Most Famous Bvlgari Bracelet for Men in UAE

Bvlgari Men Bracelets in UAE

Bvlgari is famous for creating unique jewellery pieces using precious stones and valuable materials. The jewellery pieces are instantly recognizable because of coloured gemstones, yellow gold, and sensual, intricate designs, including the Serpenti collection. You can get something special from a tasteful creation of the finest jewellery and bracelets in their iconic collection.

Inspired by modern Italian geometric designs, Bvlgari designer bracelets for men and women are made to fit every taste. You can identify a genuine Bvlgari bracelet with an authentic BVLGARI hallmark stamp. Remember, Bulgari is an Italian company associated with Rome. Rome inspires several pieces of jewellery with unique geometric shapes. These shapes echo monuments of Rome, iconic buildings, architecture and art.


The 8 Best Bvlgari Bracelet Men in UAE (2023 Dubai Top Collection)

If you want the best bracelets for men, see the list of the best brands available at a reasonable price. You can consider them to gift someone or increase the beauty of your wardrobe.

1. BVLGARI MAN Bracelet


Bulgari man bracelet is a stylish bangle with foggy opal calf grey leather inserts. You can identify it with an iconic Bulgari logo engraving and a double enamelled logo over the edges. It is perfect for giving a unique touch to your daily looks.

This unique piece has a plate in the centre with an exclusive Bulgari logo. The signature logo is enamelled on its edges, 17.5 cm to 6.9 inches. Featuring palladium-plated brass construction, the bracelet is comfortable and stylish to complement your daily look.

Palladium is resistant to corrosion, similar to gold, and oxidation resistance. Indeed, it will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

159.00 AED
175.00 AED

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2. BVLGARI Bracelet

BVLGARI Bracelet

You cannot ignore this beautiful, multicoloured chain bracelet in gold-plated brass. The maxi chain bracelet looks amazing with spinel beetroot fuchsia and pink azalea quartz enamel inserts. It’s available in XS and S sizes.

It is made of light gold-plated brass metal featuring an eye-catching design. A gourmet chain and iconic embellishment look great with the double signature logo. It is a staple piece in this collection. You can wear it on every occasion and combine it with other clothing and Jewelry.

Twisted chain links, a clasp with the Bvlgari logo and beetroot spinel fuchsia make it a unique men’s bracelet.

159.00 AED
175.00 AED

3. BVLGARI MAN Leather Bracelet

BVLGARI MAN Leather Bracelet

This leather bracelet can be a unique addition to your collection because it features an eye-catching look and an enamel insert. It is another beautiful creation of Bulgari in foggy opal braided grey calf leather. Indeed, it is famous for its palladium-plated brass clasp with a matt black enamel finish.

If you want something stylish, feel free to invest in this bracelet. You can fasten it comfortably on 17.5 cm to 6.9 inches wrist circumference. The bracelet is available in grey with a clack and is easy to wear because of its magnetic stainless steel lock. Fortunately, it is suitable for both men and women, for the ones who have a love of stainless steel bracelets.

Indeed, Bvlgari offers the best collection made with style and poise. You will feel confident after wearing this beautiful piece of jewellery. It is time to find a suitable bracelet from their exclusive, high-quality, and versatile collection.

4. BVLGARI Jade Green MAN Leather Bracelet

BVLGARI Jade Green MAN Leather Bracelet

BULGARI BULGARI jade green man bracelet features palladium-plated stylish brass clasp closure. High-quality leather is braided beautifully to create a dual-band. Moreover, a palladium-plated brass button is embellished with black enamel. They make a super stylish bracelet to draw eyes to you without appearing overdressed subtly.

Clasp closure is suitable for 6.9 inches or 17.5 cm wrist circumference. It would be best if you did not worry about the quality and colour of the leather. Jade green leather makes it look fantastic and appealing. It will be a valuable bracelet for your collection.

5. BVLGARI Green Leather MAN Bracelet

BVLGARI Green Leather MAN Bracelet

Do you want something clean and crazy? Then, try this green bangle bracelet with emerald green grainy calf inserts. The palladium-plated brass looks beautiful with BVLGARI engraving. It is suitable for 6.9 inches or 17.5 cm wrist circumference.

Forest Emerald green bracelet can be an excellent fashion statement for you. Save this beautiful cuff for informal and formal occasions, such as camping, outdoor concerts, sports events, family dinners, etc.

The BVLGARI engraving gives a unique touch to this bracelet. Due to its design, it is super easy to wear around your wrist. As a result, it feels luxurious and comfortable.

6. BVLGARI MAN Blue Leather Bracelet

BVLGARI MAN Blue Leather Bracelet

Avoiding this Niagara sapphire denim blue braided rubber and leather calf is difficult. A silver clasp closure with a beautiful BULGARI logo makes it a premium bracelet.

The premium leather bracelet is available in beautiful shades. It can be an excellent choice to give a distinctive touch to your daily look. This outstanding piece is suitable for 6.9 inches and 17.5 cm wrist circumference.

Indeed, this unisex bracelet is equally beautiful for men and women. So buy it now because it can be your lucky charm.

7. BVLGARI MAN Cuff Bracelet

BVLGARI MAN Cuff Bracelet

Do you want a stylish cuff for your next family dinner or reunion? BVLGARI offers a palladium-plated brass bracelet with grainy calf black urban leather inserts. It looks incredible with BVLGARI logo engraving. Indeed, it will be a masterpiece in your collection.

This classic bracelet is made of metal to give the sparkle of elegance and classiness. The beautiful bangle bracelet is suitable for 6.9 inches or 17.5 cm wrist circumference. After wearing this bracelet, you can stand out from the crowd.

8. BVLGARI MAN Black Braided Leather Bracelet

BVLGARI MAN Black Braided Leather Bracelet

The premium black braided leather bracelet features a palladium-plated brass closure. Brass is beautifully embellished with black enamel. Fabulous braided strands make this bracelet look amazing. It is made from premium leather, and you will feel good after wearing this band.

This bracelet is perfect for giving a stylish touch to your personality on warm days. It is equally beautiful for both men and women. Moreover, you can give it to your friends or family as a lucky charm. Perhaps this braided bracelet may brighten up your friend’s or love’s day. Moreover, wearing this bracelet is easy because of its user-friendly clasp.

159.00 AED
175.00 AED


How to Distinguish Authentic BVLGARI Jewelry?

BVLGARI jewellery has several hallmarks that distinguish fakes from original pieces. If you want to differentiate between fake and genuine BVLGARI jewellery, you have to check the brand name, MADE IN ITALY and metal type. Remember, BVLGARI uses the Latin alphabet while printing a hallmark and replaces “U” with a “V”.

Stamping should be easily legible, clean and evenly spaced. Moreover, rings are stamped with their size instead of random numbers. As a result, you can see a stamped brand name in gold on authentic shopping bags and jewellery boxes.

BVLGARI is famous for its high-quality pearls, diamonds, gemstones, turquoise and malachite, among colourful gemstones. They use 18k gold, silver, steel and platinum for their bracelets and other pieces. Avoid buying any jewellery with cloud, abraded and poorly cut gemstones.


Final Thoughts

Overall, Bvlgari bracelets for men give an excellent touch to your personality. For your wardrobe, you should not ignore the fantastic collection of Bulgari. You will get beautiful bands and bracelets to wear on formal and informal occasions. These are lovely gifts for your loved ones.


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