How to Put On Cufflinks: A Step-by-Step Guide

put on cufflinks

If there is something we are dead sure about cufflinks, it is that they hold the ability to transform a suit from okayish to flawless. Lots of men have started to wear cufflinks to showcase their elegance and add detail of completeness to the suit. For example, the shirt sleeves appear bland without cufflinks, even if the sleeves are covered with a suit jacket.

Where Do You Put Cufflinks On a Suit?

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Many men do not invest in this accessory when they have decided to wear a suit because they think the suit jacket will cover their cufflinks. But the truth is that a well-made suit will never hide the appearance of cufflinks. 

Whether sitting, walking, or dancing at an event, a well-tailored suit should allow the shirt cuffs to be visible. This is a way to offer a frame for the suit.

When you stand straight up and discover that the suit jacket sleeves hide your wrist, you can pull them upward. The cuffs deserve to cast a light appears when you are wearing a suit jacket as they will add a sense of fashion to the complete look of your outfit. This is worth it.

Upon extending your arm in any direction or sitting down, you will notice that the suit jacket goes back even more. In these moments, your designer cufflinks will shine. Reflect on the moments in the office meetings when you extend your elbows on the table or when you make a toast at any event. These are the crucial moments where your circle will be provided with the chance to view your keenness for detail. 

So, even if it’s not an obligation to wear cufflinks along with the suit, the high impact will make it worth it. This accessory reflects your fashion sense and the investment you make for your grooming. This is something you want your peers to notice. These tiny details end up making the bigger picture.

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Steps to Put on Cufflinks

Do you have a formal event and don’t know how to put on cufflinks? No problem! We’re here to help. This step-by-step guide to wearing cufflinks will teach you how to put on cufflinks the right way. So whether you’re a first-time cufflink wearer or need a refresher, follow these simple steps and look sharp in no time!

steps to wear cufflinks

  1. First, start with a clean shirt. If your shirt has wrinkles, it’s best to iron it before putting on the cufflinks.
  2. Next, locate the buttonholes on the cuff of your shirt. You can find it on the underside of the cuff, near where it meets the wrist. Once you’ve found the buttonholes, slip the cufflink’s “chain” through the buttonhole. The chain is the small metal loop that connects the two halves of the cufflink.
  3. Now take the other half of the cufflink and thread it through the chain. Once both halves are connected, gently pull on the cufflink until it snugs against the shirt sleeve. You don’t need to have it too tight, as this can cause the cufflink to come undone. And that’s it! You’re now ready to rock those cufflinks like a pro.

So you have it now – a simple guide on putting on cufflinks. Remember these few steps, and you’ll be looking your best at your next formal event. Until next time, happy cufflinking!

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