What is the Purpose of Cufflinks?

purpose of cufflinks

There is no argument that cufflinks add a particular je ne sais quoi to formal attire. Even modern fashion figures accept this fact. This accessory is an epitome of elegance, and they bring more detail into suits. But what exactly is the purpose of cufflinks?

History of Cufflinks

Moving beyond their aesthetic excellence, the accessory serves an old conventional function. Cufflinks were initially created to fasten the cuffs of the shirt together. In simple words, cufflinks were considered the rich man’s button. 

Even though we are used to the latest conveniences like buttons in today’s fashion world, the cufflink is a timeless artefact that can never go out of style.

This famed accessory goes way back, and it boasts a successful history. The first cufflink was born in the 1600s due to sheer necessity. Throughout the centuries, it has only progressed and flourished since then. 

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Are Cufflinks Necessary?

And now, cufflinks are usually complimented for their aesthetic sense, but their functional appeal is still present.

Any shirt with buttonholes in its cuffs can embrace an attractive pair of cufflinks. The ornamental and fastening attributes prove the accessory is one of the best fashion investments you will ever make.

While many shirts include sewn-in buttons nowadays, there are holes where a cufflink can be passed through. This means that you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the elegance of the accessory and the strength of the button.

Types Of Shirt Cuffs

Many shirt cuffs exist in the market that does not come with any buttons. These shirts need cufflinks, and two examples are listed below:

1. French Cuff Shirts

French Cuff Shirts

These shirts require the utilization of cufflinks because they demand the fabric to be folded back and attached on both sides. Usually, a French cuff shirt does not include fixed buttons.

2. Convertible Cuff Shirts

Convertible Cuff Shirts

This is a type of shirt that helps you decide between a set of cufflinks or a fixed button.

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