The Best Leather Briefcase for Men (2023 Brands List)

Best Leather Briefcase for Men

How you carry your briefcase says a lot about who you are as an individual. For example, the choice of bag can define the type or professionalism that comes standard for someone’s daily routine at work and what they hope to convey with it when meeting new people in the business world.

Indeed, the briefcases are much more than just a case to accommodate your files, laptop, and other essentials. They are an integral part of your attire and, ultimately, your personality. 

This is why the next briefcase you choose must correspond to your taste. Most importantly, the briefcase must be sturdy and give off a luxurious vibe. The leather briefcases are the best to fit this need. 

Luckily, there’s a broad range of styles, designs, and colours of leather briefcases available from which you can choose per your preferences. 

First, let’s find out which style would make you the best. Afterwards, we will discuss the famous leather briefcase brands which ensure exquisite craftsmanship, versatility, and durability.   


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Types of Leather Briefcases

It would be best if you gained insights into different types and styles of leather briefcases before exploring the best leather briefcase brands. 

We have discussed the 11 most popular types and styles of leather briefcases, each of which has something unique to offer. Indeed, all the brands stand by their quality, which means you can count on them.

Let’s get to the details to find out which leather briefcase best suits your needs and boosts your personality. 


1. Slim Leather Briefcase 

Slim Leather Briefcase 

The term minimalist in size, easy to carry, and lightweight comes to mind when talking about slim leather briefcases. These briefcases are trendy nowadays, giving you a convenient and effortless experience.

Most sim leather briefcases come up with a zip on the top that keeps your essentials safe. 

The Slim leather briefcases have less capacity than others but are designed well by making roomy, padded compartments. You can keep your laptop, important documents and other essentials in these compartments.


2. Laptop Leather Briefcase

Laptop Leather Briefcase

Laptops are obligatory these days, and when it comes to carrying, you must need a briefcase that keeps your laptop safe and holds your other items. 

There is a large adjustable strap and a handle which makes it easy to carry. Besides carrying it to work, you can take it to school or other casual outings. 

The laptop leather briefcases feature suspicious padded and non-padded compartments in which you can sleekly slide your laptop and your important documents. 


3. Custom Leather Briefcase

Custom Leather Briefcase

Sometimes compromise is inevitable when you are buying a leather briefcase. For instance, you find a perfectly sized briefcase to accommodate your essentials, but its style and colour are out of trend. In such cases, you can get yourself a custom leather briefcase. 

In customised briefcases, you can choose the style, material and leather best suits your needs. So whether you want to keep your laptop or other essentials, customised leather briefcases are the best solution. 

You can get a briefcase that reflects your taste and makes you more appealing with customised embroidery or monogramming.


4. Flight Bag Leather Briefcase

Flight Bag Leather Briefcase

The absence of zippers, magnets and buttons makes this briefcase durable and rugged. The closure is a classic Gladstone bag closure which does not need and zipper. 

The flight bag leather briefcase is made from the strongest leather known as full-grain leather. Moreover, the pigskin makes its inner lining more robust and long-lasting. 

When it comes to stitching, an industrial, marine-grade thread is used, which is very strong due to UV-resistant polyester. It has two front pockets, which are built and sewn on, so it has two hidden pockets behind the pockets. 

This leather briefcase comes with an adjustable strap that can be turned into a backpack, making you more versatile while going to the office or on an overnight trip.


5. Traditional Leather Briefcase

Traditional Leather Briefcase

Such briefcases are made with soft leather, giving them a sleek look. Traditional leather briefcases come up with a removable laptop sleeve and have plenty of packets in which you can keep your essential items. 

Two handles are attached to the top of the briefcase, and a long adjustable strap can be fastened on the sides. 


6. Vegan Leather Briefcase

Vegan Leather Briefcase

We all know that the term vegan is associated with food, but now it also extends to clothes and briefcases. A vegan does not consume animal skin products or other essentials which are derived from animals.

Some brands offer vegan briefcases made of synthetic (artificial) leather, also known as faux leather. 

The vegan leather briefcases usually have an attachable strap and two handles sewn on the top of the briefcase. Just like other briefcases, a vegan leather briefcase has ample space, which helps you to carry your stuff easily.


7. Executive Leather Briefcase

Executive Leather Briefcase

If you want to buy a briefcase that gives you a jolt of style while maintaining its durability and security, then never forget to check out an executive leather briefcase. 

These briefcases have multiple pockets where you can keep your important papers, files, pen, and cards. This briefcase keeps your essentials assembled while ensuring their security. I

Interestingly, it has a padded laptop sleeve which works as a shock absorber and keeps your laptop safe from damage. In the center, there is a divider which keeps your documents organized. 


8. Italian Leather Briefcase

Italian Leather Briefcase

When we talk about briefcases, most brands prefer Italian leather because of its durability, versatility and style. Premium leather is famous for its full-grain, vegetable-tanned kind.

Classic Italian leather briefcases are handcrafted with traditional methods. The technique of making such briefcases has been coming for centuries. Italian leather is liked because of its woody and earthy fragrance. The excellent finishing treatments that give it an oily look makes Italian leather quirky from other leather. 


9. Lawyer Leather Briefcase

Lawyer Leather Briefcase

A leather briefcase plays a focal role in a lawyer’s life as it significantly impacts how others see you. In addition, the leather briefcase is made from calfskin, giving it a very peerless look.

Some briefcases have a brass buckle, while the other has a key lock closure that makes them more secure. Featuring a lot of space in which you can easily adjust your files, documents, cables, tablets and laptops. In addition, these lawyer leather briefcases have adjustable straps, which makes them more comfortable to carry. 


10. Soft Leather Briefcase

Soft Leather Briefcase

Soft leather contains chrome-tanned leather, suedes, nubucks and synthetic leather also. This leather is different from vegetable-tanned leather as it requires care and maintenance. 

When it comes to soft leather briefcases, give a very unique and classy feel that makes them prominent from others. There are a lot of designs and closure ways in soft leather briefcases, which are one above all. Whether you want to buy a briefcase with a lock key closure or a button closure depends on which style suits you. 


11. Saddleback Leather Briefcase

Saddleback Leather Briefcase

Saddleback leather briefcases are eminent because Saddle leather is significantly heavier and thicker than other upholstery leathers. In addition, this leather is made from full-grain leather of Spanish bulls. 

These briefcases have long-lasting warranties because of their thickness. Saddleback leather briefcases are designed with no breakable parts like zippers, snaps, buttons and magnets. Instead, a single piece of leather is reinforced with a rivet, hidden polyester strapping, or both. To make it internally stiff, pigskin is used, which is sewn with UV-resistant industrial marine-grade polyester thread. Interestingly, buckles are made with 316 Stainless Steel which gives a well-finishing look while maintaining its security.


Best High-end Briefcase Brands for Men in UAE

Multiple brands around the globe offer premium-quality leather briefcase brands with various designs, styles, and colour schemes. 

From vintage to ultra-modern, you can find every aesthetic and functional leather briefcase to carry your essentials with style and comfort. 

Let’s get to the details of the best leather briefcase brands so you can easily decide where you should buy your next briefcase. 


1. Samsonite Classic Leather Briefcase

Samsonite Classic Leather Briefcase

A full range of travel accessories is available from Samsonite, including suitcases and carry-ons in various shapes and sizes, made of heavy-duty polyester-nylon blends. 

It also includes a briefcase that fits the same bill, with several spacious storage compartments, including a container with memory foam padding for your laptop and an additional box with zip closure.


2. Barbour Waxed Leather Briefcase

Barbour Waxed Leather Briefcase

Barbour’s waxed leather briefcase is every individual’s first choice. These are durable and well-known for their classic good looks and ability to withstand inclement weather. Similar qualities are found in the British label’s briefcases, just as revered as the OG models.

Moreover, there are multiple pockets and a zipper lock for security, but the buttery surface makes it significant.


3. Montblanc Leather Briefcase

Montblanc Leather Briefcase

Montblanc offers everything you need to succeed at the office, particularly from its Meisterstück collection, a range of leather goods and writing instruments of the highest quality. 

Marco Tomasetti, the brand’s new creative director, celebrated Montblanc’s storied past by creating a product that combined both categories. This briefcase, for instance, features stitched-down leather below the handles that evokes the brand’s iconic pen nib.

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4. Gucci Signature Leather Briefcase

Gucci Signature Leather Briefcase

Gucci’s interlocking G stands out as one of the most known fashion logos on the market today. You can find it on belts, shirts, and briefcases, as you can see here. However, it’s not all hype. 

In addition to Supreme canvas, a material with low environmental impact, the brand uses a wide variety of superior materials. So if time is the most accurate measure of things, know that this motif will last the long haul.

For Gucci Lovers:


5. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Briefcase

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Briefcase

Among the many things Bottega Veneta is known for, Intrecciato leather tops the list. The Italian label first introduced bags made of precision-cut leather strips weaved together in a striking pattern in the ’70s. 

As a result, BV introduced many goods that used Intrecciato or were inspired by it over time. Hence, if you’re looking for a briefcase with an unwavering cachet, you should buy this one right now.


6. Prada Saffiano Leather Briefcase 

Prada Saffiano Leather Briefcase 

The Prada brand is known for its directional style, which experiments with materials and silhouettes to create pieces that look fresh and last a lifetime. A significant success of the brand was the introduction of Saffiano, a cross-hatched, embossed leather with a pleasingly textured surface. 

Furthermore, the bag is deceptively spacious. Even though it is slim in shape, you can easily fit a 13-inch laptop, Esquire magazine, and anything else you may need.

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7. Bellroy Leather Briefcase

Bellroy Leather Briefcase

Bellroy is a well-known brand that offers accessories like wallets, phone covers and stylish leather briefcases, and their top product is Bellroy Leather Briefcase which makes their brand more popular.

Among the best briefcases for men, this Bellroy leather briefcase features a suede-like lining, a magnetised laptop pocket, and a removable shoulder strap. A smooth and stylish meeting bag that can easily be transformed for formal business meetings.


8. Filson Leather Briefcase

Filson Leather Briefcase

Filson contributes to the tradition of the briefcase with its own uniquely rugged, heritage-inspired design. Furthermore, this is not just any leather briefcase – the water in question is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and challenging conditions in the field and at the lodge. 

If you’re in the city, it’s just a damn stylish bag paired with dark denim, a tan field jacket, and your favourite henley. Heirlooms get better over time, and this one certainly will.


9. Paul Smith Leather Briefcase

Paul Smith Leather Briefcase

Paul Smith’s working accessories, like briefcases, often feature restrained colour combinations, even when he is notorious for mixing wild colours. Furthermore, the lining is a riot of colour. This handsome and practical briefcase features subtle detailing and an unmistakable silhouette. 

You can fit a 13-inch laptop inside, and a phone, keys, and other items can be stored in the exterior pocket.


10. Samsonite Classic Leather Briefcase

Samsonite Classic Leather Briefcase

This classic leather briefcase comes from Samsonite, a company manufacturing bags and luggage for over a century. This briefcase includes room for all your daily essentials and the ability to expand to keep more items for day-to-day business use. 

This smart-looking Samsonite briefcase has a handy shoulder strap, great for the businessman who requires plenty of gadgets and accessories.


11. Dunhill Leather Briefcase

Dunhill Leather Briefcase

The name Dunhill immediately comes to mind when considering suave designer leather briefcases. However, this British brand is known for its discerning quality, which is evident in every aspect of its operations. 

In this full-grain leather Cadogan briefcase, you’ll find all the practicality you need to get through your Monday-to-Friday suiting, along with refined logo detailing to add an extra touch of sartorial flair.


12. Tom Ford Full-Grain Leather Briefcase

Tom Ford Full-Grain Leather Briefcase

Tom Ford is a one-man army regarding quality, and his accessories are no exception. The black briefcase from Tom’s collection has enough class in its design for any occasion – made with full-grain leather that’ll last forever while still looking sleek as ever on your back or shoulders.

You can carry this briefcase with your formal events, giving you a stunning look. Moreover, it is very spacious so you can easily take your stuff.


13. Tuscany Leather Briefcase

Tuscany Leather Briefcase

Tuscany is recognised worldwide as a company that provides unique and modern products, all resulting from Tuscan craftsmanship excellence. Tuscany is also well-known for its clotting and much more accessories, such as a leather briefcase. 

It is a very durable leather briefcase because of its top-quality leather. This leather briefcase will enhance your look and make you attractive. You can carry it to the office and formal events as well.


14. Tommy Hilfiger Leather Briefcase

Tommy Hilfiger Leather Briefcase

Tommy Hilfiger Corporation was founded by Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, an American fashion designer. Tommy Hilfiger is a famous clothing and other leather accessories such as a leather briefcase. 

Tommy Hilfiger offers this leather briefcase, which is very spacious and pure leather. You can easily carry your stuff in it. Moreover, it is lifetime-lasting. Due to its attractive colour and look, it can go with your formal and casual.

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15. Hugo Boss Leather Briefcase

Hugo Boss Leather Briefcase

Hugo Boss is one of the most luxurious fashion houses not only in Europe but also all over the world, with its headquarters being situated right near Metzinger Lake. They produce clothing for both men and women and accessories like shoes or handbags to match any outfit you have today.

When it comes to style and elegance, Hugo Boss stands out. Hugo Boss’s leather briefcase is every person’s first choice because Hugo Boss uses top-quality leather, making it durable. Moreover, the “BOSS” logo on the briefcase makes it more stunning and stylish.


16. Coach Leather Briefcase For Men

Coach Leather Briefcase For Men

Coach New York, commonly known as Coach, is an American fashion house that manufactures leather apparel, bags, and accessories. Executive creative director Stuart Vevers has been with the company since 2014. It is the primary subsidiary of Tapestry, Inc., formerly known as Coach, Inc.

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17. Marks & Spencer Leather Briefcase

Marks & Spencer Leather Briefcase

M&S (Marks & Spencer) is a major international retail corporation headquartered in Paddington, London, England. Moreover, Marks & Spencer specialises in selling clothing, beauty, and leather products.

In addition, their leather briefcase is buyers’ first choice because they use top-quality leather. The briefcase is very durable and has strong straps. Moreover, you can carry it with your formal and casual as well.


18. Montroi Leather Briefcase

Montroi Leather Briefcase

Montroi is a well-known company for people who value quality over quantity and prefer authenticity over anything else. Montroi leather products are designed for longevity and are timeless in style. 

They manufacture beautiful objects crafted with pride and skill, and their top-notch quality product is the leather briefcase.

The leather briefcase is very spacious; this means you can carry your stuff easily. Moreover, the briefcase is reliable. Therefore, it is best for office use, and you can have it for formal events.


19. Satchel Leather Briefcase 

Satchel Leather Briefcase

Many brands offer a satchel leather briefcase, which is durable and strong because it is made of leather. A satchel leather briefcase is handy in every event of life. 

A satchel leather briefcase is ideal for carrying books, papers, and other essentials. It is specially fashioned using premium full-grain leather, handmade in Florence, Italy. Moreover, a cotton lining with a pleasant feel is sustainably sourced. 


20. Tag3 Leather Briefcase 

Tag3 Leather Briefcase 

Many brands also offer leather briefcase tag3. It is mainly a leather briefcase with external pockets. Moreover, it is a durable, spacious leather briefcase, and it is also waterproof. 

In addition to its design, it is stunning to look at, and you can carry it while travelling. It will enhance your look and make you feel confident.


21. Pierre Cardin Leather Briefcase

Pierre Cardin Leather Briefcase

Pierre Cardin San Biagio founded the “Pierre Cardin” brand in 1950. They manufacture perfumes, jewellery, and leather goods such as leather briefcases. Their leather briefcase is the first choice of every businessman.

The leather briefcase is made up of 100% genuine leather, and this quality makes them unique. The leather briefcase is lifetime-lasting. Moreover, the design and the colour make it more adorable. Pierre Cardin’s leather briefcase can be used for office and casual use.


22. Armani Leather Briefcase

Armani Leather Briefcase

A leading Italian fashion company, Giorgio Armani SPA, manufactures and sells haute couture, ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, jewellery, accessories, eyewear, cosmetics, and leather goods from which the leather briefcase is their most selling product.

The leather briefcase is very sturdy because it is crafted with one of the best quality leather in the world. Moreover, it has a unique texture and design, and its logo is printed on the briefcase, which makes it more attractive.

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23. Calvin Klein Leather Briefcase

Calvin Klein Leather Briefcase

The brand’s founder, Calvin Richard Klein, was an American fashion designer who started designing clothes. However, in a short time, they also began manufacturing leather products like briefcases.

Regarding luxury accessories, Calvin Klein is the first choice of every person. The leather briefcase is one of the company’s best products, elevating its sales.

High-quality leather is used in manufacturing the leather briefcase, making it durable. Moreover, its design is also very unique and adorable. Therefore, it will be the best option for your office use.


24. Augus Leather Briefcase

Augus Leather Briefcase

Augus is also a leather briefcase type, and many famous brands have also launched it. This leather briefcase is spacious, so you can easily carry your laptop or other stuff. Moreover, it has adjustable straps, which you can adjust according to your comfort.

In addition to its durability, it is made of top-quality leather, and its shiny brown colour makes it attractive; if you carry this leather briefcase, it will surely enhance your look.


Premium Leather Briefcases for Men in Dubai

Leather briefcases are not only a classic and sophisticated way to tote your belongings, but they’re also a great way to make a fashion statement. Leather briefcases come in various colours and styles, so you can find one that fits your business aesthetic. Many options are available if you’re looking for a premium briefcase in Dubai. You can invest in any of the below men’s fashion brands. 

  1. Balenciaga
  2. Bottega Veneta
  3. Dolce & Gabbana
  4. Emporio Armani
  5. Giorgio Armani
  6. Gucci
  7. MCM
  8. Montblanc
  9. Prada
  10. Saint Laurent
  11. Valentino Garavani


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