Best Breakfast in Dubai 2023 with a View

Best Breakfast in Dubai

Without breakfast, there would be no one to wake up and fuel our bodies with energy. It’s not just about providing your metabolism with essential nutrients; it also helps dictate what hormones are released throughout an entire day!


Top 20 Places for Breakfast in Dubai

Whether you’re craving a healthy acai bowl or a full English breakfast, Dubai’s breakfast cafes and restaurants deliver everything. Let’s have a look at the best breakfast spots in the city.


1. 11 Woodfire11 Woodfire


Chef Akmal Anuar, the culinary force behind 11 Woodfire, is a passionate and creative chef with an extensive background in European fine dining restaurants. He started working at his parent’s hawker stall before moving on to kitchens such as 3Fils and Goldfish Sushi & Yakitori to learn more about how food can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their tastes or lifestyle habits.

Salted chorizo cod stew, french toast egg slider, and beef cheeks Benedict are the highlights of the 11 Woodfire menu. They are also serving on weekends from 8 AM onwards.

Location: Jumeirah 1, Dubai

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2. Baker and Spice

Baker and Spice 

This large, chic cafe is the perfect place for breakfast, afternoon coffee or meal. Its terrace and fountain view are also great solely as a spot to relax with some reading material.

The subtly spiced shakshouka of this restaurant is highly irresistible, especially for breakfast. Still, if you want breakfast here, you can have Turkish eggs with feta cheese, labneh, pita bread, Aleppo pepper, and salad. 

Amazing croissants are also baked fresh daily. There are some branches in Dubai, but we suggest the cafe in Souk Al Bahar with a great view of fountains and Burj Khalifa.

Location: Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai

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3. Bistro Des Arts

Bistro Des Arts

Overlooking the water at Dubai Marina, Bistro des Arts offers visitors classic French food with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant has a rustic décor and invites guests to enjoy its laidback atmosphere. At the same time, they dine on mouthwatering dishes like eggs benedict or Croque monsieur for breakfast through late-night suppers consisting of such favourites as seafood pasta sauce served over perfectly cooked lobster meat accompanied by freshly made fries dipped in caviar which can be enjoyed after countless beverages including wine if desired.

This intimate French restaurant serves a breakfast brunch over the weekends as well. You can enjoy a selection of fresh juices, pastries, cheese and cold cuts for only AED 99 per person. 

Location: Dubai Marina

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4. Bombay Bungalow

Bombay Bungalow

The idea of Bombay Bungalow is to bring good quality, modern Indian food into homes and for travellers alike. They take their cues from traditional recipes but shape them in a way that makes them contemporary while still maintaining their roots- which they believe can appeal to all cultures living here or visiting UAE.

This restaurant serves Indian breakfast dishes from 8.30 AM onward daily. So treat yourself to a tomato and onion chilli breakfast pancake or a butter chicken omelette. 

Location: The Beach Mall in JBR

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5. Brunch & Cake

Brunch & Cake

Brunch & Cake are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The idea of brunch & Cake was born in the homely heart of Spain, Barcelona.

The restaurant’s brunch menu will make you feel like a kid again with its colourful dishes to brighten up your day.

This is a well-known cafe spot for an Instagrammable, equally delectable menu. The Brunch and Cake menu has something to offer everyone: the famous avocado toast and eggs benedict served on garden shovels. There are also other elegant decorated cakes in different flavours such as acai bowls or cool drinks that you can enjoy here.

Brunch & Cake serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee dates. Currently, the city has three cafes in the below locations.

Location: Jumeirah Islands, The Pointe, and Al Wasl. 

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6. The Boardwalk 

The Boardwalk 

Imagine enjoying a delicious meal overlooking the beautiful Dubai skyline with not another soul in sight. 

The food here tastes even better when served by an outdoor kitchen stocked full o’ gas bars so everyone can watch their lines fly past while they enjoy local seafood delicacies, including hummus and poached eggs in shakshouka-style and Cake. But, unfortunately, you can only go there on weekends, from 11.30 AM onward.

Location: Park Hyatt, Dubai Creek Marina 

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7. Boston Lane 

Boston Lane 

What is Boston Lane? It’s an Australian-inspired coffee and food project in Dubai. The name pays homage to the city’s proud tradition of the laneway.

It’s a must-visit breakfast cafe in The Courtyard offering vibrant acai bowls, expertly made coffees, Bolognese-loaded toasties, and an immersive breakfast roll with vintage cheddar scrambled eggs and mozzarella cheese. 

Location: 25 4 B Street, Al Quoz, Dubai

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8. Bounty Beets

Bounty Beets

The Bounty Beets movement promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through delicious organic options and going green initiatives that help the environment while inspiring people to make better choices for their community.

From the Instagramable girly decor in pink to the serotonin-packed gluten-free and vegan menu, the dishes at Bounty Beets add charming beauty to your brekkie. Try their almond and charcoal pancakes or coconut crepes. 

Location: Le Meridian Mina Seyahi, Dubai Marina

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9. Cafe Society 

Cafe Society 

Cafe Society is one of the premier restaurants in Dubai Marina. It’s an art deco glamourous venue that combines artistic expression to make your night unforgettable.

The 1920s-themed Cafe Society is the latest addition to the Dubai breakfast scene serving breakfast. Their menu includes:

  • Poached eggs with smoked salmon.
  • A pastry counter has plenty of treats.
  • Dulce de leche. 

Location: Tamani Marina Hotel, Dubai Marina


10. Carine


Carine offers a mouthwatering selection of French Mediterranean-inspired dishes and unique cocktails on the menu curated by Dubai’s one-and-only Chef Izu Ani.

Carine is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise fast-paced and ever-changing Dubai breakfast restaurant. 

One can expect a traditional French flair, like the sophisticated scrambled eggs with strawberry tartine, homemade peach jam, and black truffle. 

Location: Emirates Golf Club


11. Cassette 


The cassette has successfully captured the breakfast lovers in the city and is hidden inside The Courtyard in Al Quoz. Cassette Dubai first opened its doors to the public back in February 2019. Their versatile menu serves breakfast classics, like avocado smash, eggs Benedict, and French toast. The vibe is laid-back yet revitalizing. 

Location: The Courtyard, Al Quoz 


12. Clinton St Baking Co.

Clinton St Baking Co.

This Downtown spot boasts an NYC’s-inspired dish which is a cult favourite among breakfast enthusiasts – waffles and fried chicken. But if you want something lighter, try their Huevos rancheros and avocado toast.

Location: Building 10, City Walk, Dubai


13. Common Grounds 

Common Grounds 

Common Grounds is a great place to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their coffee tastes are always fresh, and they have the perfect vibe for any occasion.

Common Grounds’ menu will make you feel as great as it looks: Vibrant, healthy, and bursting with freshness. Some of their highlights are a vegan chia pudding serving saffron mango lassi, an acai bowl with dragon fruit, cacao nibs, and raspberries, and a precious brekkie bowl loaded with vegetables. 

Location: Mall of the Emirates


14. Eggspectation


Eggspectation is more than just a restaurant—it’s an experience. With creative twists on favourites like breakfast and brunch, they also offer lunch and dinner with an energetic bar ambience to make your dining adventure enjoyable for you or someone else in the family member.

The breakfast all day isn’t just for dinner. And it’s also delicious. It is introducing the Old Bay benny and crab cake sandwich. With two poached eggs on top of fluffy white bread and some red potatoes mixed in, this delicious feast will also satisfy you until lunchtime comes around again soon enough.

Location: JBR The Walk


15. The Farm

The Farm

The Farm is the place to go when you have to boost your energy. Here, the airy patio overlooks bubbling ponds and rich gardens. You can linger on an outstanding Arabic breakfast, including foul medames, labneh, eggs of your preference, grilled halloumi, and plush pita bread. Breakfast is served daily from 8 AM onward.

Location: Al Barari


16. Friends Avenue 

Friends Avenue 

This insanely famous JLT cafe showcases an acai bowl. This classic combo includes bananas, berries, granola nuts, roasted peanuts, cacao nibs, and tropical fruits to have a Hawaiian vibe. 

But if you’re too lazy to visit the spot, have the acai bowl delivered to your doorstep. 

Location: JLT, Al Thanyah, Motor City


17. Jones the Grocer

Jones the Grocer

Boasting different branches throughout Dubai, Jones the Grocer presents a stellar English breakfast. Plus, healthier options are available on the menu as well. A selection of fresh juices and homemade hash browns are worth having here.

Location: Dubai Mall


18. Lowe 


This edgy dining spot delivers sustainable and modern plates of special fare. So make sure to have a booking to enjoy a leisure weekend brunch where the dishes to look forward to are boiled egg, halloumi, chickpeas, tomatoes, flatbread, olives, avocado, and cucumbers. Smashed avocado is another dish with yuzu koshu and prawns. 

Location: Koa Canvas, Wadi Al Safa 3.


19. McGettigan’s


If you consumed too many pints last night, come to the crime scene for a healing McGettigan’s Breakfast. Served big or small, this hearty meal includes sausages, slow-roasted tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms, hash brown, eggs to your liking, toast, black & white pudding and baked beans. Wash this scrumptious brekkie with coffee or tea.

Location: JLT, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, JBR


20. Mitts & Trays 

Mitts & Trays 

Mitts & Trays is a cosy café that offers an unforgettable, elegant dining experience for breakfast and lunch. Their kitchen-to-living room-style menu also includes delicious dinners.

It’s an Ideal cafe to meet up with friends over the weekend. Mitts & Trays show their menus on iPads. Customers can select from a variety of wholesome and healthy plates. However, the real star of the breakfast show is an iced latte. 

Location: Bluewaters, JBR

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