Best Formal Shoe Brands in Dubai (2023 Men’s Collection)

formal shoes for men in uae

A broad range of formal shoes is available from which you can easily choose to meet your preferences and budget. Sounds interesting, right?

It’s true what you just read. Now, you don’t have to stick to the classic-brown-or-black shoes for formal wear. You can surely get an ultra-modern pair of shoes in whatever style, design, and colour you desire. Your personality no longer needs to be dull as you can wear aesthetically-pleasing formal shoes without hesitation. 

Let us provide insights into Dubai’s best formal shoe brands that offer exactly what you need. So whether you are required to attend a wedding, go to the office, or roam around the country for a business tour — these formal shoe brands have covered you all. 

Don’t forget to read until the end, as we have also discussed the most sought-after types of formal shoes. 

So, let’s get started!


Top 10 Formal Shoes Brands in UAE

Many shoe brands offer a meticulously crafted variety of formal shoes that you would never want to miss out on. The quality of this formal craftsmanship speaks for itself, enabling you to stand out from the rest. Most importantly, you can count on these brands to ensure that your formal shoes last a lifetime. 

Let’s have a quick view of the famous shoe brands, any of which can be your next go-to store to get the best formal shoes in Dubai:


1. Red Tape Formal Shoes

Red Tape Formal Shoes

One of the most popular footwear brands, Red Tape, was introduced in 1996. Using their extensive global distribution channels, they sell their products in North America, Western Europe, South Asia, and Africa. In the beginning, Red Tape manufactured footwear but eventually expanded into the clothing industry. 

The superior craftsmanship and delicacy of their formal shoes and the use of pure leather in their manufacturing set them apart from the competition.

Whether you’re looking for elegant formals, slippers, or casuals, they offer all varieties of shoes at a reasonable price. 


2. Lee Cooper Formal Shoes

Lee Cooper Formal Shoes

Regarding the best formal shoe brands, Lee Cooper is undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous clothing and footwear brands. Morris Cooper founded this American-English brand in 1908 and had its head office in London. 

Lee Cooper is known for manufacturing high-quality shirts, shoes, jeans and belts and is the best formal shoe brand for men. They use the top quality in manufacturing these high-quality and stylish formal shoes. These shoes are durable and last for a long time. Moreover, the variety of designs makes their shoes much more appealing to the eye.


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3. Hush Puppies Formal Shoes

Hush Puppies Formal Shoes

Hush Puppies is a shoe brand that has been around since 1958 and was one of the country’s first formal footwear brands to hit shelves. The company offers fashion-forward clothing and footwear for women, men, teens, and children. Featuring a lightweight sole and Scotchgard-treated leather, their unique style provides a comfortable fit. 

Moreover, they use 100% pure leather. Hush Puppies’ formal shoes are durable and eye-catching because Hush Puppies do not compromise on their quality, and it’s not a surprise for anyone that they’re a popular pick.


4. Clarks Formal Shoes

Clarks Formal Shoes

There is no doubt that Clark & J Clark International is one of the world’s most prestigious shoe brands. The Clark formal shoe brand was founded in 1825 by Cyrus Clark and James Clark and had its headquarters in Street, Somerset, England. Due to the high-quality products offered by the brand, it caters to a wide global audience and has achieved a loyal following.

Formal shoes from their brand are perfect for any formal occasion, coming in sleek and sophisticated leather. These kicks are so high-end that you’ll feel like a real celebrity in them. They have a padded leather finish and rubber soles, making breathable comfort on your feet. The Clarks formal shoes can take you from being an average Joe to an elite formal-wearing specialist.


5. Gucci Formal Shoes

Gucci Formal Shoes

Gucci is an iconic brand established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci (1881-1953). Gucci is one of the world’s leading names in high-end fashion, an Italian luxury fashion house based in Florence, Italy. The brand’s product lines include handbags, men’s wallets, cufflinks, leather bracelets, ready-to-wear, accessories, makeup, fragrances, home decor, and footwear.

They use top-quality leather for their formal shoes, and this quality makes their shoes lifetime-lasting. Moreover, the unique design makes them more attractive. So wearing a pair of these formal shoes will enhance your look and stand out from the crowd.

For Gucci Lovers:


6. Steve Madden Formal Shoes

Steve Madden Formal Shoes

Steve Madden is a leading footwear manufacturer based in Long Island City, New York. The brand was launched in 1990 by Steve Madden and had numerous labels. Over the years, Steve Madden has garnered a loyal customer base globally. In addition, the company manufactures and sells clothes and footwear such as formal.

Steve Madden’s formal shoes are the priority of every individual. The company does not compromise on quality; that is why they use top-quality leather in manufacturing its formal shoes. Moreover, the design of the shoes makes them more attractive and adorable. If you want a stunning look, you should need a pair of these formal shoes.


7. Cole Haan Formal Shoes

Cole Haan Formal Shoes

It is an American footwear and accessory brand serving worldwide markets for men and women. In 1928, the company was founded in Chicago, Illinois. The company is currently headquartered in New York City and Greenland, New Hampshire.

The company offers shoes in various styles to meet practically any style requirement. But their top selling product is formal shoes. Their shoes are made of sturdy material, which is why they guarantee that the shoes will last for a long time. 

Moreover, wearing these shoes will enhance your style and help you look more attractive in any formal event or office.


8. Hugo Boss Formal Shoes

Hugo Boss Formal Shoes

A German luxury fashion house, Hugo Boss AG is often referred to as BOSS. It is headquartered in Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg. The company sells clothing, accessories, footwear, and fragrances. However, Hugo Boss stands out from the other brands regarding the best men’s formal shoes.

In addition to providing comfort and class, the shoes add an elegant touch of style to your smartest outfits. No matter how often you wear Hugo Boss shoes, they will remain aesthetically pleasing because of their natural patina. Moreover, you can wear them in your office and on any formal occasion.


9. Tommy Hilfiger Formal Shoes

Tommy Hilfiger Formal Shoes

Tommy Hilfiger is a globally recognized brand founded in 1985 by its founder, Thomas Jacob “Tommy” Hilfiger. It is an American-origin company that deals in the manufacturing and designing of apparel, accessories, and footwear, such as formal shoes.

Their formal shoes are highly comfortable because Tommy Hilfiger does not compromise on the quality of their products. Moreover, the shoes have a unique design that elevates your style in any formal event. To look the part, you must have a pair of these high-end designer formal shoes in your closet.

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10. H&M Formal Shoes 

H&M Formal Shoes 

Founded in Sweden in the mid-1970s, H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB is a multinational clothing and footwear company. A wide variety of fast-fashion clothing and footwear is available for men, women, teenagers, and children.

As mentioned above, they are experts in manufacturing footwear, and their top-selling footwear product is formal shoes. These formal shoes are made of high-quality leather, which is why they are highly durable. Moreover, their design makes them attractive, and they will add glamour to your outfit.


High-end Men’s Accessories Brands:


8 Famous Formal Shoe Brands in UAE

  • Aldo Formal Shoes
  • Timberland Formal Shoes
  • Duchini Formal Shoes
  • Ecco Formal Shoes
  • LV (Louis Vuitton) Formal Shoes
  • Louboutin Shoes Men Formal
  • Jack And Jones Formal Shoes
  • Balmain Formal Shoes


3 Best Handcrafted Leather Shoes Brands in Dubai

  • Berluti
  • John Lobb
  • Santoni Shoes


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Types of Formal Shoes

The shoe lover in your life will be thrilled to receive these options for their next gift-giving occasion. Indeed, gone are the days when formal shoes were limited to simply-designed black and brown shoes. Nowadays, there is plenty of designs, colours, and styles available. Different formal types for other occasions! 

Let’s review some of the most versatile types of formal shoes that can significantly complement your wardrobe and elevate your style:


1. Oxford Formal Shoes

There is no doubt that the Oxford is a classic dress shoe that belongs in every man’s closet. Stitching across the bottom and a closed lacing system give it its distinctive appearance. Moreover, Oxfords come with a low heel and short back, giving them a neat and polished appearance. 

A pair of Oxfords is perfect for any formal occasion, especially with a suit. Even though black, polished Oxfords work well for the highest dress codes, other styles can be worn for any occasion.


2. Monk Strap Formal Shoes

The monk strap dress shoe is the perfect combination of fashion and function. The sleek design never goes out of date while providing great comfort all day. The elegant design is adorned with a strap across the top and a buckle (or two), making it perfect for business meetings and formal events. 

In addition to being famous and fashionable, the shoe is also great for gents seeking a refined, more exciting style than the standard Oxford or Derby. Make sure you choose a leather style with some shine to maintain a refined, sharp appearance.


3. Loafer Formal Shoes

A loafer is a shoe that lacks laces and is often constructed in the style of a moccasin. An easy-to-wear slip-on shoe is perfect for adding a simple touch to formal outfits. Even though loafers look great with various looks, they pair exceptionally well with suits, especially those with flare. 

A unique and dapper look can be achieved with loafers such as Penny loafers and tassel loafers in leather. However, velvet loafers are undoubtedly the best choice if you wish to make a good impression.


4. Chelsea Formal Shoes

When you think of dress shoes, you may not immediately think of boots, but maybe you should. The right boot style can add a great finishing touch to formal outfits for gents. For example, a pair of Chelsea boots can be paired with anything from a casual outfit to a cocktail dress. 

These round-toe ankle boots have elastic sides so that they can be easily worn on and off without lace or buckle. The sleek and clean look Chelsea has created is achieved by removing these traditional fastenings.


5. Brogue Formal Shoes

Brogue can be a deceptive shoe type. The name broguing comes from the process of broguing shoes, which involves making large pinpricks. This way, these shoes are of another type, such as Oxfords or Derbys. 

They may be classified as Brogues due to their decorative additions. Confusing or not, the unique look creates a shoe with personality and style. The best part is that they can be worn with anything, from jeans to suits.


6. Derby Formal Shoes

Derby shoes are a type of formal shoe, like Oxfords, that is pretty common. It is slightly less intricate than oxford shoes, but Derby shoes have an open lacing system. In contrast, oxford shoes have a lacing section attached to the bottom.

A suit can easily be worn with this comfortable style for most formal occasions. Traditionally, Derby shoes are made of leather. However, other types, such as suede, are more casual and ideal for less formal occasions.


7. Moccasins Formal Shoes

We’re all too familiar with heelless shoes. However, moccasins sold in stores typically differ mainly by their sole:

Bison leather is used in Hard Sole Moccasins (originally for protecting feet from sharp rocks, harsh cactus, and prairie grass). Additionally, they have turned-up toes, which prevent sharp objects from being caught in the seams.

Moccasins with soft soles are tied around the foot with a U-shaped piece attached to the top. Some of these shoes are embroidered or decorated with beads.

Any stylish man can wear them (especially while wearing chinos, slim jeans or cotton shorts). Spice up your casual outfits for movies or nights out with friends by adding them.


8. Spectator Formal Shoes

Spectators are known for comprising two colours (almost any combo would work). In contrast to the colours, there can be either a strong or a subtle difference. However, most of these shoes use either a white/black or white/brown combination. In addition to being brogues, they’re also wingtips but are meant to be more casual than formal brogues or wingtips. 

It may also be possible for them to have two different textures (such as suede and patent leather). This style is reminiscent of the Golden Age of men’s fashion in the early 1900s (where known figures like the Duke of Windsor and musicians made the style famous). 

Whether you’re dressed in a sports jacket and solid trousers for a garden party or a weekend out in public, they’re a perfect choice.


9. Wingtip Formal Shoes

The wingtip is an excellent choice for those who want to make a statement with their shoes. It’s sleek and dependable, just like the rest of this reliable wardrobe staple. Made from the finest leathers and materials, these shoes represent what it means to be a well-made classic.

British Made with an eye towards modern trends while retaining its old world charm, they are perfect for those looking forward yet not willing to forget about tradition.

Wintip formal shoes represent what it means to be a well-made classic. British Made with an eye towards modern trends while retaining its old world charm, they are perfect for those looking forward yet unwilling to forget about tradition.

You should need a pair of these formal wingtip shoes that elevate your look and make you stand out from others. Moreover, they are comfortable so that you can wear them for long-time events.


10. Cap-Toe Oxford Formal Shoes

 In cap-toe Oxford formal shoes, a piece of leather is added to the toe, making the shoe more versatile. In business, cap-toe Oxfords are often worn by well-heeled individuals.

Moreover, they offer an incredible combination of quality, comfort, style, and value. Furthermore, they are handcrafted from buttery soft Italian full-grain leather that is usually only found in brands like Ace Marks and To Boot New York. 

Plus, their clean lines and classically shaped toe box make them ideal for wearing with a suit or a casual outfit. It’s the perfect pair of Oxfords if you’re looking for a timeless style that will still look sharp a decade from now.  


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