Which Direction Should Cufflinks Face?

direction of cufflinks

Cufflinks add a last accent to a suit that discloses a considerable amount about your fashion taste. Whether you are prepping for a formal event or you want to give an edge to your work clothing, cufflinks are an ideal choice for displaying your fabulous style and sense. The accessory is known for gaining unabashed sophistication. However, it is important to know the way cufflinks should face.

Wearing cufflinks for men’s demands some depth in knowing how to flaunt them efficiently. By their nature, this accessory is highly poised and requires your undivided attention to ensure they are given justice. So, this insightful blog will instruct you on how to wear cufflinks the correct way.

How Do You Wear Cufflinks Properly?

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While fastening your attractive set of cufflinks in place, the essential factor is to make sure that the emblem is on the outside. This will gain looks from peers quickly.

Whether you are wearing a French cuff, standard cuff, mitred cuff, or barrel cuff, the entrance of the fabric is visible at the back of the wrist. Therefore, you need to fold your elbows to your chest to gain accessibility to the cuff. Then, follow the below instructions to wear your cufflink:

  1. Fold your arm to your chest to access the cuff with the other hand.
  2. Pinch both sides of the cuff to line up the buttonholes of the fabric.
  3. From the outside of the cuff, initiate passing the back of your cufflinks via the buttonholes. If you are wearing a whaleback or bullet back closure, you must adjust the back to the vertical direction.
  4. Adjust it to fix the fabric in place after the back of the accessory is slid through the two fabric layers. This translates to changing the back in a horizontal direction for whaleback and bullet back cufflinks.

When you bend your elbow and take your wrist to the front of the shoulder, the shirt cuffs must be facing opposite you. To fasten your cufflinks accurately, you only have to pass the back of it through the cuff slits. Begin from the outside and go inwards. This will force the emblem to be at the front.

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Cufflink Fastening Types

Regarding fastening the cufflink accurately, you need to know about tons of various closures. You likely have fixed back, bullet back, chain link, or whale back cufflink, as these are the most common ones in the market.

Plus, these cufflinks have more or less the same concept – they involve a prominent front and back and are responsible for fastening your shirt cuffs so that they do not come apart. But the method of fastening can be varied. 

1. Bullet Back and Whaleback Closure Cufflinks

Bullet Back and Whaleback Closure Cufflinks

Bullet back and whale back closure cufflinks include a rotating bar that links the metal bridge. The bar rotates 90° so that you can pass the cufflink with convenience and rotate the bar again, so it settles in a horizontal direction. This flat position will prevent the cufflink from passing away from each other.

2. Fixed Back Style Cufflinks

Fixed Back Style Cufflinks 

Fixed back style cufflinks include a metal bridge that links two decorative fixtures. The fixtures have a more petite side and a bigger side, with the smaller being the back of the accessory.

3. Chain Style Cufflink Closure

Chain Style Cufflink Closure

The chain style cufflink operates on a similar mechanism to the fixed back cufflink. It includes two decorative fixtures that are connected with a flexible chain. The chain joins the two sides of the cuff, whereas the fixtures are big enough to keep them secure throughout the day.

Whichever closure of cufflink you have in your wardrobe, it’s essential to pass the back of the accessory through the sleeve first and foremost.

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