship, styles, designs, and colours. Therefore, let’s comprehensively view different leather jacket types so you can easily make a perfect choice. 

Now, let’s dig into the details!


1. Bomber Leather Jackets

In the 1950s, military aircraft designers sought to create a jacket to protect from jet engines’ fiery heat. The United States Air Force had been using leather jackets but found they were not effective in protecting against this danger, so it began looking for an alternative material with nylon being successfully tested, among other things, before ending up winning out on its use within MA-1 flight suits which are still produced today by Alpha Industries after first receiving contract manufacture rights back then when it was called “the best damn press Sgt sleeves you’ll ever see.”

The iconic silhouette of the knit rib cuffs, collar and waistband is still adored by punks today. However, the functional sleeve pockets have been reimagined into modern-day fashion sense for bomber jackets which can be paired up with anything from jeans to shorts in an easygoing manner that’s both stylish yet casual.

Even though it was designed originally as a nylon jacket, the leather MA-1 is reminiscent of military flight jackets from our past.


2. Biker Leather Jackets

The iconic American silhouette is known for its hardware-laden asymmetrical design. This particular biker jacket runs down the centre of the front. Instead, it features an offbeat zipper initially intended so riders could lean forward while on their bikes without being hindered by anything blocking their vision or freedom movement around them – just like what you would see in old Hollywood movies! As established by Schott Company during the 1920s and 1930s era., this classic piece includes features such as shoulder epaulettes (which help keep weight distributed evenly across the hand), belt loops made from thick silver metal pieces connected via small zippers–all surrounded perfectly onto durable horsehide leather which will last years if cared properly.

Hollywood popularized this jacket, becoming a staple of punk music culture despite its original use by bikers. Fashion designers modified this classic look by substituting lighter lambskin for cowhide, adding zippers, and innovative sewing unique patterns for an edgier look.


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3. Faux Leather Jackets

Faux leather is a synthesized material that is more flexible and durable than any other type of leather.

In recent years, Vegan Leather, also known as leather free of animal products, has made waves worldwide as a solution to animal cruelty. In the meantime, this solution is controversial, with some believing it is a lesser evil, while others think the opposite.

However, it is still available everywhere, making it a kind of leather option despite its environmental danger.


4. Varsity Leather Jackets

These are also known as Letterman Jackets. Globally, many high schools have a strong athletic and academic culture. Despite using different materials back then, Varsity Jackets and Letterman Jackets differed slightly.

It is important to note that Letterman Jackets, also known as Letterman Sweaters, are made of wool, while Varsity Jackets are produced with leather sandwiched between the sleeves and the body. However, the distinction between these two style staples has blurred in recent years.

It is clear from history that Varsity Jackets were primarily designed for men, as evidenced by their signature ribbed band collars, cuffs, and waistbands. Conversely, women’s hoods had a flap that could be buttoned to create a similar look.


5. Long Leather Jackets

Long leather jackets are the best options to stay warm in winter. You can find several lengths of these beautiful and durable pieces, making them perfect for every occasion. In addition, they will keep you protected from all Range Of temperatures, whether it’s cold or hot outside.

There is an array of different styles and colours that you can choose from, depending on your personal preference for how formal or casual the jacket will be worn – whether at work in front offices where it needs some formality but not too much attention drawn towards itself; out with friends enjoying time spent together while staying comfortable under layers upon layer clothing items…or even just going about daily life wearing one piece over another.

These long leather jackets usually feature a button closure down the centre of the coat and have more buttons as the jacket lasts longer. It is common to find these jackets with additional pockets stitched into the sides.


6. Studded Leather Jackets

You can wear a studded leather jacket on many occasions, from casual to formal events. You can wear it in the summer and winter, so you’ll have one piece of clothing that works for all seasons. Additionally, the jacket can be worn with jeans, chinos, or khakis.

If you want to dress up your look more, wear a shirt underneath instead of a t-shirt. On the other hand, if you add some flair to your face, wear it with scarves or beanies! The durability of a studded leather jacket is one of its main advantages. 

Additionally, the zippers are solid and durable, so you won’t have to worry about them coming off during intense workouts. Moreover, these jackets are stitched much more rigidly than others of similar brands, making them much more durable. Wear them and wash them as many times as you like!


7. Pakistani Leather Jackets

Leather from Pakistan is of the highest quality in the world. Globally, Pakistan ranks among the top manufacturers. Pakistan’s three largest cities are Karachi, Lahore, and Sialkot. A majority of the raw materials used in leather production come from slaughterhouses.

After being processed in factories using different chemicals and dyed in a different colour, this leather is finally prepared to use.


8. Hooded Leather Jackets

You can complete your casual look with a leather hooded jacket. The popularity of leather jackets with hoods is at an all-time high among men worldwide. Moreover, this modern style of jacket is inspired by pop culture.

Wear this exquisite outerwear to show an attitude that is fierce and unabashed. Both daytime and nighttime occasions are appropriate for wearing this jacket. You can flaunt your comfortable street style by wearing your jacket with black track pants. Furthermore, a leather duffel bag completes your look.


9. Versace Leather Jackets

Gianni Versace S.r.l. Usually referred to simply as Versace, it is an Italian luxury fashion company. They are famous for both men’s and women’s wear. Moreover, their leather jackets are also very favourite and worn by many celebrities. The lamb leather is the top pick from Versace because of its outstanding quality.

There are many other Versace leather jackets; as I mentioned above, they don’t compromise their quality. So, regardless of your choice of jacket type, your jacket will be reliable and durable.


Styles of Men’s Leather Jackets

Below are the most popular styles of leather jackets for men in UAE:


1. Leather Jacket Outfits Ideas

Men always love bold style statements when we talk about masculine attire; for them, a leather jacket is an excellent option to invest in. The leather jacket is a fashion staple and cosy outerwear that makes your presence more impressive by taking you to the next level of style. When paired with different male pieces, the leather jackets add a jolt of style to the personality. The ultra-modern leather jackets can be worn with everything from T-shirts and jeans to sweaters and hoodies. 

Opportunities are unlimited when it comes to styling a leather jacket. So if you are a little confused about how to style your leather jacket, look at the styles listed below.


2. Workplace Look

If you are bored of dressing up in blazers, ties and dress pants at your workplace, then here’s your cue to try something extraordinary. 

You can opt for a “motor racer jacket layered with a sweater”, which will give you a style jolt and protect you from the cold weather. 

Indeed, this dressing would be comfortable for daytime and nighttime as well.


3. Teen Style

Leather can serve multiple purposes. It can help protect yourself from the harsh weather, giving you a relaxed and dashing look.

Zippy and loose biker jackets with ripped and distressed jeans are a new “IT” trend in young boys. If you are a college-going boy, don’t forget to wear a classic pair of sneakers and a leather bag that adds a style element.


4. For Hangouts

If you want to hang out with your friends and need a classy and fabulous look, then here’s the best option — pair a leather jacket with cool-coloured denim jeans.

Wearing shades like dark brown, blue or grey will significantly improve your personality, giving it a more edgy look. 


5. Stylish Semi-Formal look

After black, brown is one of the most liked colours in leather jackets. You can wear it with denim and white pants. It’s all up to you. Whether in or out of fashion, it will give you a bold style statement that will steal the whole show. 


6. Rugged and Attractive 

If your leather outerwear is old, don’t worry because old is gold. It has a stylish and versatile look you can still wear. 

A leather jacket and jeans are such a pair that never go out of fashion. You can wear this pair at night parties and also at your workplace.


7. Tough Guy Look

If you want to hide your dirty T-shirt or channel an edgy and dark vibe through your outfit, then a shoulder-padded and zipper sleeves biker jacket can solve your problem.

A leather jacket works well when you want to enhance your looks. You can make an all-black look, or you can also wear denim or coloured pants.


8. Old and Smart Look

In old movies, heroes love to wear leather jackets to give a classy look. But, of course, you can also adapt that style. Make sure that the colour and designs you choose are rough and always workable in all fashion trends. 

You can also wear a beret-style hat (paired with your vintage leather jacket) that gives a more edgy look. 


9. Simple Yet All-black Look

Why fuss with different shades when we have an all-black option to look smart? 

Wearing a black bomber jacket with dull black pants and white pair of sneakers will make your all-black look more sophisticated. 

There are also multiple other options to contrast or match available. But, again, make sure you pick wisely — it should be a variant of black or at least less bright than black. 



How to Wash Leather Jacket?

Here’s the best way to wash a leather jacket. Fill a bowl with water by adding a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Don’t put too much liquid because it contains harsh chemicals that can damage your leather jacket. After mixing it, take a towel and dip it in the water. Immediately after wringing it, wipe the damp leather and dip your towel in clean water. Make sure to wipe the surface to clean the detergent stains. Once you are done washing, hang it in a cool, airy place away from sunlight and heat.

If there are tough stains on your leather jacket, you can get rid of them by using non-gel toothpaste while washing it. Apply a little amount of toothpaste to your fingertip and move it gently. Leave it for 10 minutes, and your stain will vanish.

How to Clean Leather Jacket?

When it comes to cleaning, some brands themselves provide leather cleaners and conditioners. After using them, your leather jacket gives a shiny and soft look without any damage.

Another way of cleaning a leather jacket is to dip it in water by adding a little dishwashing liquid. Next, you must take a damp towel and start wiping the leather. Then, dip a towel in the clean water and blot it on the leather. Your jacket will be clean after this.

How to Iron Leather Jacket?

To get rid of leather jacket wrinkles, here are three different ways to follow:

  • Spread your leather jacket on a hard surface like a countertop or a table. Place a heavy book like a dictionary or textbook on it and leave it overnight. Check it in the morning if the wrinkles have vanished.
  • Turn on your iron, and rotate the regulator of the iron at its lowest speed. Place your leather jacket on the iron stand. Take a pillowcase or a cotton towel and spread it over the jacket. Start ironing the jacket. An extra layer will protect your leather jacket from damage.
  • Place your leather jacket on the hanger in your washroom, ensuring it won’t fall or get wet. While taking a shower, steam will produce, allowing your jacket to vanish its wrinkles. Put it in the steam for about 20 minutes. After that, place your jacket in a breezy place. 

How to Maintain Leather Jacket?

You can maintain your leather jacket by using a leather conditioner occasionally. However, if you have a suede or nubuck jacket, you can’t use conditioner on them because of their soft and fuzzy textures. Also, remember that a leather conditioner can’t be used on lighter-tone jackets.

You can also use shoe polish on a leather jacket during rare events. First, try it on the hidden part of your leather jacket to make sure that it is suitable or not. Then, if it is ideal for your jacket, apply it and buff it with a cloth until a glossy surface is created.

If you have a suede or nubuck leather jacket, then in markets, there are special suede brushes available for cleaning. Because of its furry texture, a brush is perfect for it. However, never use these brushes on non-sued leather jackets because they can damage your jacket. 

In case you are looking for a cheaper way, then a sponge is a perfect option: what you have to do is rub it on your jacket.


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