How to Wear a Tie Casually

How to Wear a Tie Casually

Ties are usually considered to be the epitome of class and style. So whenever you’re dressing formally, the look isn’t complete without a great tie to tie the look together. However, the problem arises when you’re trying to dress well but in a casual setting. It can be challenging to figure out how to wear a tie casually, or should you forgo the idea altogether? Not at all! 

There are different ways to wear your tie casually that will show off its elegant style. All that’s needed is that you approach the situation correctly, so you do everything right! In this post, we’ll do a complete rundown on how you can wear a tie casually and pull off the whole look perfectly! So the next time you want to dress up a casual look, you know exactly how to do it! 

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Tie Casually 

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Below are some of the best ways you can wear a tie casually:

Try a Unique Material 

Generally, ties are made of silk or satin material. They’re made to look as formal as possible, so the material makes sense. However, when trying to look a little more casual, you don’t want to try the formal-y materials.

Instead, it’s better to go for a unique material that you wouldn’t normally consider a tie to be. These would be things like wool, cotton, and linen. Then, when you experiment with the material, you can wear it in a different setting very quickly. In addition, it opens up the opportunity to try out a bunch of new looks and styles that you usually wouldn’t get to try out otherwise! 

This is also the easiest way to branch out. For example, if you’re not used to wearing ties in a casual setting, you can start with new material. 

That way, the look won’t seem “wrong”, and you’ll be able to separate the formal ties from the casual ones and won’t have any trouble pairing them with casual outfits! 

Out of the Box Shapes 

One of the reasons ties are as widely used as they are available in different styles and sizes! There are thicker, wider ties and thin, slim ties. 

To top it off, there are some uniquely shaped ties there too! You might want to experiment with thinner ties if you usually wear thicker ties! 

Whatever “the box” may be for you, step out of it and try new things. One of the alternate styles is bound to work for you with casual clothing!

Try Them With Sweaters 

Usually, you’d wear a tie with a formal suit. That’s typically the only layering we tend to do apart from maybe throwing on a coat on top to keep warm. However, one of the best and arguably easiest ways to switch things up here is by pairing ties with sweaters instead! 

You can have your casual button-down as the base layer, with a tie and then a sweater on top. That could be a sweater vest, button-down cardigan, or even a full-sleeved sweater. The only constant here would be that the neckline would have to be v-shaped, so there’s that tiny section where the tie could easily peek through. 

With this method, you can wear whichever tie you want to, and since it’ll only be partially peeking through, it won’t be that massive of a part of your outfit that it takes over the whole thing. 

Consider this a more subtle way of casually diving into the world of wearing ties. You can even start here and work your way up to more “out there” ways of wearing ties casually, so you’re already comfortable with the idea of wearing ties casually so you can jump into trying more unique ways of wearing them! 

Tie It Casually 

Wearing a tie casually doesn’t mean you mess up a formally tied tie. That’s just a sloppy tie. There are several different tying styles that you can go for when wearing a tie casually. 

It’s a good approach to start off with a looser tie rather than one that is super tight and right up against your neck. Be a little looser with the main section of the tie, so it’s not laying super flat and tight to your neck. 

To bring together the whole look, you can unbutton the top button of your shirt and place the tie right underneath that. With it, you’ll create a soft, more casual look already! Of course, if you generally wear a tie clip, you’d leave that out here too. 

Not only that, but you shouldn’t even tuck in the back section of the tie in a casual setting. Let them both hang loose even if it’s a particularly windy day. The non-strictness of it all makes the entire look here! So whenever you almost fall into the trap of tying your tie the “regular” way with a casual outfit, stop yourself and think “softer”.

Try a Different Tie Altogether 

Even though most ties come in the average formal design, with solid or tame prints, that’s not how all ties are made. There are also novelty ties that can bring a unique look to your whole outfit! 

While you might never consider wearing a novelty tie with your formal outfits, they would elevate your casual look! Novelty ties are available in all sorts of styles and prints, some of them are incredibly bold and out there, but others have intricate designs that don’t look like they’re different from far. 

These aren’t just great to switch up your look but can be great conversation starters too! So dive into the world of novelty ties, and you’re bound to find something that works perfectly for you!

With a Different Outfit

When you’re trying to wear a tie casually, it’s not just about the tie itself. It’s also about the dress that goes with the tie. So those going for a formal look, you’d go for a suit, whether a tailored business suit or a business casual one. 

However, when trying to be more casual with the entire look, you can swap out the suit concept and go for a different outfit! To dip your toes into it, you can try a linen button-down shirt and a cotton tie but instead of wearing formal pants, try a dark wash pair of jeans! 

If you don’t like this style and want to switch things up further, you can try chinos too. You can also keep trying different material shirts or try out more unique cuts to keep changing up the entire outfit every time by matching with the designer cufflinks

It’s important to remember that wearing a tie casually has to do more with the entire outfit than the tie itself. Ties are a fashion staple for many people. But did you know there’s so much more than just wearing one or two? Check out these creative ways to wear your ties, and get ready!


Wear it Like A Boss! 

Once you learn to let go of the misconception that ties are just for formal events, you’ll realize that there’s a whole world of possibilities out there! You need to start exploring types of ties and styles, and before you know it, you’ll have your perfect casual tie look nailed down, and your closet will have a brand new life! 


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