Is It Possible to Wear a Bracelet with a Suit and Tie?

bracelet with suit and tie

Wearing a men’s bracelet with a suit is not very conventional, and there are some styling tips before you adopt this trend. First, a men’s bracelet is rare in men’s accessories with a female variant. Ponder on this for a moment – no other men’s accessories (like cufflinks, ties, and tie bars) have a female countertop except bracelets. As women also enthusiastically wear bracelets, you need to be more cautious while styling them so that it blends well with the formal suit, ideally from the best-tailored suit designers.

Depending on the occasion, various styling rules exist to get to the point of men’s bracelets. The most prevalent type is the leather bracelet, and it offers a more edgy look to the attire. But, on the other hand, the leather bracelet looks laid-back with a street-style edge. 

On the other hand, silver and gold bracelets are better to show off and cast a more glamorous look on the outfit.

The trick to wearing men’s leather bracelets and suits is finding the right balance between poise and calm. An inferior styled wrist can quickly reduce the level of elegance in the complete ensemble.

How To Wear A Men’s Bracelet With The Suit and Tie

The difference between laid-back and formal style is usually the level of elegance you want to strike. If you want to do justice to a beautiful suit and tie, you will need as much refinement as possible in your accessories department.

1. Be Minimalistic

Be Minimalistic

To gain the perfect elegance, you should only wear one bracelet with your suit. As formal attire is already very sophisticated, it can look too much if you choose more than one men’s bracelet. As per Leonardo da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

2. Pair Your Accessories

Pair Your Accessories

In case you are wearing other accessories such as a lapel pin or a tie bar, it is suggested to wear a bracelet that won’t clash with them. Combining golds and silvers in an outfit is not a good fashion tip.

3. Think Of It Like A Watch

Think Of It Like A Watch

Think of your men’s bracelet like a watch as it rests on your wrist. If you wear a suit jacket, the sleeves will most likely cover the bracelet, similar to how they would if it was a watch. 

4. Do Not Wear Cufflinks

Do Not Wear Cufflinks

Wrists are a small body part instead of the rest of the suit. This means it can look very overcrowded if you wear a lot of accessories there. Book your wrists for only one category of accessories. So, make your decision between a men’s cufflink or a steel bracelet

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