How to Wear Cufflinks?

wearing cufflinks

Cufflink is the last touch of fashion that makes your ensemble stand out. They offer sufficient liberty to display your personality without any compromise on elegance or class. But it is crucial to know the right way to wear cufflinks to determine confidence. 

Cufflinks in Dubai have emerged since the 17th century, and they have flawlessly transformed with time. As a result, this accessory is a gentleman’s wardrobe epitome. In short, it’s the holy grail to achieve excellent refinement.

Cufflinks are not only a symbol of luxury and class, and they have an equally important function. The accessory works efficiently to fasten the shirt cuffs together to appear like a wealthy man’s button.

How to Wear Cufflinks on a Regular Shirt

Cufflinks are usually worn with a French cuff or double cuff. The dress shirts come with extra-long cuffs that fold the fabric in half. To secure the cuffs, this accessory works in the best way. 

Before fastening the cufflink, the cuffs must be folded back accurately, and the buttonholes lined up. There should be enough space to pass through when you pinch both cuffs together. 

The entrance of the cufflink is at the back of the wrist. This means you have to bend your elbow to your chest to secure easy accessibility with the other hand. Then, starting from outside, slide the cufflink back through the buttonholes. After the back of the cufflink is passed through both fabric layers, you can adjust accordingly to make them secured.

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Categories Of Cufflinks

Below are four types of men’s cufflinks:

1. Bullet Back Cufflinks

Bullet Back Cufflinks

This includes a tiny rotating back that links to the bridge of the accessory. The rotating piece of the metal (in the shape of a small bullet) rotates 90° to pass through the cuffs. 

After it’s navigated, rotate the bullet horizontally to make it fixed. This is the most famous cufflink style, highly accessible, powerful, and straightforward. 

2. Whale Back Cufflinks

Whale Back Cufflinks

This operates on the same concept as the cufflink mentioned above. The whaleback cufflink comes with a rotating back that allows it to pass through the cuffs easily while ensuring that it’s in place. 

This cufflink typically includes a more minor but broader piece of metal that can rotate 90°. Even though their backs are smaller lengthwise than the bullet backs, their width allows them to secure the cuffs.

3. Fixed Back Cufflinks

Fixed Back Cufflinks

This closure is less complicated than other cufflinks, and it presents a distinct benefit as they’re decorated on either side. For the fixed back cufflink, you have to slide through the back of the cufflinks through the shirt cuffs. 

The back of the accessory should be small enough to pass through the cuffs and big enough to secure them in place.

4. Chain Cufflink

Chain Style Cufflinks

The last closure type on the list differs from the others because instead of including a fixed metal piece holding it together, it involves a flexible chain. 

This type of cufflink is similar to a fixed back cufflink because it also showcases decoration on the front and back. To wear this style, slide the back of the cufflink through the cuff holes. 

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