The 15 Best Watch Roll Brands in 2024

Best watch-roll brands

Discover our carefully curated list of the 15 best watch roll brands in 2023. Crafted with precision and a deep appreciation for superior craftsmanship, these brands are a testament to the timeless art of watch collecting. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious leather roll with intricate details or a sleek and modern design, these brands offer a wide range of options to suit your personal style.

Each watch roll is uniquely designed to protect your cherished timepieces while showcasing their beauty. Join us on this journey as we explore the world of exquisite watch rolls and discover the perfect companion for your valuable collection. Get ready to indulge in the ultimate sophistication and elegance that these brands have to offer. These exquisite watch rolls also make for exceptional “Luxury Gifts for Him,” adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your gifting choices.

List of Top 15 Watch Roll Brands in UAE

Here is the curated list of the best watch roll brands in the UAE market:

Riblor Watch Rolls – Ediotor’s Pick

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Riblor’s Watch Rolls embody a deep commitment to artisanship and the protection of valuable watches. This collection showcases a variety of designs, each meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs and tastes of watch enthusiasts.

The range includes single, double, and triple slot options, each boasting a robust construction with genuine, scratch and water-resistant leather, and an interior lined with soft suede leather for added protection. These watch rolls not only serve as secure storage solutions but also as elegant accessories that reflect the user’s style.

The attention to detail in the crafting process ensures that each roll is not just a functional item, but a luxurious home for watches, safeguarding them during travel or at rest. With the Tasso line, Riblor offers a fusion of functionality, elegance, and enduring quality, making it a top choice for those seeking to preserve their timepieces in impeccable condition.

Tasso 1 Slot Watch Roll (Black):

This model is perfect for individual watch protection. It is handcrafted with genuine leather that is resistant to scratches and water splashes, while the interior is lined with black suede leather for extra care. Despite its single-slot design, this case is spacious enough to accommodate up to three watches, separated by a divider to prevent scratches. This watch roll serves not just as a case, but as a sanctuary for a prized watch collection.

Tasso 2 Slot Watch Roll (Black):

Similar in design and quality to the 1-slot version, this model can store up to two watches. It shares the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring optimal protection for two timepieces. The roll features removable cushions, allowing for flexibility in use.

Tasso 3 Slot Watch Rolls:

This category includes three variations – black, navy blue, and grey – each able to store up to three watches. They all share the hallmark features of the Tasso range: handmade with genuine leather, scratch and water-splash-resistant, lined with black suede leather, and offering removable cushions. The dimensions for these rolls are 7 x 22 x 10 cm, providing ample space for three watches, each separated by dividers to prevent contact and scratches.


Each of these watch rolls from Riblor is more than just a storage solution; they are crafted to be a safe haven for cherished timepieces, ensuring they remain protected and impeccable in all conditions.

1. Smythson

Smythson Watch Roll

Smythson watch rolls are contemporary examples of fine luxury designer creations from a British manufacturer and seller of a range of associated high-end items. An experienced general designer aware of a range of associated market stylistic preferences, Smythson has been capable of continually furnishing watch rolls to public potential consumers while remaining competitive among other leaders in the industry. The company’s clients have included several British royal family, Madonna and Grace Kelly, and several other iconic people. With exotic material choice options and optimal practical design, these items are assured to provide among the highest of quality in both luxury style and potential practicality. Such items sell online in the approximately $350 to $600 range.

2. Wolf

Wolf Watch Roll

Wolf watch rolls provide a unique design within the luxury designer watch roll category. Wolf has been operating for five generations while assuring craft perfection. The organization asserts working to improving strong tradition with ethics to evoke pride through developmental progress. With over 185 years of experience encompassing planetary recognition, it further asserts pursuing innovative pioneering with clear vision. Working to provide the very best, their motto is “handmade for a lifetime.” Their pieces sell for approximately $225 to $300 currently.

3. Carapaz

Carapaz Watch Roll

Carapaz pieces are Swiss-designed from the highest quality of extremely smooth and natural leathers. Soft fabric inclusion is further a signature developmental aspect while closure is secured with the integration of four simultaneous press buttons. Watches are further secured with a slide-in system capable of housing several watches. The highest standards of quality and protection are asserted. Models sell in the approximately $350 range.

4. Bennett Winch 

Bennett Winch Watch Roll

Bennett Winch productions are fine in material and elegant in design, while all models are handcrafted in England. Applying a combination of historic skills and fine materials, evolving products continue to address evolving consumer interests for such an item. The organization continues to address common seasonal trends while optimising general quality through a timeless manufacturing emphasis. The organization describes itself as a skeleton crew of like-minded trustworthy people who believe creativity can dominate. Further assuring the continuing pursuit of “good” adventure, such pieces hold a price of approximately $900.

5. Rolex 

Rolex Watch Roll

Arguably the most famous of watch manufacturers in the luxury category, Rolex watch rolls feature the crown while providing among the finest materials and craftsmanship elements regarded in the continuing industry. The organization held a Class A precision certificate in 1914, and the company has been synonymous with precision since. They continue to pursue crown-label-associated combinations of luxury elegance and general industrial superiority. Their items of this nature can be purchased online within the range of approximately $100 to $400 upwards, depending on material inclusion.

6. Hermès

 Hermès Watch Roll

This organization has been regarded as contemporary artisans since 1837, and continue to provide competitive quality in the category of fine jewelry item developments. The organization asserts continuing dedication to humanist values, freedom of creative expression, and inclusion of the most beautiful of potential manufacturing materials. France-hosted and operated, developments have spanned 54 production sites and approximately 300 stories spanning 45 nations. They assert a customer-centric operational model, and pieces presently sell in the approximately $70-$100 range. 

7. Rapport London

Rapport Landon Watch Roll


Rapport London started in 1898 with the development of an initial timepiece, and the ensuing success would give rise to international business and a household name. Fine timepiece developments integral in this gave rise to fine watch roll product developments, using equally fine luxury design materials and high-precision craftsmanship. Four generations later, the organization remains known as a private limited entity with dedication to competitive innovation, quality, and service. These London-based developments continue to sell within the approximately $300 to $500 range online.

8. Everest 

Everest Watch Roll

Everest developments continue to represent the peak of potential high quality in fine material inclusion and manufacturing. They are crafted from Italian leather of the highest quality full-grain Nappa lined with fine soft microfiber material. Innovative, sleek, and neatly beautiful structures combined with these materials give rise to competitively fine pieces furnished by a leading industrial competitor. Pieces currently sell for around $200-$250.

9. Barton Canvas

Barton Canvas Watch Roll

The Barton Canvas brand provides a high-quality feel of optimal material and historic potential value with a classic design. These luxury designer items include unique strapping continuing the historic design trend for those preferring optimal historical or classic valuable appearances. Barton Canvas items are claimed by the responsible organization to be indicative of managed efforts striving for quality deliverance at competitive pricing, “with the kind of service that makes you want to high five a stranger.” These items barely making the fine development category sell for only in the $40 to $60 range.

10. Montblanc 

Montblanc Watch Roll

Montblanc timepiece cases blend practicality with elegance in manufactured fine designer accessory component pieces applying luxury components in high-quality assembly for such consumer interest. The organization is known for combining components of fine European-style design and more traditional timeless developmental processes, ultimately giving rise to item developments representative of classic heritage elements and modern innovative inclusion. Montblanc pieces are industrially touted as capable of weathering ages for purchasers capable of witnessing life’s stories unfolding from them and their immediately dearest. Pieces currently sell for approximately $350. 

11. Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Watch Roll

Todd Snyder pieces are stylistic examples of quality available to the modern gentleman seeking some signature essential capable of providing a fashion statement iconic yet practical for quintessential interest. The company was first launched in the year 2011, when developer Todd Snyder envisioned providing a development capable of redefining how American male people can present themselves in some optimally stylistic manner. Todd Snyder pieces demonstrate how quality style may be attainable to any viewer while even ‘playful’ as some associated stylistic fashion statement. Product materials generally include some soft suede-lined interior intended for optimal cleanliness while fitted with a firm divider for ensured separation and a signature silver popping mechanism for optimal accessibility to this dualistic masterpiece fashion accessory. These pieces currently sell for around $425.

12. Bamford 

Bamford Watch Roll

Bamford watch rolls are created with luxury calfskin and embossed colored leather. They are known for being crafted as competitively beautiful. Bamford London has become renowned for being a leading planetary hub for personalized fine jewelry products and associated accessories. The organization asserts emphasis on personalization being paramount to their dedication to quality as a general mission, while their personalization techniques are among the most innovative, resourceful, and indicative of high-quality fashion developments in the present competing industry. Current products from Bamford sell online presently for up to approximately $450. 

13. Tiffany

Tiffany Watch Roll

Tiffany watch rolls remain competitive in the world of luxury item fashion. A higher-end designer known for elegant elements, Tiffany products cater to a range of tastes while remaining preferred by many consumers with associated tastes continuing to collect in the modern world of luxury jewelry fashion. Tiffany items are asserted to be among the highest of quality while using Italian leather and unique accents with innovative designs. The organization has been in operation for well over a century as among the older of current leading competitors in the industry, it was able to name itself the “The Diamond Kings” in earlier times it has continued to succeed as such a competitor since. More contemporary current developments presented by this continuing organization sell online for up to $500 upward. 

14. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Watch Roll 

This name brand is famous for resonating fine craftsmanship, and as a luxury item designer, is proud to host among the finest timepiece rolls for optimal elegance, style, and associated practicality. Purchasers are assured their item is an engagement with optimal fine developmental magnitude and that product engagement is a unique, unsurpassed experience upon satisfying interest in physical ownership. The organization further asserts dedication to white-glove-level service second-to-none in all processes integral to customer service in item consideration, purchase, or maintenance. They further assert customers seeking a one-off spending experience or collection addition can find something perfect for their interest, addressing luxury interest at a price competitive in the contemporary market. Materials included are assured superior in premium quality in addition to lightweight durability in use, paralleling a general high-quality feel the organization is proud to emboss with their brand identity through representative imagery. Current items produced by the company sell for approximately $250. 

15. Black Saffiano

Black Saffiano Watch Roll

Black Saffiano watch rolls represent among the finest material inclusion and durable craftsmanship processes in modern mainstream mass production. Brand developments are asserted to take consumers to “new heights,” combining elegance with precision in a manner superior to other products in the current designer or luxury development category of watch rolls. Asserting among the finest in the general artistic capacity, these products are created a stitch-at-a-time with asserted timeless quality. Still further assured to be playful, elegant, and functional while durable simultaneously, these products are likely to raise eyebrows as gifts while providing among the finest of durability for self-purchasers. They currently sell for around $450.

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