The 24 Famous Men Bracelet Brands In Dubai

Men Bracelets

The minor details often set an outfit apart when it comes to fashion. Whether it’s a stylish pair of shoes, a stand-out piece of jewellery, or a well-placed accessory like a handkerchief or pocket square, the right choice can take your ensemble from mediocre to heavenly in just an instant. And that’s why having access to top-quality accessories is essential for any man looking to stay on top of his game regarding style.

At the top of that list is the men’s bracelet. From classic leather and metal styles to modern expressions made with colourful beads and other distinctive materials, countless bracelets can help you add a customised touch to everything from formal looks to everyday ensembles. Some of the best men’s bracelet brands include Montblanc, Riblor, Gucci, David Yurman, Tissot, and Tag Heuer. They all offer beautifully crafted pieces that will give any look extra polish and sophistication.

So if you want to uplift your style game with carefully chosen accessories that make all the difference, be sure to turn to the best in men’s bracelets for maximum impact.

List of Top Men’s Luxury Bracelet Brands in 2023

Wearing a bracelet is the easiest part. What requires effort is selecting the right brand and style for you. We have curated a list of men’s luxury bracelet brands in Dubai, UAE and why they excel.

1. Riblor



The bracelets of Riblor present an excellent appearance of the gentleman and boosts the outfit. Their specialization is limited to men’s cufflinks and bracelets only. This means they have more time to focus on these than other brands. All of their bracelets boast an innovative design.

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2. Steve Madden

Steve Madden

Steve Madden is a seamless blend of affordable price, comfort, and quality. There are around 120 stores and 250 in 65 countries throughout the US. In simple words, it’s America’s most famous shoe brand. They’re termed the footwear mogul of the 21st century.

But their expertise is not limited to shoes only, as their bracelet variety is extraordinary. In addition, the team is always on a hunt for valuable and unusual materials.

They boast a tireless commitment to excellent craftsmanship with the aim of style and a touch of modern creativity and timeless tradition. The outcome is exquisite designs that are perfect for a sensible gentleman.

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3. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s minimalist take on the timeless cuff bracelet has enjoyed international praise. Both band or cable styles are available, among many others. Each piece is blessed with precision and trademark simplicity. You can engrave it according to your preferences. You can also match it with your’s Tommy Hilfiger wallet collection.

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4. Fossil


Fossil is an upper-tier watch brand that sells a wide variety of well-designed and beautiful pieces at different price points. They make watches for Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Adidas, DKNY, and Burberry. Their sub-labels are Skagen and Zodiac.

Curate your collection with mix-and-match styles and materials to stick with your reliable fashion sense or look fresh daily by having the latest collection of Fossil men’s bracelets in UAE.

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5. Police


Police is famous for the Italian aesthetic. They first started with manufacturing sunglasses and then diversified into clothes and perfumes. Their winning formula of chic minimalism extends to the jewellery range as well.

There are no gimmicks with the bracelets. You won’t find any insanely high prices – just simple metal bracelets. With the finishing of silver or gold, brass is the most frequent material used.

Designs vary, but they are paired by mutual solid construction and appealing style.

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6. Diesel


Diesel is a high-quality brand that presents premium products. It has been active in the industry for many years due to its fine craftsmanship.

Nothing less than what one can expect from one of the world’s men’s luxury bracelet brands. The label’s styles revolve around the concept of layering and are meant to be worn together. You can buy these items either in stacks or standalone bracelets. The price points vary so that there is something for everyone.

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7. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

It’s time to move beyond just an outstanding bracelet. Stand apart from the rest and wrap up your fashion game with one of the top 10 bracelet brands. Emporio Armani’s pieces look phenomenal individually or coupled with your outfit.

Emporio Armani’s lineup is meant for the elite class. All of their offerings are sincerely intended for prominent and wealthy people. They only utilize top-rated materials and take pride in doing so.

Giorgio Armani designs bracelets and everything else so that you can expect spectacular standards. The brand aims to target individuals ages 20-30 years old. This is because their items feature cutting-edge styles and trendy aesthetics.

159.00 AED
175.00 AED

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8. Guess


Guess is known as a luxury designer brand. Although their pricing might seem expensive, it is still less than the rivals. The label is famous for manufacturing fashionable and appealing apparel. Their accessories are equally excellent. In addition, they have managed to offer great clothing for celebs and ordinary people.

They manufacture men’s beaded bracelets, leather bracelets, black onyx bracelets, steel bracelets, and more to refine your sophisticated style. The bracelets with the gold or silver finishing are genuinely remarkable.

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9. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a German mid-level luxury fashion house offering footwear, clothes, fragrances, and accessories. Most of their men’s bracelets are attention-worthy yet straightforward.

159.00 AED
175.00 AED

10. Hermes


No one needs an introduction to this famed Parisian luxury goods manufacturer. This expensive brand is known for its high value. This high fashion brand was founded in 1837 in Paris.

You can find many bracelets with different materials and designs with cuffs and keyrings. Everything is made with a detail-oriented approach. Most of the items include gold in them too.

The resulting bracelets are unique, compelling, and attractive, making them ideal for those men looking for something different.

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11. Nordstrom


Nordstrom excels in cosmetics, apparel, accessories, and shoes. Since 1901, they have been devoted to offering the best possible service. This prominent fashion retailer breaks all conventional notions regarding men’s jewellery. Just one look at their bracelet collection will tell you this.

Colourful and extraordinary, Nordstrom’s authentic bracelets are perfect for bringing a pop of colour to a routine outfit. With a reasonable price range, it’s a jewellery option that many men can purchase.

12. Bvlgari


Bvlgari is famous for its award-winning styles and exquisite craftsmanship. They are one of the leading men’s bracelet brands. Aside from this, the watches, jewellery, and fragrances found here are unique. Their Serpenti Forever bracelets can’t be found anywhere else.

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13. Fendi


Boasting more than 90 years of experience, Fendi is one of the most successful fashion houses globally. They are famous for superior leather goods and exclusive fur creations. In addition, it’s one of the most expensive bracelet brands.

Anyone can identify the trademark FF monogram. They have created a legacy of unrivalled creativity and invention in the expertise of fur. As a result, you can expect a hefty price tag on bracelets with unprecedented quality.

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14. Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Paul Smith has consistently been revolutionising men’s fashionable clothes. In the above 70 countries, they sell their goods from 3000 global stores. This Britain’s independent fashion brand presents different styles and materials for men’s bracelets. All of these boast a great allure and shine.

15. Tom Ford

Tom Ford

People usually wonder why Tom Ford is so expensive. On the contrary, they excel in luxury – top-tier materials, excellent quality, and an unforgettable shopping experience. All of these attributes are provided to Tom Ford’s customers.

They boast many lines – handbags, ready-to-wear, cosmetics, accessories, fragrances, and footwear. Available in different materials and shades, one can find something that suits their palette.

16. Tateossian


Tateossian was founded in London in the year of 1990 by Robert Tateossian. The brand aims to offer its buyers an ideal way to express their palette and personality.

Their designs usually include rare materials such as fossils, meteorites, and copper nuggets, aside from silver, gold, diamonds, and gemstones. Ultimately, their jewellery is one-of-a-kind, characterful, and prominent.

The bracelets range from the beautiful and modest rope, cable, and leather styles, all the way to diamond and precious metals. The encompassing concept is individuality and quality – core values that have made them one of England’s most famous bracelet brands.

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17. Tod’s


Established in 1920 in a basement, the label has now expanded to be one of the most popular brands in the world. The title is proud of its fantastic leather offerings and a meticulous procedure to manufacture everything.

Only beaded or leather bracelets are available for gentlemen. However, exciting shades and top-notch materials make them worthy of purchase.

159.00 AED
175.00 AED

18. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

This is one of the most valuable luxury brands in the world. A division of LVMH, they sell trunks, leather goods, watches, handbags, accessories, and jewellery.

Taking men’s bracelets to another level, Louis Vuitton adds fun designs to their pieces. Monogram, chain, clip, beaded, and pendant bracelet collections are the most striking.

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19. Versace


Versace is an expensive, exclusive brand celebrated by the elite class. They boast superior production, so everything found here is so expensive. The La Medusa bracelet steals the show. But this doesn’t mean that the other players are dull in comparison.

20. Miansai


Ever since it got introduced in the fashion market in 2009, this brand has established itself as one of the promising labels in aesthetic, budget-friendly jewellery.

Their marine-level rope bracelets and Italian leather have been the primary sources of its profits. But if this isn’t your taste, you can surf through their wide selection of rare metal choices for men who like some glitz on the wrist.

The designs are subtle and precious. In short, if you are a fan of Mr T’s aesthetic, Miansai isn’t the place for you to shop. But if you prefer tasteful jewellery at reasonable pricing, look no further.

21. Prada


Established in 1913, Prada – the Italian luxury fashion house has become a significant brand in the market. It specializes in shoes, accessories, ready-to-wear, handbags, fragrances, etc.

Men’s bracelets found here are very simple yet unique. Each piece draws you in. The construction and shades vary.

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22. Chopard


Chopard is a valuable luxury brand on the line with Harry Winston and Cartier. However, they only specialize in jewellery and Swiss watches. The bracelets display the label name and are only available in beaded or leather varieties. The materials used for both are excellent.

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23. Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

This brand kick-started with a simple pen but transformed the watchmaking industry. They are popular and loved for selling luxury goods. People state that Mont Blanc is a leader in accessories.

Each accessory displays a trademark white star logo at the tip, and their name is still prominent, with most of the men’s bracelets being beaded.

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24. Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti

Their elevated touch recognizes Massimo Dutti on staples and basics and reasonably priced, high-rated products. Their men’s bracelets are usually made of bovine leather and are highly durable and attractive.

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