Can You Wear Cufflinks with a Tie?

cufflinsk with suit tie

Accessories can be pretty confusing at times. They are usually an afterthought after the rest of the outfit, like a tie or jacket, is taken care of. Even though a cufflink is a tiny detail in the whole outfit, it offers the last touch of class that uplifts the grand scheme. 

This accessory is worth the effort. Gustav Mahler once said: “All that is not perfect down to the smallest detail is doomed”. While the quote may be dramatic, you have to agree with it. This is why gentlemen need to learn the correct way to wear a cufflink.

How To Pair Cufflinks With a Tie?

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Pairing cufflinks with your suit or tie can prove to be tricky. There are more factors to think about apart from colours. You have to think about the shape, finishing, and other details if you want to exude sophistication in your clothes.

When choosing a suitable set of cufflinks for a suit, it’s vital to choose the balanced one with the tie. If you wear a statement tie, ensure that the cufflinks are not standing out too much. 

Likewise, the accessory mustn’t be that subtle if you are not wearing a statement necktie. Fashion is all about perfecting the yin and yang. So a cufflink that will balance out your tie without making it look bold is what you should go after. Here, you can have a look at the best cufflink makers in Dubai.

The most challenging question you have to answer is whether you want silver or gold material for the cufflink. Depending on the outfit, this can be an ideal fit or the worst nightmare. Aside from the necktie, consider the other details of the suit. 

What is the shade of your jacket buttons – warm or cool? Are you sporting a belt? What colour of the buckle are you wearing? These tiny details will significantly influence your decision. Unfortunately, there is no space for mixing and matching silver or gold accessories, mainly if you are a beginner.

If your necktie is patterned, it’s advised to choose those shades in the cufflink. Warm details are a wholesome pairing with copper, gold, brass, and rose gold cufflinks. However, if the necktie has a cold shade, it’s better to go for a similar cufflink. Of course, the colours that will never fail you are blacks and silvers.

Finally, the shape is a vital factor. If you are on a hunt for a set of cufflinks that are preferable for work ensembles to formal events, the most convenient choice is a rectangular or round set of cufflinks. These pairs are simplistic, sophisticated, and perfect.

But in the fashion of this day and age, it is not uncommon to wear a novelty set of cufflinks. Even though wearing a rare necktie to the workplace is not acceptable, it’s possible to wear an animal or sports themed cufflinks anywhere. They will offer a touch of personality without compromising any sense of class.

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