The 16 Best Tailored Suits in Dubai

Best Tailored Suits in Dubai

Undoubtedly, most men opt for tailored suits compared to ready-made ones. This is because the bespoke suits fit better and meet personal preferences. However, if you also favour tailored suits, then you are at the right place. 

In this article, we will provide insights about the best-tailored suit brands in Dubai from which you can get a perfectly fitting, customized suit. So you will find plenty of options if you need a suit for everyday wear, office, or special occasions. 

Once you go through the best brands that offer premium-quality, perfectly-styled tailored suits, you will find helpful information about the tailored suits and tailors you can use to make the right choice.

Bespoke Tailored Suits Brands in Dubai

Indeed, some men are very conscious about how they dress up, especially how their suits are designed. However, we understand that you want the best for you — that’s why we have found the best brands that tailor a perfect suit to complement your style, enabling you to stand out from the crowd.

In this section, you will gain insights about the best brands in Dubai that make tailored suits, so keep reading:


1. Collars & Cuffs

As they have been doing business since 1949, there is no doubt that Collars & Cuffs has a reputation that distinguishes itself from other brands. (Well, you know a tailor is unique when they are offered a signature “six-step experience”. )

To make bespoke suits and shirts, you can choose from over five thousand kinds of stuff and designs from Italian and English sources. For accurate pocket squares, unique collars and nacre buttons, collars, and cuffs have you covered to match the designer cufflinks.

Starting from AED 2,300, their experience involves regular consultations, fittings with your tailor friend, and a shadow trail where you test the suit’s fabrics. They will change it if you dislike it. This is the beauty of this tailor, as their main priority is “perfection”. 


2. Kachins 44 Street

Kachins is a well-acclaimed store which proves that the concept of closet sizes stores wrong, as it is spacious. Interestingly, tea is served in well-appointed stores, and guests can relax while looking for inspiration from magazines.

They also make nifty three-pieces to make you stand out from the crowd, so skip the colourful gowns and look at Kashmir goat wool and simple wool display at Kitchens in Bur Dubai. 

Their assistants are helpful without being aggressive, and you’ll find dozens of content to choose from. (The cut is the key to a good suit, which makes Kachins superior). Their team insists on two fittings, including a final check before the suit is ready to go, to give you the look you’re after. 

Most importantly, a range of different collar and cuff styles are available here, and it won’t cost you a single dirham.


3. Parmar

After establishing itself in 1956, Parmar Tailors may be viewed as the pathfinder of bespoke tailors in Dubai. Parmar first opened in Bur Dubai, then expanded into JLT and now has a branch at Nakheel Mall on the Palm Jumeirah with its fine clothes and well-known (and simply great-looking) Italian and British stores. 

Various high-quality fabrics are used in the Parmar suits, including wool, cashmere, and mohair by Ermenegildo Zegna. Five steps are involved in the process: fitting, style consultation, fabric selection, and sewing.

Your suit will be delivered directly to your home once perfectly tailored to meet your needs. You don’t have to worry about anything. 

You can have Parmar store all your measurements and purchase history in their digital database if you like the look of your stylish tailored suit and would like to become a Parmar wearer. Your next tailored suit won’t be a problem with this approach. 


4. Sartor

Sartor has been keeping up with the latest fashions, experimenting with different styles and constant links with top garment sellers for over a decade. 

Finally, they are setting up at the Astoria Hotel in Bur Dubai and the DH Dubai. “The Craft” is a four-step process to get a suit that fits you perfectly. The tailors will guide you through each step. Their first step will be determining the best design and fabric for your suit, then sit down with you and discuss the occasion. 

Thirdly, the suit is fitting, where you are put through a structured trial to see how each hand-cut component fits. Depending on the weather, your suit will be delivered within three days after the final details are completed. 

Sartor suits offer intricate details, quality tailoring, and clean Fashion. You’ll indeed look cool and edgy in these suits.


5. Stallion Bespoke

Would you like to feel like a million bucks without spending a fortune? If yes, then here’s your cue. Stallion Bespoke is the next place you should go if you want to find the most affordable and perfect tailored suit.

In addition to its three internationally renowned stores, Stallion Bespoke has three other outlets in Dubai, including City Walk, Downtown Dubai, and Bur Dubai.

Guess what? A matching shirt is included with each blazer, and, in true Dubai style, the tailor delivers right to your home. 

There is no doubt that Stallion is a fitting name for any formal or casual event. 


6. Suited & Booted

A team of professional tailors specializing in luxury tailoring has been at the forefront since it launched in 2015, so it’s certainly worth a consultation (or two). 

A boutique on Sheikh Zayed Road, Suit & Booted offers something for everyone, offering a mix of local style with classic silhouettes, combining modern-day aesthetics with classic British tailoring. 

There are formal and casual tailored suits available for weddings, business, and even race days – and custom to make the suit that perfectly suits your needs.

Not to forget its Italian fabrics, which are hand-picked and imported.


7. Suitsupply

In today’s world, you can order a three-piece suit online, from waistcoats to trousers and even get it tailored just the way that fits your style. When you know precisely what you want, give your measurements to Suitsupply and trust them to do a professional job (they will! ), and you’ll get a custom suit precisely the way you want. 

Suitsupply offers a wide variety of customizable suits for men, from the type and fit to even where you want your waistband. You can choose whether it’s rolled up or not as well.

The old-fashioned way to get fit is unique, although it is a luxury to do it all online. Furthermore, visiting Sauvie’s City Walk store is a great excuse. You can always ask the staff for fashion tips if you have questions about sizing, style, and accessories. 

Take your time to choose from various modern kits and high-quality fabrics.


8. Suits and Shirts

Don’t you think the name says it all? A suit’s essential components (meaning every single part) are precisely made on Dubai’s “Civil Row”. Custom-tailored suits and shirts are offered at the Souk Al Kabir in a range of stylish European fabrics and fitting services. Your tailor will deliver the suit directly to your door once it has been made (15 to 40 hours). 

Whether you’re looking for suits, tuxedos, dinner jackets, or traditional wear, Thomas Mason, Societas, Canclini, Reda, and others will have fabrics to suit your needs. A custom-made shirt can be purchased for Dh1,000 in the shop. There are also plenty of bargains to be found. That’s a great way to save dirhams.


9. Whistle & Flute

There is a real struggle to find space at Sattva Tailors when it comes to getting a dress ready. There’s not much passing traffic here because it’s tucked away in a side street next to the Irani Hospital. However, inside the tightly designed shop, it’s clear the tailors are experts in whistles and flutes. 

Their brand name comes from Cockney rhyming slang for a suit, and the outlet boasts a wide selection of shirts and suiting materials “for the discerning gentleman,” and it never disappoints. 

The suits are made at a fast pace. It takes a total of ten days to hand over the finished product. 

Need a change? There’s nothing to worry about, and this sattva shop will give you as many as you want without any additional changes -so no more second helpings next week!


10. Handy Tailor

Handy tailor specializes in Fashion and tailoring, providing beautiful clothes and tailoring services, including dresses, suits, tuxedos, blazers, uniforms and shirts, in customized fittings to fit perfectly.

It doesn’t matter what tailored suit you’re looking for, and Handy Tailor has it all. 


11. Bespoke Tailors

Based on the client’s measurements, a bespoke suit creates a pattern from scratch. It typically takes 20+ measures and multiple fittings to produce a ready-to-wear tailored suit. Especially in the shoulder area and posture, this ensures a precise fit.

Indeed, a Bespoke suit is assembled just for you. In other words, no fabric is incised until your measurements are taken.


12. Knights & Lords

Knights & Lords was founded in 2010 to remind today’s decision-makers to maintain traditional values and have gentlemanly attributes.

A tailor’s craft is protected by Knights and Lords who acquired it from Savile Row, where it was born and passed down. 

As bespoke tailors in Dubai Marina, we must educate people that not everything “custom-made” is bespoke, which is very important to understand for those seeking the best-tailored suits in Dubai.

In addition to custom-made suits, Ashish & Pawan at Knights & Lords strive to create the perfect outfit for you by combining quality craftsmanship and excellent design. 

As great craftsmen in their respective fields, The Rake, Signe, and Esquire have been featured in Gulf News Friday Magazine and Khaleej Times’ WKND Magazine.


13. M2M – Made 2 Measure

The M2M team has spent their careers ensuring that the Bespoke tailoring process is not lost. With their rich European heritage, they are bringing back to life a time when a great tailor did not require advertising, yet his suits were one of the best-kept secrets in the fashion industry.

The M2M Clothing Company offers a wide selection of fully canvassed, bespoke suits, jackets, pants, skirts, jeans, shirts, overcoats, and trench coats to the Greater Toronto Area. Using the most delicate fabrics from around the world, they are committed to delivering the highest quality hand craftsmanship at an unmatched price.


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14. House of Tailors

House of Tailors believes that customers should have the opportunity to enjoy their custom clothing experiences conveniently and affordably. The team includes tech experts, designers, and talented tailors who work together to provide you with the best online custom clothing experience.

House of Tailors aims to provide you with high-quality, made-to-measure clothing. Tailors at this company work diligently, with dedication and knowledge, to create garments that fit perfectly. They assure you that once you allow us to design and style your suits, you will never return to off-the-rack clothing again.


15. Vavci Dubai

The VAVCI brand is known for its handcrafted bespoke clothing, regal couture, and high street pre-quintessential men and women. The VAVCI brand brings this genre of exclusive menswear to Dubai to provide a unique bespoke option for the discerning man. 

They try to ensure a memorable experience from the first measurement to the final fitting. VAVCI’s commitment to excellence and professionalism is evident in every detail, whether the casual yet pristine white of an Egyptian cotton shirt or the classic blue suit with bespoke leather shoes. 

Whatever the occasion, VAVCI makes an exquisite bandhgala (closed collar) for a special event or a relaxed weekend get-together in a linen kurta for a casual weekend get-together.

The company prides itself on its creativity, being a trendsetter in the industry, and setting higher standards with every stitch.

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How Long Should a Made-to-Measure Suit Take?

A made-to-measure suit typically takes six to ten weeks to complete from the initial meeting. Creating a made-to-measure suit involves selecting your fabric, having a fitting, and then sending your block pattern for fabrication. 

The tailor then arranges a final fitting to ensure that the suit fits comfortably and the client is satisfied with the results. If minor alterations are necessary, the tailor will accommodate them in-house.


How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Made-to-Measure Suit?

For a high-quality, made-to-measure suit, you should expect to pay upwards of £1,000 for one that will last for a long time. 

The price of a made-to-measure suit can be between £100 and £120 more than a base suit at the more valuable end of the spectrum. 


What to Prefer While Choosing A Tailor?

It is a very subjective decision to choose a tailor. Unfortunately, most customers are too intimidated to ask the right questions.

The tailor is the ultimate fashion fixer. They can make minor alterations to your clothes, replace zippers that have burst mid-change and even stitch up tears for you. The only downside may be how they look at times, but what matters more than looking good?

What you wear tells people much about who you are and what you do. The first impression they get from your photographs is based on the clothes in this case, so tailor-men needs to be trustworthy.


What are the Markers of an Excellent Tailor?

Every tailor has its house style, which distinguishes them from others. Therefore, taking measurements and turning them into patterns is an important skill. 

The pattern is almost like a dot-to-dot, but the cutter’s artistic eye allows the design to be stitched into a beautiful suit. The goal of a great tailor is to enhance parts of a customer’s body to improve their appearance.


How Do Tailors Stitch a Suit With Different Machines?

The tailor’s sewing TL-2200QVP Mini machine is dedicated to straight stitching that results in beautiful seams.

Tailors use this machine to sew with precision and speed. It’s perfect for those who make clothes as their profession or hobby, like dressmakers and tailors. This machine’s powerful motor enables it to easily sew heavy-weight materials like curtains and jeans.

Juki’s line of original presser feet is explicitly designed for quilting and other sewing applications.


What are the Types of Tailored Suits for Unisex Fashion?

There is a wide variety of styles, designs, and suits for men and women. The idea that one style fits all does not apply and never will. 

Nowadays, there are twenty different types of Suits for unisex Fashion. And some of the designs are mentioned below:

  • The Slim Fit Suit For Men/Women
  • The Modern Fit Suit
  • The Notch Lapel Suit
  • Shawl Lapel Suit for Men
  • A Peak Lapel Suit
  • The Classic Fit Suit
  • Single-Breasted Suit
  • Double-Breasted Suit
  • Formal Office Business Work Jacket Skirt Suit Set
  • Women’s Business Blazer Pant Suit 
  • Women’s Double-Breasted Pinstripe Blazer with Patch Pockets


And many more designs are also available.


How to Get The Best Out of Your Tailor’s Dressmaking Abilities?

Choosing your festive outfit is not as simple as making a quick trip to your favourite multi-designer store. First of all, none of the display options may inspire love at first sight. 

If you have a particular item in mind that is not available at your favourite boutique, it may be a unique item that is not available. You may prefer your traditional wear to be custom-made rather than purchased off-the-rack.

Nevertheless, enlisting his services to turn your dream into a reality does require some prior knowledge and expertise on your part. Listed below are ten quick and easy ways to sew perfect garments.

  • Know how to press (and do it often)
  • Staystitching
  • Clipping corners and curves
  • Seam finishes
  • Hems
  • Using a rotary cutter
  • Fussy cutting
  • Bar tacks
  • Dog ear pockets
  • Calculating yardage for custom bias


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