17 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai for Coffee Lovers

17 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai for Coffee Lovers

Navigating Dubai’s multicultural coffee scene can be difficult, with endless options, from imported coffee beans to traditional coffees. In need of a detailed guide to top-tier coffee shops in Dubai? 

We have got you covered. From the hidden gems to Instagram hotspots frequented by coffee connoisseurs, there is no better way to spend your afternoon than with great coffee and good company.


List of Best Coffee Shops in Dubai with a View

For caffeine lovers and those searching out a new stomping ground, below are the best spots to get your coffee fix. 


1. Late Lounge 

Late Lounge 

Situated at the Al Wasl Road, this splendid coffee shop attracts residents and visitors with its well-known Benedict-loaded croissants, various dishes and chocolate desserts, like cheese toasties and Turkish eggs. 

Come and experience the lifestyle of this modern-day café. Customers can sit on their sun-drenched timber deck for an exceptional coffee experience or choose an aesthetic interior with plenty of rattan touches and wood details for that authentic cafe feel.

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2. Myocum

Late Lounge 

One of the fantastic coffee shops to try in Dar Wasl Mall, Myocum cafe, is a delicious and beautiful place. The food here tastes like home, even if you’re not from Australia. With an intimate yet laid-back Aussie vibe and an all-day menu, guests can settle here comfortably for a whole afternoon.

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3. Wild and the Moon

Wild and the Moon

This cafe has a European vibe with plants hanging from the industrial ceiling, giving it Parisian charm, a constant hum of music, and an eye-popping menu of juices, healthy bowls and desserts. This menu is gluten-free and vegan.

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4. Charade 


What’s more fun than playing board games with friends? This coffee shop in Dubai will give you hours of entertainment and a delicious meal. Although their menu is American food focused, such as loaded shakes and gourmet burgers, wherever you look, there are puzzles to suit all players, from card games and board games in one room or a variety of different types for each individual’s taste. The industrial aesthetic not only serves as a gallery space but also features pop culture paintings to celebrate the triumphs of our society.

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5. Oh Sugar 

Oh Sugar 

Imagine a place where you can go to be excited, energized and inspired. This is the JLT Sweet Coffee Shop. A Passionist venture transformed into a JLT sweet coffee shop, Oh Sugar is an elegant new cafe boosting the neighbourhood’s cafe culture. Positioned in JLT Cluster X, Oh Sugar features gold and dusky pink accents and soothing cream hues to offer a feminine yet sophisticated vibe. Along with a range of hot beverages to keep you warm and refreshed, their personalized bakes are great for special occasions in their stylish gift boxes.

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6. Alchemy Dubai 

Alchemy Dubai 

It’s hard to believe that Alchemy Dubai is in the villa opposite Dar Wasl Mall. The menu offers a variety of creative & innovative dishes with flavours you won’t find anywhere else. 

Alchemy Dubai takes coffee seriously, with unique brews, including piccolo, cold drip and aero press. Not only this, Alchemy Dubai follows a worthy cause – it sources beans to return to farmers worldwide.

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7. The Sum of Us

The Sum of Us

Among Bull&Roo’s highly successful, chic cafe concepts, The Sum Of Us is both an espresso bar and bakery – so if it’s been a while since breakfast at home or work, then come on for some freshly made sweets. Located in DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre), you can enjoy everything homemade here – not only do they have a wide selection of beans from different countries, but they also offer many options in terms of flavours-from piping hot Arabica beans roasted right before you’re eyes to sourdough loaves delivered fresh every morning by noon!

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8. Boston Lane

Boston Lane

It’s easy to spend your entire day discovering the hip coffee shops in The Courtyard – an isolated hidden gem in the Al Quoz area of Dubai. However, in the heart of Al Quoz, there is an Aussie cafe with gorgeous decorations to make you feel at home. This place has everything any girl could ask for, from baby pink walls and floral arches in their bathrooms (not to mention Build-A-Beard!). 

The menu of Boston Lane is so tempting that once you order, it’s hard to stop at just one dish. There are all sorts, from fresh coffee drinks and juicy fruits for breakfast to lunch options like hearty salads or fast-food-style burgers with tons of toppings!

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9. Comptoir 102

Comptoir 102

It’s located in the heart of Jumeirah 1. Comptoir 102 is a stylish concept store that’s both home and healthy, with its natural cafe seamlessly combined. They arrange yoga sessions daily to make a hub for health enthusiasts. In addition, there is a bold focus on wholesome, eco-friendly food to nourish the mind and body. 

They are sourcing their ingredients from organic farms within UAE. Plus, gluten-, sugar-, vegan, and dairy-free options and a wide range of juices, smoothies, and homemade nut milk is available.

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10. Brunch and Cake 

Brunch and Cake 

The latest cafes in Dubai’s coffee culture offer a pretty spot that lives up to the hype of Barcelona. This chic boho restaurant follows the motto “In Grandma We Trust”.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated! Counter Culture is here for you with a delicious selection of meals, including everything from fluffy halloumi pancakes and healthy acai bowls.

The venue is famous in Jumeirah, and they have recently opened another branch at The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah. You have to pre-book a coffee table in the rush hours to avoid waiting in a queue for hours.


11. 100 Cafe at The Hundred Wellness Center 

100 Cafe at The Hundred Wellness Center 

Inside the peaceful oasis of Jumeirah’s The Hundred Wellness Center, 100 Care is a tranquil coffee shop serving a unique menu of healthy food, including organic tea, speciality coffee and cold-pressed juice. The great space with floor-to-ceiling windows and whitewashed hues is a stunning spot.


12. Arabian Tea House 

Arabian Tea House 

A classic hand-painted sign saying “old house and secret garden” welcomes you to Arabian Tea House, located in Bastakiya. The bougainvillea entrance leads to a spacious courtyard. Large trees and sunlight complement hues of white and azure. 

Wood, rattan, and spacious armchairs fitted with plush cushions can also be seen. The exquisite flavours and rich history of tea can be appreciated by experts alike. Served in ornate pots, iced with delicate glasses, it’s an experience like no other!


13. XVA Art Cafe

XVA Art Cafe

This cafe differs from Dubai’s usual coffee shop’s interior designs, blending art, history, and heritage. If you’re not checking into one of their rare guest rooms, spending an evening at the XVA Art Cafe is worth it in the city.

Located in the Al Fahidi District, seats are offered in the tranquil gallery-type space or courtyard, with a vegetarian-inspired menu of the Middle East.


14. The Lime Tree Cafe

The Lime Tree Cafe

One of the best places in Dubai’s coffee shops, this spot now boasts 7 outposts in Dubai due to its immense popularity. These include the original one in Jumeirah 1, Dubai and multiple branches in known malls, including Nakheel Mall, Springs Souk, and Ibn Battuta Mall. 

Although they are ridiculously famous for the homemade carrot cake, they also serve freshly baked cookies, scones, and cakes, along with lunchtime and breakfast bites.


15. Tom & Serg

om & Serg

A landmark in the city’s speciality coffee industry is Tom & Serg. It was initially founded by entrepreneurs based in Dubai. They have successfully benchmarked the previously non-existent coffee culture. 

The perfect coffee shop to get your caffeine and breakfast on the go, this cafe has an industrial interior that will make you feel at home.


16. Orijins Cafe 

Orijins Cafe 

If you only desire classic coffee, try Orijins Cafe, tucked away between Four Seasons Hotel DIFC and Gate Village. This specialty cafe serves only three types of coffee paired with yummy pastries. It’s sparsely embellished with huge marble slabs serving as plastered walls and display tables.


17. Cavo Espresso Bar

Cavo Espresso Bar

This is another hidden gem that serves unmatched coffee. Cosy and small with minimalist interiors, Cavo Espresso Bar is the perfect place for people wanting to have a break from the bustling routine and recharge with caffeine. The icing on the cake is the freedom to play Uno and Jenga.

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