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Who says men don’t wear accessories to show off their style and boost their confidence? Indeed, they do. 

Tateossian understands this masculine need; they have crafted a wide range of graceful bracelets that add cheerful boldness and assertiveness to their personality. However, there is undoubtedly no match for any Tateossian men’s bracelet

So, if you want to add premium quality bracelets to your collection, keep reading this article. We will tell you about sterling silver bracelets which are peerless and perfect.


The 18 Best Tateossian Men’s Bracelets in UAE 2023 

The Tateossian men’s bracelets need no introduction as their quality speaks for themselves. Indeed, their craftsmanship is impeccable, making them perfect to wear on special occasions and regular days.

You can find all types of highly-durable and elegant bracelets in Tateossian’s extensive collection. Neither their impression will fade, nor their material will break. This is why most men (especially in UAE) prefer Tateossian bracelets to make a bold statement. 

Let’s find out the “Top 18 Tateossian Men’s Bracelets in Dubai” that you must get to accentuate your charm.


Tateossian Silver Bracelets

Specifically crafted using premium-quality sterling silver, all the Tateossian silver bracelets are timeless classics. From durability to style and comfort — these bracelets feature everything you look for in a bracelet. 

Let’s discuss the top 3 Tateossian silver bracelets so that you can choose the best as per your desire:

1. Oxidised Sterling Silver Coda Di Volpe Bracelet

Oxidised Sterling Silver Coda Di Volpe Bracelet

Designed to assert boldness, this luxurious bracelet can fit the wrist of any man keen on exciting and daring experiences. 

The ever-lasting robustness of oxidised sterling silver with the timeless elegance of the braided (wrap chain) look symbolizes its perfection. Moreover, its herringbone pattern makes it significantly more striking, enabling you to show off your confidence with a splendid allure. 

Plus, the push-clasp fastening makes this peerless bracelet easy to wear and hard to lose. 

2. Classic Bangle in Black Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver

Classic Bangle in Black Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver

Crafted with black rhodium-plated sterling silver, this classic bangle gives off a dark, radiant glow with a relaxed, edgy feel. While its smooth, matte surface with Tateossian’s signature diamond-pattern engraved sides make it significantly more appealing. 

It features a minimalistic style, making it perfect to pair with any style of bangles and bands. Wear it alone or stack it with other bracelets; it won’t disappoint you. Plus, its durable and corrosion-free build would let it last a lifetime. 

The best thing is that this classic bangle is customizable, which means it can be engraved with special messages for your loved ones. 

3. Pure Disc Expandable Bracelet in Sterling Silver

 Pure Disc Expandable Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Here comes another unique bracelet made with rhodium-plated sterling silver to add an aggressive edge to your personality. Multi-layered, perfectly balanced silver discs are intertwined specifically by hand to craft this striking bracelet. 

This closed-elastic bracelet can extend seamlessly over the wrist, giving off a subtle shine that can be noticed from afar. Most importantly, the way its smooth surface feels on the skin makes it exceptionally comfortable to wear. 

Roll it down on your wrist or roll it up on your arm; it will look as amazing as you are. 


Tateossian Leather Bracelets

Tateossian has designed Italian leather bracelets to accommodate men always searching for something extremely durable yet comfortable to wear. 

If you want one, then let’s find out about the three best Tateossian Leather Bracelets:

4. Pop Rigato Bracelet in Black Leather with Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver

Pop Rigato Bracelet in Black Leather with Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a deliciously black bracelet for everyday wear. This bracelet is perfectly braided with black Italian leather and conjoined with the dark rhodium-plated, sterling silver clasp. With its convenient clasp, this striking bracelet is straightforward to put on and take off. 

From the perfect fit to the perfect style, this bracelet offers you everything you need to make a bold statement. The durability of the leather and subtle elegance of Rhodium make this bracelet more desirable and suitable. 

This perfectly crafted bracelet would surely add an energetic touch to any outfit you wear.

5. Charles Bracelet in Italian Black Leather with Sterling Silver

Charles Bracelet in Italian Black Leather with Sterling Silver

Looking for a black leather bracelet but with a more striking clasp? If yes, then here’s your treat. 

Made up of Italian black leather, this Tatessoian bracelet is adorned with a highly-polished clasp. The clasp is fashioned with none other than the premium-quality rhodium-plated sterling silver. This bracelet’s durability goes hand in hand with a timeless appeal.

Thanks to its convenient closing mechanism, it will take you no time to get it on and off. Slightly push and hold it from the centre whenever you need to open or close it. You can even have this black leather bracelet customized with a name or message engraved on the clasp. 

6. Robot Slide Bracelet in Italian Brown Leather with Stainless Steel

Robot Slide Bracelet in Italian Brown Leather with Stainless Steel

A bracelet like this will surely appeal to you if you are a tech enthusiast who’s particularly into robotics. 

This brown-coloured leather bracelet bears a meticulously crafted clasp that’s a sleek blend of carbon fibre and stainless steel. What’s more appealing is that this clasp is symbolic of robots. There’s an encasing of carbon fibre on each clasp with laser-cut gears shaped like robots. 

When you need to wear or take it off, slide the clasp halves apart by crossing one of the robotic gear eyes.


Tateossian Steel, Brass, Aluminium Bracelets

Tateossian’s metal bracelets are made of steel, brass, or aluminium — all of which ensure exceptional durability, stability, and comfort. 

Let’s find out in detail what Tateossian’s steel, brass, and aluminium bracelets have to offer:

7. Blue Leather Diamond Giza Bracelet

Blue Leather Diamond Giza Bracelet

Tateossian blue leather bracelet is the perfect combination of longevity and sophistication. It is crafted using a highly-durable leather that features a rhodium-plated click clasp. 

Interestingly, the texture on this bracelet’s clasp is inspired by the Egyptian pyramids and is based on a three-layered, more intricate variant of Tateossian’s signature Diamond pattern. The truth is, wearing this bracelet can give any man’s personality a modern edge.

Indeed, everything about this bracelet, including its “vibrant blue colour” and “striking silver clasp base”, is just incredible. 

8. Carbon Woven Bracelet in Italian Brown Leather and Stainless Steel

Carbon Woven Bracelet in Italian Brown Leather and Stainless Steel

This trendy brown leather bracelet will perfectly fit both western and Eastern styles. 

It features the robustness of leather and the sleekness of black IP-plated stainless steel. You got it right. The brown braided leather strap is handwoven into Tateossian’s signature click clasp. 

The brown colour perfectly symbolises this bracelet’s stability and comfort. At the same time, the intuitive catch design ensures that it is convenient to wear and remove. Indeed, the splendour of this bracelet goes beyond excellence. 

9. Carbon Pop Bracelet with Blue Leather and Black Carbon Fibre

Carbon Pop Bracelet with Blue Leather and Black Carbon Fibre

Here comes a perfect blend of blue and black. This bracelet’s bluish braided look is dramatically enhanced with the subtlety of the black carbon fibre closure system. 

Highly-durable Italian leather woven in Tateossian’s signature braid style, a bold rhodium-plated base metal, and a heavy-duty carbon fibre clasp — what else do you need in a bracelet to look and feel great?

This carbon pop bracelet will surely add a striking appeal to every outfit that you pair with it. 


Tateossian Novel, High Tech Bracelet

Tateossian’s intuitiveness never fails to amaze us; the same goes for its novel, high-tech bracelets. 

If you don’t restrain from trying something unique and unusual, then keep moving to find out about the three best bracelets that will spice up your style:

10. Notting Hill Bracelet in Black Rubber with Aluminium

Notting Hill Bracelet in Black Rubber with Aluminium

Exactly as it sounds, the Notting Hill bracelet is designed to add a fashionable touch to your look. 

Indeed, black is every men’s go-to colour. This is why Tateossian has crafted this harmoniously braided bracelet in all black. A striking clasp elevates the subtle elegance of black—perfectly complementing each other!

This bracelet is handwoven with premium-quality rubber, whereas the clasp comprises anodised aluminium.

11. Iridescent Stainless Steel Pop Elements Bracelet

Iridescent Stainless Steel Pop Elements Bracelet

This Iridescent bracelet is perfect for any man who loves vibrant, shimmering colours. 

Crafted using stainless steel, this bracelet is designed to have an iridescent finish. View this bracelet from different angles, and you’ll see a subtle colour change, leaving a glowing effect on your wrist. 

The two (4mm) stainless steel chains combined with Tateossian’s classic aluminium pop clasp give this bracelet a multi-layered design. 

12. Iridescent Stainless Steel Elements Bangle

Iridescent Stainless Steel Elements Bangle

Looking for something iridescent to wear but in an open style? If yes, then you go with Tateossian’s Iridescent stainless steel bracelet

The robustness of stainless steel and the vibrancy of sparkling rainbow colours make this bracelet a standout. Moreover, this bracelet’s double-styled gear effect flawlessly creates a layered look.

You can get this fantastic open-style bracelet with an iridescent finish or black IP polished texture. 


Tateossian Beaded Bracelets

Tateossian knows how to combine spirituality with style, which is why it has designed a wide range of beaded bracelets, each of which offers something unique to make your everyday count.

Here are the three most elegant “beaded bracelets” that we have specially picked from Tateossian’s extensive collection:

13. Nepal Bracelet with Black Macramé and Polished Impression Jasper Beads

Nepal Bracelet with Black Macramé and Polished Impression Jasper Beads

It might be the right time to bring tranquillity and wholeness to your life. Yes, you are right, as we are referring to Tateossian’s Nepal bracelet made up of sacred Jasper beads – the supreme nurture. 

The aqua-coloured Jasper beads combined with a silver button clasp are strung on a black macramé thread. Each bead stone is carefully separated with an individual hand knot. While the Rhodium plated sterling silver accentuates the silver button clasp, making it much more striking. 

Because of natural variance, each jasper beads resonate with a unique vibe and appearance. While the Macramé and polished finish make all the beads stand out in harmony.

14. Icosahedron Sapphire Bracelet in Hematite with Sterling Silver

Icosahedron Sapphire Bracelet in Hematite with Sterling Silver

Here comes a unique beaded bracelet with a completely minimalistic design. This bracelet is a perfect combination of Sapphire and Hematite stones. In addition, some Rhodium-plated sterling silver discs are paired with bead stones, elevating their appeal.

The beads are cut into a 20-sided shape making each stone appear like Icosahedron. Yes, you are right. This is how this bracelet is named. 

This beaded bracelet can be easily closed and opened with the convenient lobster clasp. 

15. Black Diamond Baton Bracelet in Light Grey Macramé and Sterling SilverBlack Diamond Baton Bracelet in Light Grey Macramé and Sterling Silver


There’s something distinct and more appealing about this beaded bracelet. This might be because an array of 99 single-cut black pave set diamonds is embedded in the sterling silver frame and rhodium-plated. 

Silver disc elements are entwined around the bracelet, giving it a more dazzling appearance. This bracelet is indeed crafted with extra care and attention to detail. 

Plus, the fastening mechanism makes it easy to open and close and adds appeal to its appeal. 


Tateossian Gold Bracelets

Indeed, many men prefer to wear something as sparkling as gold. Keeping this in view, Tateossian has designed a variety of gold bracelets. 

Let us provide you with the details of Tateossian’s 3 most-desired gold bracelets:

16. Quadro ID Bracelet with White Diamonds and 18k Rose Gold

Quadro ID Bracelet with White Diamonds and 18k Rose Gold

Who is up for an aesthetically pleasing rose gold bracelet with loads of sparking diamonds?

This bracelet is crafted with 18k rose gold cubes,16 princess-cut white diamonds, and concealed flexible elastic. The diamonds are meticulously adorned on the bracelet’s central bar, giving it a glamorous appearance. 

Associated with strength, love, and wealth — this “cubic rose gold diamond” bracelet is a perfect gift for any man

17. Tubo Scoubidou Double Wrap Bracelet in Black Leather with 18k Yellow Gold

Tubo Scoubidou Double Wrap Bracelet in Black Leather with 18k Yellow Gold

Looking for something black with a touch of gold? Here’s the perfect option for you. 

This bracelet is crafted using genuine black Italian leather double-wrapped to create a braid-like look. While its clasp is made up of 18k yellow gold, giving off a glowing effect on your wrist. 

Not only is this bracelet elegant, but comfortable and convenient to wear as well. Just push and hold the centre of the clasp whenever you need to open or close the bracelet. 

18. T-bangle in Hammered 18k Rose Gold

T-bangle in Hammered 18k Rose Gold

Here comes the most minimalistic men’s bracelet, which features the robustness and elegance of rose gold to the fullest.

This T-bangle is hammered in 18k rose gold to be designed in an ultra-thin shape with a hook-and-loop clasp. This T-bangle bracelet is perfect for showing off your style and is comfortable to wear all day long.

You can confidently stack this minimalistic bangle with any other wristband or watch. 


Tateossian Men’s Bracelet Size Guide

If you are wondering which bracelet would comfortably snug on your wrist, here’s a Tateossian bracelet size guide for choosing the right fit.

Men’s Bracelet Size Leather/Chain/Bangle Beaded Bracelet Macrame Bracelet
Small 6.29 inches (16 cm) 5.9 inches (15 cm) 5.8 inches (15 cm)
Medium 6.69 inches (17 cm) 6.29 inches (16 cm) 6.29 inches (16 cm)
Large 7.08 inches (18 cm) 6.68 inches (17.5 cm) 6.69 inches (17 cm)
Extra Large 7.67 inches (19.5 cm) 7.47 inches (19 cm) 7.08 inches (18 cm)


You can gauge the size of your wrist (using a paper and ruler or tape measure) and then compare it with the sizes given in this chart. 


How to Open Tateossian Bracelet?

Most of the Tateossian men’s bracelets feature a simple hold-and-push catch mechanism. So to open a Tateossian bracelet, all you need to do is “put some pressure on the centre of the clasp and push it”. 

It will take you only a second to release the catch mechanism, automatically opening the bracelet for you to wear or take off. 

Some bracelets can come with a hook-and-loop closure or a simple open-bangle style. Either way, it will be convenient for you to open the bracelet.


Bottom Line

Tateossian men’s bracelets perfectly combine style, aesthetics, and durability. There’s a wide range of leather, silver, and beaded bracelets, each offering various exquisite designs and styles. Whichever bracelet you choose, it will seamlessly fit on your wrist, elevating your splendour.

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