Types of Cufflinks a Man Should Have

types of cufflinks

It is common to look for pocket squares and ties to shuffle your regular clothing. But, most frequently, cufflinks are overshadowed as they are almost unnoticeable compared to the rest of your ensemble. 

But if you desire to add an ideal finishing touch to your ensemble, no tie can compete with an attractive set of cufflinks. Their universal sophistication, outstanding diversity, and excellent opulence prove them a faultless option for providing perfection to your ensemble. 

What are the Different Types of Cufflinks?

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Whether you want to finesse your work attire or go for a formal event, a set of cufflinks adds a lasting touch that can make your outfit look wealthy. Cufflinks are a significant investment, and you only have to spend a bit more to gain an impressive fashion statement.

Knowing your way around your cufflinks requires some care. There are plenty of various cufflink closure techniques, styles, and patterns. As you become more familiar with different choices, you will know which design works best.

In a general sense, it’s crucial to know that your cufflink’s emblem and face should always face the people. This means that you have to fasten the cufflink by sliding the back through the outside of the sleeves towards the inner portion. This will determine whether your peers admire the view. 

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Closure Techniques Of Cufflinks

1. Bullet Back Cufflinks

Bullet Back Cufflinks

Bullet back closure is one of the most well-known cufflinks you can get. If you buy a set of bullet back cufflinks, you will be among the many men who have beautifully adorned them. 

This closure involves a metal bar that connects to the bridge of the accessory. The metal bar includes a bullet aesthetic, and it rotates 90° so that it can slide through the cuffs easily. 

If you want to slide it through the sleeve, rotate the bullet vertically for a simple transition. Turn the bullet horizontal after it has passed through to make it fixed in place.

2. Whale Back Cufflinks

Whale Back Cufflinks

This closure includes a similar concept to bullet back closure. The whaleback cufflink involves a 90° rotating bar connecting the metal bridge. This closure consists of a short, thick, and rectangular rotating bar, and it’s the main difference between the two cufflinks. 

The metal bar can be rotated vertically when you are passing the cufflink. Afterwards, it can be rotated horizontally to fasten the accessory in place.

3. Fixed Back Cufflinks

Fixed Back Cufflinks

There is no moveable part of this closure. It passes through the cuffs of the shirt without needing any adjustments. The fixed back cufflink generally includes a recognizable front and back as one side is bigger. The perk of this closure is that there is no need to adjust it.

4. Ball Return Cufflinks

Ball Return Cufflinks

This is a variation of the cufflink as mentioned above. It involves round fixtures on either side and works the same way as the cufflink discussed above because it does not need adjustments. 

The main difference is that it includes ball fixtures on two sides, and one side is bigger than the other. As a result, the back of the cufflink is the smaller side.

5. Chain Style Cufflinks

Chain Style Cufflinks

This closure technique is rare as it includes a flexible bridge that links the front and back of the accessory. Instead, a tiny metal chain connects both ends, passing through the cuff holes. 

This cufflink is not as convenient as other closures and can sometimes be complicated to wear. But the advantage is that it’s commonly decorated on both sides.

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