Top 10 Men Necklace Brands in UAE

Top 10 Men Necklace Brands in UAE

Who says men shouldn’t wear accessories to boost their self-confidence and make them look more impressive? They certainly do, and no man can deny their appeal, especially when it comes to necklaces. 

Indeed, necklaces give men a chance to express their individuality with style and grace. This is why UAE’s top brands have crafted a broad range of men’s necklaces that let them make a fashion statement in their way. 

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The 10 Best Men’s Necklace Brands in Dubai

Let’s find out which necklace brands are well-suited to meet your preferences. Afterwards, we will provide valuable and exciting insights about men’s necklaces to help you choose the perfect fashion staple. 


1. Cartier Men Necklace 

Cartier Men Necklace 

Cartier is the most prestigious jewellery brand in the UAE, symbolising luxury and men’s style. This is because they genuinely understand masculine needs, which is why they have crafted a wide range of highly appealing and durable men’s necklaces that add cheerful boldness to the personality. 

Being a premium men’s jewellery house in the world, Cartier deals in top-notch men’s necklaces. They exclusively use 18k white, pink, and yellow gold to craft premium-quality necklaces. In addition, they make use of 950 platinum as well. 

Furthermore, they use gemstones and diamonds to make men’s necklaces more appealing and luxurious. 

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2. H&M Men Necklace

H&M Men Necklace

Hennes and Mauritz (abbreviated H&M) is a multinational clothing brand in Sweden. They deal in all men, women and children wearing items, but when we talk about men’s necklaces, they are incomparable.

Whether going to the office or a party with your friends, their necklaces are sure to make your outfit stand out. H&M necklaces are a fashion staple by giving off a subtle shine that can be noticed from afar.

From our resources, we found that H&M used recycled and refined silver and then glazed it with gold or silver to make their appealing and highly durable jewellery.


3. Pandora Men Necklace


Pandora is a Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer which was established in 1982. When it comes to men’s necklaces, they don’t need an introduction, as their quality speaks for itself. Indeed, the craftsmanship of their necklaces is impeccable, making them perfect to wear on any day of the week. 

Pandora men’s necklaces are crafted with sterling silver, then enameledPandora Men Necklace with 14k gold with a unique metal blend. Moreover, most of their necklaces are made up of solid 14k gold, and innovative pink-hued 14k rose gold that makes you a show stopper by giving you a jolt of style. 

Most importantly, the trigger fastening makes each of their necklaces easier to wear and harder to lose. 


4. Versace Men Necklace

Versace Men Necklace

Versace is an Italian-luxury fashion brand founded in 1978 to make prestige ready-to-wear and accessories. 

When you want to take your style game up a notch, look no further than the iconic Versace necklaces. These pieces were designed for those who live in luxury and are crafted with care from start to finish so they can fit seamlessly into any outfit without ruining its sleek perfection.

Versace designed their necklaces meticulously and covered them with gold or silver that accommodates men always searching for something extraordinarily durable yet comfortable to wear. 

The benefit of Versace necklaces is they are nickel free and hypoallergenic. Some people are allergic to nickel which causes a rash or other symptoms. So buy Versace nickel-free and hypoallergenic jewellery as it is comfortable to wear no matter how long you wear it. It strikingly makes you vibrant and gives an aggressive look without any worries.


5. Bvlgari Men Necklace

Bvlgari Men Necklace

Bvlgari has been an Italian fashion company since 1884. Their luxurious watches, leather goods, jewellery, and fragrances make them out of the common.

But when we talk about men’s necklaces, they are so elegant and sustainable that nobody can’t live without buying them. Ancient Rome inspires their necklace designs and shapes. 

Indeed, the Bvlgari necklaces make every man feel like he owns a piece of eternity. Peerless and robust jewellery blends with your gorgeous attires to meet every occasion, from the most unique to the most informal.

Bvlgari mainly uses precious metals and stones while making alluring and pleasing gems. They exclusively use 18k gold, silver, steel and platinum. Furthermore, they also use stones like diamonds. Turquoise and pearls. When such types of expensive metals and stones are used in men’s necklaces, no one can resist wearing them. 

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6. Balenciaga Men’sBalenciaga Men Necklace Necklace


Illustrious for his magnificent and innovative designs, Spanish couturier Cristobal Balenciaga is known as “The Master” of haute couture. Indeed, his work has continued to shape fashion until this day.

When it comes to Balenciaga Men Necklaces, then they are unmatchable as they use gold aluminium, gold brass, silver, rhinestone and flint glass. 

This is why if you are searching for a trendy necklace that fits both western and eastern styles, then Balenciaga necklaces are a good option for you. 


7. Fossil Men Necklace

Fossil Men Necklace

Don’t let girls have all the fun; merge your style choices by combining another dimension to your daily looks by wearing our Fossil men’s necklaces. Businessmen or students’ necklaces will blend in attires by making them peerless. 

As it has the experience of 38 years of making masculine masterpieces, Fossil makes jewellery that is so sparkling as it can be seen from afar.

They used gold, silver, titanium, stones, pearls and glass while making their gorgeous necklaces.


8. Gucci Men’s Necklace

Gucci Men's Necklace

Gucci emerges as a high-end luxury fashion house in Italy. They make all products we need in our daily life, like clothes, accessories, fragrances, and makeup, but when it comes to masculine jewellery, they are innovative and timeless. 

Gucci has taken centre stage in fashion with bold, minimalist, must-have necklaces. It is the most luxurious fashion staple as they decorate their jewellery with precious stones, pearls and diamonds in gold, platinum or silver frames. 

Their elegant and durable necklaces make you feel so comfortable you won’t even notice wearing one. Instead, it will make you a star in everybody’s eyes. 

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9. Guess Men Necklace

Guess Men Necklace

As an American retailer and fashion brand, Guess has been a famous brand since 1981. They make different products, but the one that makes them stand out from the crowd is men’s necklaces. 

They have crafted a wide range of men’s necklaces as they understand entirely masculine needs. So even if you are going with your friends on a trip or going to an important business, nobody can resist appreciating your choice of chains. 

If you are searching for durable and incomparable men’s necklaces, then never forget to review the Guess men’s necklaces range. 


10. Hermes Men Necklace

Hermes Men Necklace

Hermes International S.A, or Hermes, is a French luxury design house established in 1837. All Hermes jewellery has a youthful, playful and rare design and often uses colourful gemstones. 

You can find all types of highly-durable and elegant necklaces from the Hermes collection. Neither their impression will fade, nor their metal will break. That’s why most men from the UAE prefer to buy Hermes necklaces to make bold statements.

Hermes uses gold, palladium, brushed gold, rose gold, permabrass, ruthenium and lacquer while crafting their men’s necklace range. 

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Expensive Necklace Brands

  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Emporio Armani
  • LV Men Necklace (Louis Vuitton)
  • Swarovski Necklace for Men
  • Tateossian
  • Tiffany and Co Men Necklace
  • Valentino Garavani


Famous Necklace Brands

  • Alexander McQueen
  • Ambush
  • Bil Arabi
  • Charmaleena
  • Emanuele Bicocchi
  • Jacob & Co.
  • Jimmy Fairly
  • Northskull
  • Off-White
  • The Jewels Jar
  • The Monotype
  • Vivienne Westwood Necklace for Men


Silver & Gold Necklace Brands


Types of Men’s Necklaces

You must know that just like every other accessory, men’s necklaces also come in various styles, designs, and materials. This is why it becomes a little tricky to choose the best one. Anyhow, when we are here to guide you, then it won’t be difficult for you to get the perfect piece of necklace. 

In this section, you’ll find all the insightful information that can help you level up your style and choose the best type of men’s necklace without spending hours researching.

So, let’s get started and find out how many styles of men’s necklaces are available and which one is meant to grace your personality. 


Chain Necklaces

The majority of men’s necklaces include this category. Chains consist of interlocking rings, discs, or beads. A chain necklace may seem simple enough, but countless variations and styles exist. 

Here are some of the most common types of chain necklaces:

  • Cable ChainCable chains are one of men’s most popular types of chain necklaces. It features oval links that resemble an actual chain. Cable chains don’t make much of a statement when worn alone, but they’re ideal for hanging cross pendants, coins, and other small objects.
  • Curb Chain – A curb chain necklace is made up of interlocking links. It is common to see thick, large curb chains used in street and urban fashion. The curb chain necklace is often referred to as a Cuban chain or a Cuban link chain.
  • Marine Chain/Anchor Chain – The design is reminiscent of anchor chains used aboard ships, so the marine chain necklace is made for people who love the sea. In addition to having a horizontal bar across the middle, each oval link lies flat and interlocks like a cable chain.
  • Figaro Chain – This chain is named after the famous Italian opera character Figaro, the title character of The Barber of Seville. The flat oval links on this necklace make it unique. The pattern typically comprises three shorter links followed by one significant link. This necklace resembles curb chains.
  • Rope Chain – Rope chains are twisted chain links designed to resemble ropes. In addition to their strength, rope chains are commonly used to hang pendants.
  • Wheat Chain– A wheat chain necklace has oval links twisted similarly to look like wheat stalk tips. Moreover, the use of wheat chains with pendants is every day.
  • Ball Chain – A ball chain (bead chain) is commonly used for dog tags and keychains. The links are ball-shaped and interconnected with or without breaks.
  • Herringbone Chain – This necklace consists of alternating inward and outward v-shaped links. It’s similar in design to Omega chains but is made from flat pieces in a curved design. Herringbone chains are less flexible and prone to kinking than Omega chains. 
  • Box Chain – The box chain is named after its square links. Necklaces with box chains come in various sizes and look fantastic with pendants.
  • Snake Chain – Made from tightly connected plates or bands that resemble snakeskin, snake chains are variations of herringbone and omega chains. As a result, a smooth and circular pattern of zigzags is created. These earrings are known to be delicate, making them perfect for pendants.


Dog Tags Necklaces

It has been known for dog tags dating back to the American Civil War and World Wars I and II. The key purpose is to serve as a means of identification in the event of a death or casualty. The United States Army began including religious preferences during World War II. 

However, it was specified as P for Protestant, C for Catholic, or H for Jewish. Soldiers traditionally wear two dog tags – one that stays with the body and one collected for identification and record-keeping. One tag is attached to the main chain for quick removal, and the other is to a smaller chain.

The dog tag necklace has evolved from the battlefield to fashion. Still, it holds a measure of self-identification while no longer being used to identify bodies at the morgue. You might want to wear a dog tag engraved with something meaningful under your shirt in the office or at formal events. 


Pendant Necklaces

This type of necklace describes the type of necklace with a pendant attached. It is also possible to wear a dog tag necklace as a pendant. What do you think about wearing it underneath your shirt? Or on top of a t-shirt? 

For instance — you will stand out from the crowd when walking with Captain America’s Shield on the pendant of your necklace. Each pendant has meaning, and your story and journey will bring out yet another sense.

  • Feather necklaces are considered symbols of freedom.
  • Anchor necklaces stand for hope, safety, and stability.
  • The Hamsa necklaces symbolise the Hand of God in the Middle East.
  • Ankh necklaces represented the breath of life among ancient Egyptians.
  • Cross necklaces are directly connected to spirituality and Christianity.
  • Coin necklaces are believed to bring luck and fortune to their wearers.
  • Claw necklaces symbolise Native American power and protection.
  • Buddha necklaces symbolise longevity, good fortune, and peace.


Religious Necklaces

Religious necklaces for men usually consist of pendants. However, these necklaces are unique. In Islam, pendants represent Allah and the Quran. 

You’ll find our cross necklaces and rosaries among the Christian symbols. Despite their traditional use for counting prayers, rosaries are also worn as necklaces by believers and disbelievers.


Types of Religious Cross Pendants

  • Latin Cross – This is one of the most widely recognised cross pendants. This represents the crucifixion cross.
  • Greek Cross – This cross pendant also has equal arms on all sides.
  • Crucifix – A crucifix represents Jesus’ crucifixion and shows his body hanging from the cross.
  • Crusader’s Cross – A Crusader’s Cross pendant consists of a large cross and smaller crosses placed at its angles, also known as the Jerusalem Cross.
  • Byzantine Cross – The Russian Orthodox Cross is also known as the Byzantine Cross. Three horizontal cross beams are on this structure, developed during the 6th Byzantine Empire.
  • Celtic Cross – This Cross represents eternal life and has a circle around its centre, like a Latin Cross.
  • St. Thomas Cross – The Saint Thomas Christians of India, also known as Persian Christians, formed one of the first Christian communities in the world.
  • Gothic Cross – Associated with the Gothic culture, the Gothic Cross is a symbol of faith and hope.
  • Ankh Cross – Originally used in ancient Egypt, it became a symbol of Christian worship among Egypt’s Christians (the Copts).
  • Sideways Cross – This Latin cross represents Christ’s death and resurrection as the completion of his work.


Beaded Necklaces

The first beaded necklace was dated 142,000 years ago and found in a western Morocco desert cave. In contrast to traditional jewellery made of shells, beads can be made from stone, wood, metal, and plastic these days. 

In addition to that, shell necklaces are still being sold at night markets all over the world.

A beaded necklace evokes feelings of comfort and freedom. In addition, a wooden beaded necklace may give off a relaxed, yoga vibe. 

There’s also the fact most beaded necklaces are longer than average, giving an outfit a bohemian feel. However, there is no denying that a beaded necklace draws attention. 


Leather Necklaces

If you want to wear a leather necklace, you need to match it with other leathers you are wearing. Even though it isn’t a rule, wearing your chain with a leather belt or watch strap keeps your outfit looking clean and tidy.

Pendants or even keys can be attached to most leather cord necklaces. You can also find cotton or vegan leather rope necklaces if you aren’t into wearing animal hides. Regardless of what you choose, this type of men’s necklace gives your outfit a relaxed feel. 

Whether attending a job interview, a wedding, or a formal event, remember that steel necklaces or chains may be more appropriate when shopping. However, unlike stainless steel necklaces, leather necklaces cannot be worn during the shower. 

When leather is wet, its natural oils are lost and shrink. So, in addition to discolouration, leather necklaces should not be worn in the shower. It doesn’t matter whether it’s dyed leather or painted; prolonged water contact can fade the colour.

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