Best Bvlgari Perfumes For Men In UAE

bvlgari perfume for men

The fragrance is the first thing you notice when you pass by someone. Whether good or bad, it leaves an everlasting impression on others. Men should be more conscious about their scent as they must remain outside for a long time. 

Hence, it is very important to know about the quality and features of your perfume to choose the best for any particular time for yourself. I know a brand named Bvlgari that is amazing for its men’s perfumes. I found it’s all perfumes so capturing, but some of the best I’ve mentioned below. So, keep reading this article to add one to your collection.

Top 10 Bvlgari Perfumes For Him in UAE

Let’s directly dive into Bvlgari’s best 10 men’s perfume’s notable features, pros, and cons. 

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1. Pour Homme Soir By Bvlgari For Men

Pour Homme Soir is a fabulous blend that enriches you with a woody musk fragrance. It best suits men who don’t like to have intense composition scents. Hence, this perfume gives a long-lasting freshness of about 6 to 8 hours with a perfect light blend.


  • A signature fragrance that is light but still has an overpowering effect.
  • It gives a great sensational and refreshing touch with its sweet touch.
  • It fits best for daily wear or can also be used in special events.


  • It is not liked by those who like intense and bold scents.
  • Some find it an average type of scent.


2. Bvlgari Blue Perfume For Men

BLV Pour Homme Bvlgari Blue For Men is one of the sophisticated perfume niches. Its spicy-woody fragrance grasps the attention of others in no time due to its perfect blending of base and heart notes. Whenever this is applied, it gives an inviting and warm smell that simultaneously transforms into a  yummy garlicky musk.


  • Its smell sounds super amazing for maintaining an aesthetic vibe.
  • It is appealing due to its fresh blue coloured bottle from which glorious blue spray can be seen. 
  • Its captivating fragrance fits best for any use.
  • The best is it is the unisex type that can be perfect for males or females.


  • Its longevity is not more than 5 to 6 hours as it is considered less for longtime users.


3. Aqva Amara Bvlgari For Men

Aqva Amara Bvlgari is one of the creative innovations of Bvlgari. This branded perfume has the most remarkable features I’ve ever seen in another. As a result, it is one of the trending products of this brand.

Aqva Amara is a sweet but soothing blend of all notes. The most notable and prominent note is of citrus filled with fresh aquatic vibes. Its clean and warm fragrance makes it more appealing.


  • Its longevity lasts 2 to 3 hours, but it can sometimes exceed 5 to 6 hours.
  • Its capturing colour and skillfully structured bottle make it more fascinating.
  • It can be used unisex due to its flexible-natured aroma.
  • Using it for a party or special event would be an amazing offer.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • Its bottle is very delicate. Once it is broken, all the investment goes into the trash.


4. Bvlgari Man In Black For Men

Bvlgari Man in Black is the top choice for all those who want to add a bold and charismatic touch to their personality. This super scent is an immense tobacco, vanilla, rum, and iris composition. 

Moreover, this perfume is the company’s most demanding and selling product due to its extensive popularity.


  • Its heady smell gives off a sharp and fantastic combination in the air.
  • Its oriental floral fragrance makes it a perfect choice for the year-round year.


  • It is not a good option for those who want a sweet, delicious fragrance that does not spread much from them.


5. Bvlgari Man Wood Neroli Bvlgari For Men

Are you looking for a scent that reminds you of your woodlands in cold winter? Then you must try this amazing Bvlgari Man Wood Neroli perfume that won’t disappoint you. It is an exemplary combination of woody flavoured with citrus followed by a pop of floral.


  • It works best in the Spring and Summer for great freshness.
  • It is conveniently applied with a smooth sprayer.
  • Its longevity is strong, so it smells like it is used now after so many hours of use.


  • Its woody flavour is not comforting for allergic persons.
  • It is not easily accessible to average stores.


6. Tygar Bvlgari For Men

Tygar Bvlgari is perfect for those men who have a great love for powerful scents. This zesty fragrance includes top notes of ginger and grapefruits. This powerful scent comes in a deliciously black coloured bottle with a touch of gold, making it stand out in the market.


  • Its heady aroma heads off to an intoxicating and spicy blast of fragrance.
  • It is best for any special event, either a party or going to a bar.
  • Although it is tangy, it is fresh and thus always grasps attention.


  • Its price seems to be insanely expensive.


7. Kobraa Bvlgari For Men

Do you want to enjoy a fresh, spicy touch of rose and herbs? If yes, then this perfume is moving toward your wishlist.

Kobra Bvlgari is a glorious combination of Amber Fougere fragrance for men that is being liked and adored by all men who want a sensational touch to their personality.


  • It preferably fits perfectly for formal use.
  • It is available in a zinc-coloured perfume vial that is so appealing to amaze.
  • This sharp, woody Kobra scent leaves off an intense but fresh charm.


  • Its price is extremely high compared to the quantity in a bottle.


8. Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari For Men

Aqua Pour Homme is a marvellous combination of heavenly aquatic fragrances for men. This beguiling scent is so cool that, for a moment, the person feels himself in the depths of its floral aroma. Moreover, this glorious perfume is enclosed in an initiative catch design bottle from which its ocean-like colour appears and looks so appealing.


  • The splendour of its floral aroma goes beyond excellence.
  • Suitable after a fresh n up and for daily wear too.
  • Its striking packaging appeals to the viewers.
  • Easily available.


  • It lasts 3-4 hours in winter, which is a very short turnover.


9. Bvlgari Eau De Toilette For Men

This fascinating aromatized perfume by Bvlgari is designed especially for the Amber Woody fragrance in men. Its lovely scent gives off a long-lasting, fresh, energetic vibe after application.

This perfume is undoubtedly an amazing choice for a weekend away for any party or event.


  • Its earthy, fresh fragrance cheers others and relaxes and ups your mood.
  • It comes in a transparent white-coloured bottle that seems to be a very classy choice.


  • Its sprayer is not so smooth, so it’s hard to project this perfume.


10. Bvlgari Extreme Pour Homme For Men

Bvlgari Extreme Pour Homme is one of the stunning creations of this outstanding brand. This scent is derived from Jacques Cavallier which gives off a  floral and dreamy fragrance that enriches one’s soul with a blast of energy.

Interestingly, this perfume bottle appears to be clean, fresh, and sophisticated, which speaks for its premium quality vibes.


  • Its super earthy fragrance makes it special among many scents.
  • It is a super enjoyable fragrance with floral elegant spices.
  • It is at a reasonable price with excellent quality.


  • It is unsuitable for outdoor uses as it fades away and is not felt.


First-Hand Experience with Bvlgari Perfumes For Men

Bvlgari is one of the most significant brands in the world. It has a wide variety of products from which I am a big fan of its Men’s perfume reservoirs. I have used many perfumes from designer brands but found none of the same quality. As a result, It is the most reliable and trustworthy brand for men’s perfumes.

From daily use to fancy events, it has tremendous types of perfumes that are fit for any use. The features that make this brand the most peerless to me are described below.

Let’s have a look at them.

The Originality of Raw Materials

The most important feature on which the quality of any perfume relies is the level of purity and authenticity of materials. Bvlgari promises that all the products are purely used to add aroma. This thing is clearly seen by the use of their excellent quality products.

I’ve never used any product that has biases with the ingredients and its smell. Both are of the same thing, so all their products are amazing.

So, what’s more worthy than investing in highly pure products?

The Unique Charm of Each Perfume 

All perfumes are categorized based on their sweet or sharp fragrance. All the products are unique, so deciding the best is tough. 

I’m just really amazed at how gloriously all the products are.

The Longevity of Fragrance 

Another notable quality I found in all products is that they give long-lasting freshness and energetic vibes. All perfumes are motivated by the high-quality aroma that lasts for so many hours. So, they are a great fit for any use at any time of the day.



How long can Bvlgari perfumes be used?

Bvlgari Perfumes can be used for approximately two and a half years after opening the bottle. After that, you must go for its expiry date.

How much time does Bvlgari Extreme last?

It has a superb long-running quality of about 6 to 7 hours. In some instances, it exceeds as well.

Does Bvlgari have some unisex perfumes?

Yes, it has some perfumes that are compatible to use for both genders.

How can we identify an original Bvlgari perfume?

An original Bvlgari perfume has a barcode that is present on its lowest back portion. Moreover, the original product has no tape or messy glue on its surface.

Does Bvlgari have all men’s perfumes of high and intense smell?

No, it’s not so. Bvlgari offers a wide range of men’s perfumes that are either sweet and light or have treasures of malodorous fragrances.


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