How to Wear a Men’s Bracelet?

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Men’s bracelet is an accident between detail and sophistication because they can give your formal attire an edge. But, if you are coupling them to a laid-back configuration, a bracelet is perfect for providing that touch of fashion that makes your look more composed and classy. Sadly, men’s bracelets are worn with much care as they are thought to be more feminine than other men’s accessories. This notion is derived from the traditional view that jewellery is meant to be worn by women only.

How Should a Man Wear a Bracelet?

A thumb rule should be crossed cautiously regarding men’s accessories. After you gain the perfect balance, the results will surprise you. If you put too much bling on one wrist, the ensemble will look distracted and showy. But if you successfully strike an outstanding balance between composition and poise, a bracelet can offer a mysteriously edgy look to the wardrobe. Bracelets are unique from other men’s accessories as they evolve to be a rare feature of your outfit. They are not a showpiece, but they are more prominent than other supplements. The tip is to know how to style a man’s bracelet correctly.

Style Tips for Men’s Bracelets

The most significant thing to finesse is the styling because you do not want to look like havoc. Fortunately, many conventional rules guide how to style a bracelet to reap the most benefit from it.

1. Wear Bracelets Only on One Side

Wear Bracelets Only on One Side

The essential rule of wearing a man’s bracelet is determining that you are wearing it on only one side of your body. If you want to wear more than one bracelet simultaneously, it is suggested to wear them on one wrist only instead of balancing the number on both wrists. The reason is that this balancing effort can look forced and too symmetrical.

2. Layer Tiny Bracelets Like a Stack

Layer Tiny Bracelets Like a Stack

It’s acceptable and encouraged to layer small bracelets on top of each other. But do not wear a combo of big bracelets and thin bracelets in a stack, as this looks disorganized.

3. Think of Bracelets Like Your Watch

Think of Bracelets Like Your Watch

Men’s bracelets, similar to watches, are supposed to settle on the skin. If you are sporting a jacket or any shirt with long sleeves, it is expected for the fabric to rest on the top of the bracelet.

4. Do Not Layer Thick Bracelets Like a Stack

Do Not Layer Thick Bracelets Like a Stack

There is complete permission to stack up thin bracelets. However, thick bracelets tell a different story as they make your wrist look too overcrowded and heavy by going all the way with thick men’s bracelets. Generally, one wide bracelet or two should be enough.

5. Do Not Pair Gold and Silver Metal Bracelets

Do Not Pair Gold and Silver Metal Bracelets

It is not recommended to match and mix shades of silver and gold bracelets. A gold or silver bracelet is a fashion statement on its own, so there is no need to go overboard by mixing and matching the two colours.

Types Of Men’s Bracelets

A wide variety of men’s bracelets exists in the market that can significantly uplift your wardrobe. Below are the most popular types of bracelets:

1. Elastic Bracelets

Elastic Bracelets

Elastic men’s bracelets are straightforward choices as they expand and stretch depending on the width of your wrist. This is also the most accessible choice for wearing on and off as they easily slide on the broadest part of the hand.

2. Hook’s Bracelets

Hook's Bracelets

Hook bracelets are an attractive choice as. Generally, the hook becomes a feature on its own. But the only consequence of this bracelet is that it can not be adjusted to accommodate the width of your wrist. 

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