Best Perfume for Men in Dubai (2023 Top Brands List)

Best Perfume for Men in Dubai

Perfume is a popular choice for men when it comes to scent, and several top perfume brands for men can be found in Dubai. Smell good to stay cool this summer, and find the perfect men’s perfumes with our list of top picks. From luxurious and classic options to more modern scents, there’s sure to be something for everyone among these perfume brands for men. 


Top 11 Perfume Brands for Male in Dubai

So if you’re in Dubai and ready to find your new signature scent, below is the selection of the best perfumes for men available in the city.


1. Absolute Boy by Bottega Le Essenza

Absolute Boy by Bottega Le Essenza

It is at the top of this year’s list, and this scent is precisely balanced with spicy and fruity textures. The splendid flair of expression makes it unique among the other players – from the summer fruits of melon and pineapple under the pink pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and mint. 

Absolute Boy by Bottega Le Essenza checks all requirements for dancing on the wood base. This killer perfume will make you feel like a gentleman and boy simultaneously.


2. Creed Aventus by Creed

Creed Aventus by Creed

With Creed Aventus, you’ll take on the role of an elegant and influential leader who rules all spaces with passion like George Clooney. Adapting the contemporary twist of hippie and modern themes, this fearless scent kicks off with black currant, pineapple, apple, and bergamot. 

Patchouli’s heart-centred, earthy scent will settle in with some berries. Valour and heroism are depicted by the main base of oakmoss and musk. While searching for the best men’s perfume is challenging, Creed Aventus by Creed should be grabbed immediately.


3. Sauvage by Dior

Sauvage by DiorSauvage by Dior

You can’t go wrong with a good nose – this Dior product has been proven to be everyone’s favourite. An evolutionary model is bursting with bergamot and raspberry and finishes with gorgeous flavours of amber and musk, reflecting a charismatic, classy, and dynamic gentleman underneath. 

Dior Sauvage is a daring, confident fragrance that radiates power and passion. Topping the sale charts of the scent industry and being a “Fragrance of the Year 2019” winner at the Men’s Prestige at FiFi Awards will surely leave you spellbound with affection and nostalgia.


4. Guilty Absolute Pour Homme by Gucci

Guilty Absolute Pour Homme by Gucci

No perfume list can be completed without Gucci. Although the package appears black and white, you’ll witness all shades that make it stand out. With a blend of floral surprise and citrusy lemon of orange blossom and lavender, the fragrance is a playful, joyous scent that will make you feel alive.

The patchouli filling and a woodsy base hit the spot. Guilty Absolute Pour Homme by Gucci has repeatedly won awards for authenticity and subtlety. 

For Gucci Lovers:


5. L.12.12 Blanc by Lacoste

L.12.12 Blanc by Lacoste

The Lacoste collection of woody fragrances is rare among all the perfumes on the list and matches up with your fashion sense so you can find the perfect scent for yourself.

Simple and elegant, the first notes of spicy cardamom and grapefruit citrus make it an intense perfume for men. You’ll find yourself living in the height of fashion with this fragrance. A mix of leather and tuberose will ensure you’re always smelling head-turning, while cedar gives it that extra special touch!


6. L Homme Parfum by Louis Breton

L Homme Parfum by Louis Breton

This 2017 launch follows the regulations of formal wear and boasts a unique blend of apple, black currant, bergamot, and pineapple. These subtle fruity notes are paid together to adjust in a professional environment. 

It upgrades to a more explicit version with a middle base of dry birch, rose, patchouli, and Moroccan jasmine. This perfume will make waves in your living room or bedroom with the perfect blend of style and substance. If you’re a man of simplicity and grace, juggling between home and work, L Homme Parfum by Louis Breton deserves your attention.


7. Homme by Mark Des Vince

Homme by Mark Des Vince

Oriental chillness and sway of Mediterranean wind are all we need in the scorching heat of Dubai. This is precisely what Homme by Mark Des Vince will give you. This fragrance reminds the beach day with its citric notes of mandarin and bergamot.

The hot summer sun may be blazing down on us, but if we are manly enough to take off our shirts in this heat, there’s no reason not to wear perfume! So let go of your worries and enjoy the smell of Mark Des Vince.


8. Explorer by Montblanc

Explorer by Montblanc

For the ones who want to have a personality that revolves around adventure or sleighs, on-the-go, and snowballs, Explorer by Mont Blanc is undoubtedly an outstanding choice for men. However, it invites all gentlemen to discover beyond landscapes and horizons. The bottle puts a green tint on the patchouli fabrics and rich vetiver, both aromatic planks of wood with strong perfume.

An exquisite cologne that hits you in all the right places from your first impression, Montblanc Explorer has its soul resting within an exotic mix of sandalwood and leather. 


9. Roberto Cavalli Uomo M EDT

Roberto Cavalli Uomo M EDT

The masculine reflection in Roberto Cavalli proves this scent to be aromatic and oriental. Show off as confident, gutsy, and seductive with the spray of Uomo M EDT. The iconic and warm saffron is the perfect accessory for this unique perfume, which has been metaphorically complex from its beginning.

The lavender petals drip with honey over the foundation of cedar. The scent is calming and refreshing, which is required on a hot day. There are many obvious reasons why Roberto Cavalli Uomo M EDT ranks as a superior-smelling perfume for men in fashion magazines.


10. De Noir by Victor Hills

De Noir by Victor Hills

Last but not least, the tangy and accords make De Noir fragrance so great. Strongly making its way into the best-smelling perfumes for men, it excels in the fruity fragrance genre. De Noir by Victor Hills lifts off with bergamot, pineapple, black currant, and apple – each boosts seductiveness. 

The humility and sweetness are boosted with rose and Moroccan jasmine in the middle with a touch of patchouli. Then, finishing at amber and musk drenched in smooth vanilla, any perfume lover won’t be able to have enough of it. 


11. Wild Bluebell Eau de Parfum by Jo Malone

Wild Bluebell Eau de Parfum by Jo Malone

Jo Malone is another prominent name for men’s perfumes. This revitalizing and light scent pairs two notes on top of a patchouli base, making it irresistible. It smells like a freshly cut pear – uplifting and crisp. This perfume is velvety, deep, and somewhat sweet, with warm notes of lavender, almond, and vanilla. 

Jo Malone’s product is the most popular for winter due to its comfortable and joyful aspect. But since fragrance norms are rarely followed, it’s a supreme seller all year. Plus, it dries down to a woody, warm base that goes on for hours on your skin. In addition, wild Bluebell is aromatic and neat, which is why men adore it. 


12. Bleu de Chanel Perfume

Bleu de Chanel Perfume

Chanel is famous for introducing globally renowned fragrances that everyone loves. The brand still enjoys immense fame and is cherished by fashion-forward people. However, its dry down is too good to be true. Bubble projection is significant, and it lasts for hours. The best part? You can buy it from almost all perfume stores in Dubai.


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